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February 14, 2013

February 9, 2013

Social Media Driving Valentine Day 2013 :

Social Media - Social Likes turn to love - Internet Retailer: This Valentine’s Day, a stupid gift idea from a Valentine’s Day past could reap a big reward—like a free trip for two to the Caribbean.

The National Retail Federation estimated that consumers spent $17 billion on gifts and cards this Valentine’s Day, a small leap over the past five recession-dominated years.

That’s the Facebook pitch from floral retailer FTD. “We’re collecting the worst Valentine’s Day gift faux pas,” it says on its Facebook page, which as of today had garnered 214,800 Likes, with 8,946 people talking about it. “Share yours and win a chance to take a Sandals Resorts Luxury Included Caribbean Vacation.” To insert a little humor, the retailer punctuated the promotion with an image of a gift-wrapped box and the personal note, “We’re done.”

Not to be outdone in the vacation offers, Kay Jewelers ran its own Facebook sweepstakes to a more distant place known as a destination for lovers. “Like Kay Jewelers and then enter the Open Hearts Valentine’s Day Event Sweepstakes,” the jeweler called out on its Facebook page, which as of today had collected 534,084 Likes, with 50,160 members talking about it. “Win a trip to Paris.”

Jewelry retailer promoted product-focused offers in social media and in repeated e-mails this week.

January 16, 2013

Browser Marketshare Comparison 2013 :PC vs Tablets

December 14, 2012

Windows 8 to Command 11% Media Tablet sales by 2016

IDC is projecting a  6% market share for Windows 8 in 2013, totalling less than 10 million tablets .Windows tablets  includes (Windows 7 and Windows RT and Windows 8 tablets) shipping in the fourth quarter of 2012) are expected to grow from about 1% of the market in 2011 to 4% in 2012, on their way to 11% of the market by 2016. 
Meanwhile according to a  new report from BI Intelligence. Global tablet sales will exceed 450 million units by 2016, 
Global tablet sales in 2016 will exceed the number of PCs currently sold per year (~350 million) and make tablets a $130+ billion market.

December 5, 2012

Samsung Electronics Marketing Budget:

Another great chart from Horace Dediu at Asymco. He looks at the advertising budget of Apple, Samsung, HP, Dell, Microsoft, and Coke. Why include Coke? Because it's a huge advertiser, and its "primary cost of sales is advertising."
As you can see, Samsung is blowing all the companies away in advertising and marketing.
Not a bad price to pay, if it means you get to become the world's biggest smartphone company. Certainly HTC wishes it had Samsung's marketing budget.

December 4, 2012

How Samsung Killed the Brand iPhone: The Story in Charts

How did Samsung manage to rule the Smartphone market in  18 months .Horace Dideu of Asymco tells the story  on how " One of the greatest technology war unfolded.. Samsung vs Apple vs Google . The series of revealing charts  shows how Samsung learned from its competitors ,Apple, RIM and Nokia.
How Samsung became the world’s largest handset maker eclipsing Nokia ,( which had that spot for as long as anyone can remember), going from zero to market dominance in less than three years:
The  series of charts ' Show how Samsung" became from also ran to  a market leaderAs you can see, Samsung's mobile operating income will soon be twice as much as Google's overall operating income. Samsung's operating income is almost entirely because of Google's Android.

Apple beats LG in US Mobile Market with 18% share in Nov,2012

Source: StatCounter Global Stats - Mobile Vendor (Beta) Market Share

October 2012 Traffic Data Compared to July,2012 Data 

Apple Overtakes LG as #2 Mobile OEM in the US: After months of closing the gap with LG, Apple has moved into the second spot in comScore’s list of top mobile handset manufacturers, per the company’s latest MobiLens figures covering the 3-month average period ending in October 2012.Apple ranked second for the first time with 17.8% market share, up 1.5% points from the 3-month period ending in July. LG dropped 0.8% of its market share, to 17.6%. Motorola with 11% and HTC with 6% make up the bottom  

Apple has been challenging LG for some time now. In the September figures, it sat just 0.2% points back from LG in mobile market share, while in the August figures, it was 1.1% points behind. Its second ranking in October culminates a trend that has continued for longer than a year: back in October 2011, it sat in the 4th spot at 10.8% market share, compared to 20.6% for LG.

November 14, 2012

Android Now Commands 72% of the Market in Q3,2012

Android Market Share Jumps to 72 Percent [REPORT]: Android‘s overall smartphone market share has jumped to 72.4% in Q3 2012, up from 52.5% in the same period last year, Gartner’s latest data shows.

Most of that growth comes at the expense of RIM and Symbian, both of which lost a huge chunk of their market share.

