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November 24, 2007

The Subtle Art of Lead generation

Lead generation is one of the biggest tools of emarketing . The sucess of a lead generation campaign is the single most useful tool for advertisers to target their products and services to their prospects. The right kind of Lead generation techniques can go a long way in making significant affect on the bottomline . CPA or CPL ( cost per aquisition or cost per lead ) is a useful indicator for measuring this metric.

Lead management is the process of tracking, consolidating and qualifying all of your leads and inquires, regardless of where you get them. Your leads are then expertly contacted via phone and qualified and verified before being sent to your sales team as certified, call to action opportunities. The rest of you leads are also useful in into your lead nurturing process. A sophisticated database system enables effective processing and tracking of all activities from actual leads that are short term to the " not so hot leads which may ripen over long term.

Tips for a successful Lead generation marketing process

  • Do not think that the lead generation is a one time process . Its an ongoing process that requires interaction from prospects as well . Remember to get the conversation going .

  • Lead generation is a series of campaigns to explore,find, and analyze the target segment who probably needs our product and services. Do not seek indiscriminate leads which cost you more in the long run but low in the short term ( Unqualified deals are no deals at all ) Pay more to get genuine qualified leads.

  • Employ a multi pronged approach to get and qualify leads rather than relying on a single source of a lead.Verify data by getting feedback and research through diverse media

  • Have an Effective CRM database for managing your Customer relationship data needs.