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January 29, 2016

fashion luxury brands ranked by instagram followers

This infographic shows the biggest luxury fashion brand based on their number of instagram followers.

"number one ranked luxury fashion brand"

Number 2 luxury fashion brand

"Number 3 biggest luxury fashion brand"

dolce gabbana is the no 4 ranked luxury fashion by instagram followers

Most Popular Luxury Brands By Number Of Followers . The biggest social media star in the luxury fashion market is  powerhouse  is Channel with 9.8million Instagram folowers

Louis Vuitton , ranks number two.. Sure having celebrities like Miranda Kerr and Selena Gomez  endorsing the products does help .Currently Louis Vuitton has over 9,2million followers

The number 3  biggest social media brand by followers is Dior  with 8.4 million followers on  instagram

Dolce & Gabbana with 7.8 million instagram followers ranks number 4

Gucci with 7.1 million instagram followers rank number 5

Christian Louboutin  with 6.8million followers rank number 6

April 20, 2015

Top 10 product brands on which the super rich splurge on

"Across the world, the super rich spent almost $438 billion on fancy cars in 2014".
How does the wealthiest across the world spends their hard earned money ?   You guessed it Cars ! luxury Cars remain the all time perennial " favorite " as the number 1 product on which the wealthiest richest movers and shakers spends their money on.

Ultra-expensive automobiles accounted for a massive slice of the global luxury goods market  with super rich spend  almost $438 billion on fancy cars in 2014

 Personal luxury items like perfume, jewellery , apparels and accessories, watches and clothing were the second largest market, accounting for $278 billion.

March 29, 2015

Luxury Brands Hierarchy Pyramid :

the power ranking of Luxury brands


The most high end Luxury brands vs brands which are inspirational. High end brands are the ones that money cannot buy. But the buy but prestige and elusiveness .

According to HSBC managing director Ewan Rambourg who wrote a book The Bling Dynasty, ultra high brands bought are actually more important than the level of money " Rambourg created a brand pyramid to show how major brands range in accessibility from everyday luxuries like Starbucks to ultra high end luxury like Graff diamonds which costs above $50,000. Brands like harry Winston, Pateke philippe and Breguet makes the below $50,000 club