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May 29, 2015

How Facebook can track you if you have your facebook messenger app on

If you're like most, you probably don't want to broadcast your whereabouts at all times. But a lot of social media apps are tracking your location and making it easy for others to do the same. While it's A KNOWN fact that t Facebook's Messenger app uses location data, it's not so well known just how that location data can be used.

 However theres a help at hand new Google Chrome extension called Marauder's Map we now know that you can get some pretty creepy location data from the messaging app The extension, which is named after the magical map from "Harry Potter," basically reveals a person's exact location on a map. t this only works if the person you are messaging has location data for the app turned on.

If someone you are messaging has their location data turned on, you can also see almost exactly where they are located by simply clicking on the icon next to the time you sent the message..

January 2, 2014

4 Ways to Increase Likes on Your Brand Page

April 23, 2011

Android Phones Also Tracks Your Location

Its not only the iphone but Smartphones running Google's Android software  also collect data about the user's movements in almost exactly the same way as the iPhone, according to an examination of files they contain. 

The discovery, made by a Swedish researcher and published in   Guardian comes as the Democratic senator Al Franken has written to Apple's chief executive Steve Jobs demanding to know why iPhones keep a secret file recording the location of their users as they move around, as the Guardian revealed this week. No wonder  "Location Services " has become the number priority among the  top US tech  Giants. Companies like Google, Groupon,Apple including Facebook have realized that   location  services based on "local  data mining" will be a multi billion dollar business in the times 

Magnus Eriksson, a Swedish programmer, has shown that Android phones do the same, though for a shorter period. Android devices keep a record of the locations and unique IDs of the last 50 mobile masts that it has communicated with, and the last 200 Wi-Fi networks that it has "seen". These are overwritten, oldest first, when the relevant list is full. It is not yet known whether the lists are sent to Google. That differs from Apple, where the data is stored for up to a year.