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August 27, 2015

the most popular online lead generation automation tool for IT enterprises

 Most Popular eMarketing lead generation  Automation Software Solutions"


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The  list above show the most popular automation and leadfollowing emarketing lead generation marketing automation software's are among the most popular among IT Enterprises. Marketing automation lead generation software's provides a single dashboard tool where  marketers can plan and track campaigns, set up their target consumer and audience profile and filter their end result lead generation activity depending on their objectivity in an integrated way without having to use multiple  softwares or exporting third party data  to find the ROI or efficacy of their online marketing campaigns 

In terms of most popular marketing and lead gen automation tool based on the number of users are INFUSIONSOFT, HUBSPOT and TERADATA apimo. In terms of social media folliwung HUBSPOT, MARKETO and SIMPLYCAST  lead the number 1 to 3 rank 

September 12, 2013

Why b2b Brands Should Ignore Twitter and Facebook

Based on a recent content marketing survey of the 50,000 member strong B2B Technology Marketing community on LinkedIn, 85% of those surveyed indicated that LinkedIn was the most effective social network for distributing content.

Brands and Markets that believed Linked to be the most appropriate distribution Platform for b2b 

REPORTS: LinkedIn is the Most Effective B2B Social Network | Social Media B2B: "In a reseach study conducted by  Webbiquity , show that   in a b2b website a social media referals consists of  5% of traffic  on average, compared to 39% from organic search, 

While the traffic driven by social media varies widely across depending on the online vertical,  the kind of industry  and business Model, Social media does not drive  a large chunk of traffic to b2b sites

On average, while social media drove 5% of traffic to all B2B sites,  around 17% of traffic  referrals to a blog ,and only 1.1% of traffic to commercial B2B websites. When they looked at the traffic by site, 90% of the social traffic was driven by the big three networks, with half of it coming from LinkedIn."

 HubSpot found that traffic from LinkedIn generated the highest visitor-to-lead conversion rate at 2.74%, almost 3 times higher than both Twitter and Facebook.

July 27, 2012

5 Steps to Using Pinterest as a Lead Generation Tool

Here is a step by step  by step process on  using   Pinterest for  your online marketing and lead generation tool

 1)Install these tools: Pin It Button for Websites – on your website or blog.
While  posting a blog post or a article for publishing   have a Pinterests button which users can share their their social community

Embed the button wherever you have “pinnable” content – including your blog, content pages, and products for sale. Follow Me Button for Websites - on your home page, email footer and newsletters/email marketing. Pin It Bookmarklet on your browser to make it easy to pin from the web!

 Amy Portefield ,,in her 10 commandments for using Pinterets for Marketing your business

2)Research what your ideal client is pinning.  Search under Keywords and Categories on the Pinterest Dashboard. Create your boards with an ideal client in mind. Provide answers to their questions. Feed their inspirations. Solve their problems.

3)Set up your initial “Boards”.  Choose topics or categories that reflect your business values, culture, interests, products and services. Be creative with your Board Names!

Don’t Forget the basics of Pinterest:
Check the Source of the Pin.  This is so important.  When re-pinning, click before you repin to see if pins are sourced to a legitimate website
Add a watermarkWhen pinning original content, consider adding a watermark of your website or logo to your image, to preserve pin integrity. 
f you sell products, add prices to your pins. Type the price (ie $9.99) into your Pin Description and Pinterest will automatically add a price banner to your pin!

Use Image Creation Tools. Tools like  InstagramPinstamatic Pixlr,  and Tweegram Snagit  are some I have just discovered the wonderful you to make an eye-catching picture or text image to share on Pinterest.  Be creative with them!

April 11, 2012

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