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July 1, 2012

How Much your personal Information is Worth to Linkedin: $ 8200 and counting

On an average users spends  around 6.35 hours per month on Facebook versus 18 minutes for LinkedIn. But Facebook users may click on only one of every 2,000 ads. 

Take that Facebook – LinkedIn is making a mint from your personal information: "For every hour a single user spends on its site LinkedIn racks up $US1.30 in revenue. Facebook, with its many hundreds of millions of users, manages just 6.2 US cents.

Those numbers are from ComScore and they show precisely how much more the personal information of LinkedIn’s more highly-qualified audience is worth.

While Facebook’s recent  IPO  made  Headlines all over the world , its 17% drop in its first Month post IPO created more news , Hardly anyone noticed, meanwhile, that LinkedIn shares have outgrown the market  and  leaped 64% this year

According to Forbes the key is the social network’s efforts to turn the resumes and work histories its more than 160 million users have uploaded to LinkedIn into an indispensable tool for the recruitment industry.

“Rather than try to wring 20 bucks here and there from individual users, [LinkedIn chief Jeff Weiner] refocused the company on selling a vastly more powerful service to corporate talent scouts, priced per user at as much as $US8200 a year,” Forbes explains."

Facebook, makes 85% of its revenue from advertising,  and makes money only when you’re on Facebook. Once you sign up for LinkedIn, the social network monetizes your information, not your time.