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March 13, 2015

Ranking 10 European Countries with their weekly working hours :

average weekly working hours
During economic crisis and midlife crisis you cant do much except  spent more time at work. The above chart shows the average weekly working hours  across  10  selected European  nations.

Based on which side  of the  globe your living in, here is how these 10 nations of Europe ranked. The average weekly working hours  in Greece was  highest at 42hours  followed by  Portugal and Spain  with  39.3 and 38 hours respectively

For  Germany and Netherlands..its party time as usual with  an average working week lasting 35 hours in Germany and 30 hours in Netherlands 

September 17, 2014

Bulging marketing budgets by UK helps push mobile spends to 21%,print declines to 17%


Print vs Internet spends in UK

Companies in UK  are all set to splurge on  marketing and promotion activities this year. 
Data from Big brands shows that in 2014  Companies and brands are putting aside more cash for marketing budgets alongside improving financial forecasts. 

The latest Bellwether report, a quarterly survey of 300 senior marketers from the UK’s top companies found that marketers were increasingly optimistic about the prospects for their companies and industry sectors. The growing market optimism is mirrored in the swelling budgets, with 40% of those surveyed indicating that budgets were on the rise – compared to 25.8% last year. Almost a third spent more than planned in the first quarter compared to 9% spending less than budgeted, This is according to a study by Brand Republic

Meanwhile Mobile Spending  in UK  by 2014 is set to reach £2.26 billion according to emarketer, which is  set to exceed the advertising that UK Brands spends on Print Newspapers
  1. Mobile  is expected to account for 15.1% of total media spending this year, while newspaper ad spend is expected to fall  by 5% to 13.8%, or £2.06 billion.
  2. In 2015, the trend becomes more striking, with mobile set to surpass all of print's market share including newspapers and magazines - Mobile is set to  form 21.0% of  ad spends spend versus 17.3% ad spends in Print and Magazines 

April 20, 2012