Apple’s iOS fell from 15% in Q3 2011 to 13.9% in Q3 2012, and Microsoft and Samsung’s Bada managed to increase their market share, from 1.5% to 2.4% and from 2.2% to 3%, respectively.

November 4, 2012

850,000 iPad minis To be Shipped in the first week of sales

Apple expected to ship 850K iPad minis in first week of sales: As the first iPad mini preorders are being delivered and the tablet hits shelves at brick-and-mortar retailers, shipment forecasts are already being released, with one analyst estimating a total of 850,000 units will go out to consumers over the device's first week of sales.

According to AppleInsider,  KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo  Apple will likely ship around 850,000 iPad minis in its first week on the market, based on supply chain checks and logistical considerations such as transportation.

Reports suggest that if the iPad mini  mass production had started sooner than mid-October, the tablet would have seen higher first-week shipments. As it stands, Apple is in short supply of the 7.9-inch device as about 950,000 units were manufactured prior to launch, a statistic reflected in shipment quotes from the Online Apple Store.

Apple  is expected to be the  no 1  in the mid sized Tablet Market with its iPad mini shipments outperforming Amazon's Kindle Fire HD and Google Nexus 7, two of the mini's biggest competitors. In the first two days after launch, iPad mini shipments are expected to reach the Fire's half-month shipment numbers and surpass the Nexus 7's average monthly shipments for the fourth quarter.

October 16, 2012

Mobile App Payout : Developers and Choice of Mobile OS

Are revenues per app decreasing? | asymco: Apple has been releasing data about payments to developers with increasing frequency. Last week’s $5 billion announcement was the fifth such update and came after about one quarter since the last.

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iPhone is the top smartphone device in monetization performance .The iPhone leads the smartphone OS pack with an average eCPM of $2.85.According to data available for Q2,2012 from Opera, shows iOS is  closely followed by Android devices (at $2.10). The rest of the mobile phone field is significantly behind.

October 1, 2012

iPhone 5 search exceeds 6.3 million on launch day

The iPhone 5 announcement caused a flurry of online search activity as Apple once again proved its expertise in pulling off product launches recognized in the mainstream. On September 12, 3 million people in the U.S. conducted searches on the term “iPhone 5” amassing a total of 6.3 million searches on the term. The following day saw search levels decline but still manage to exceed 4 million queries.

According to Apple, iPhone 5 pre-orders have shattered the previous record set by the iPhone 4S during its October 2011 release. Data from comScore  shows that by  three days of availability, iPhone 5 U.S. online pre-orders reached 96 percent of the number of iPhone 4S online sales during the entire first month of its release! 

September 3, 2012

Kindle sold out in US, garners 22% Tablet Market

Amazon's tablet Kindle  Fire is among the #1 best-selling product across the millions of items available on 
Amazon since its introduction 48 weeks ago. Today, Amazon announced that Kindle Fire is sold out, and that in just 9 months, Kindle Fire has captured 22% of tablet sales in the U.S.

However   in the  first quarter of 2012, Amazon's once-hot Kindle Fire  seemed to be is struggling. According to IDC,Amazon's share dropped from nearly 17% of the tablet market to 4%, with fewer than 700,000 units sold compared to Apple's 11.8 Q1,2012

From the fourth quarter of 2011 through the second quarter of 2012, Apple and Samsung together sold 16.7 million tablets in the U.S. The vast majority of those are iPads. Kindle Fire took off when it was introduced in late 2011, giving Amazon 16.8% of the tablet market with 4.8 million shipments.
Other than Amazon, Samsung is the largest manufacturer of Android tablets, which are still tiny relative to iPads. 
This number will his  would make Kindle   the second-most popular tablet, after the iPad. Tom Mainelli at research firm IDC said that figure matches his estimate of 6.7 million Fires sold, all in the U.S.

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August 30, 2012

Samsung's 30% growth in Q2,2012 makes it the Global Leader with 22%

Gartner's recent report on global marketshare for Mobile Devices  Worldwide 2Q12  show that t Samsung maintained its spot as the leader of mobile phone sales globally and its  market share increased from 16.3% in Q2 2011 to 21.6% during the Q2,2012 .

And this growth was apparently at the expense of the Nokia, which slipped from a 22.8% market share during the second quarter of last year to a 19.9% share during Q2,2012 The third placed was Apple  with 6.9% share, up from 4.6%), ZTE (4.3%, up from 3.0%) and LG (3.4%, down from 5.7%). Consumer demand for iPhone weakened as dropping 12.6 percent from  Q1,2012. However, the iPhone sales increased 47.4 per cent year-on-year.

Among Mobile OS, Android continues to reign supreme with 64% marketshare in Q2,2012 with a 50% rise from Q1,2012


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