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August 25, 2014

3 Steps to Master and Create the Art of Scientific Link Bait :

Link Baits are intended to help a website to get  " higher number of Back Links within  a short period of time . This leads to sudden visibility and increase of traffic   ( as more websites across  your vertical links back to you.).

This might happen  if  you have recently updated your page with something really of  value in terms of content  publication..across your vertical, on   your industry
This might be a form of a  chart on the latest changing market shares in your industry, infographic on the state of marketshare, or you have published content that  " has not been produced elsewhere within that industry and websites that are generally considered to be experts on those topics ( according to google )

 What is important that " You actually might not have written " something which did not exist elsewhere, But the  important thing is within the list of web sites, which  Google spiders continue to crawl and look for more than 200 decisive metrics, you happen to be  among the top few sites in that Category
 A sites  might have great content, better than yours , but if its not indexed as yet.. You  will continue to  rank well in that " keyword..till the sites are indexed fully

Infographics are not merely examples of    link baiting .. Charts/ ebooks /Ads across social media ( text/display or vide ) including  Webinar and Podcasts too 

May 17, 2011

Link Building Commandments

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January 28, 2011

November 12, 2007

How To Measure Link Effectiveness

Link building is one of the crucial element in making your website search engine friendly .The more the number of links you have pointing back to your website, the more the probability of search engine spiders crawling your website and indexing it frequently. However not all links are worth. Some links are worth more than the other. For webmasters its important to have some kinds of internal monitoring system to judge link effectiveness . Lets find out a few ways how we can do a link 'audit' so that we know precisely what kinds of links we need to get to increase our ROI

Factors determining Link Juice:

1) Linking Domain: The website to which your website is linked is probably most important criteria that determines your link value . A link from a prominent Industry vertical site adds credibility to your own site . For example if you have a site on current affairs or news, a link originating from lets say, Foxnews or BBC,CNN is more important that a link from a local news channel website.

2) Page Rank: While industry experts continue to have debate over the credibility of page rank. It goes without saying that a link from a higher page rank page is beneficial to your own domain.While PR value is merely indicative ,higher PR pages is ranked better than lower PR pages generally( there are a few exceptions here, depending upon the industry verticals and keyword competitiveness)

3)No of Outbound Links :The lesser the number of outbound links in a website, the more are the chances of the link juice being fed into the existing link partners . In short if you have a link to you domain from a site that has only 5 links as compared to another site that has 50. The link benefit you get from the link page that has 5 links is much more than the 50 links page . Try to get inbound links from webpages that has a lower number of links.
Outbound Links Tool - Outbound link bookmarklet

4)Top Level Domains : .Edu /.org pages pass on more links as compared to .com websites .

5)Link Placement : A link present in the body of the content is much more important than a link in the links page . This is where you can use article directories to submit your articles .

5)Link Pop/Link Power/PR/ Googlejuice Link Popularity
Tool - Y site explorer - or handy yExplore FF extension. yahoo links explorer gives you a fairly exhaustive results of the sites that have linked back to your site.

6) Technorati Tools :Using technorati gives you a fairly good idea in knowing much much your site is worth in terms of authority . Claim your blog/site in technorati and check up frequently your authoritative value.

July 12, 2007

Link Exchanges are Boring

Link exchanges have generally been a boring and thankless job. I have seen may Online marketers with very sharp intellect having deep understanding of the web who crawl at the mere mention of link building.

The reason one may add is not very difficult to understand.Here are a few myths I want to dispel about link Building

Myth1 : Link Building is a Boring Copying and pasting job which depends on luck(ignorant linker) and to an extent pluck(ignorant webmasters)

Myth2:Link exchanges do not show short term results

Myth3:Most Link Exchanges mails are spam and follows the same patterns.There is no way I can stand out.

Myth4:Link Building are for those guys who are non-technical and knows nothing much about how internet works technically

Myth5: No career growth . No fun. No rewards. Whats For me Next?

Firsly let me tell you why I think all the above are Myths.

Link building needs a specific focus , large levels of intellectual curiosity and long long hours of concentration trying to understand a product,service or content of the website. It need not be a boring job if you are not a boring person .

95% of the Link exchange request are spam mails.Thats definitely true !But stop to think the other way. It is precisely because of the above scenario is true, that if you actually could write a customized email by studying the website , and trying to tell the webmaster why you think a link swap could help both of you, You definitely have more chances of converting your prospects.if you beg for a link, your job will always be reduced to link begging.And No one likes begging,even if you are a beggar.

There is nothing much technical about the internet. You don't have to be ashamed to tell your geek Friends that you do link building. Internet is real democracy in action.It enables people information and knowledge to be shared, built upon and made better. Do not confuse the "internet" with something technical and geeky. Internet enables knowledge and geographic boundaries and as a linker ,You are the agent of the very changes taking place in the virtual world by setting up links(nodes) from one knowledge center(website ) to another.

Virtually No Job in Life will ever give you Career growth,unless you do something extraordinary.Try to overachieve your link targets, you dont have to be given career map, You will find one.