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May 28, 2015

product review : media player dune hd tv 101

" reviewing Dune HD TV101"

Bottomline : The DUNE HDTV 101 is a good player but considering there are  more affordable alternatives in the market, its on the higher price point

Dune HD TV 101 is a compact media player which lacks an internal power supply or a hard disk.What  differentiates it from other media players are that there  are no buttons in the panel .
Similarly it has no direct card slots and single USBs slot at the front .You get an Ethernet port an HDMI output and a 3.5mm composite video and analogue street output

 The little wonder box supports all types of video and audio formats. Powered by Sigma Designs 8670/8671 processors and 256 MB  RAM the player is fast and featured loaded . It has a built in bit torrent client for download movies and music . You get a remote control to operate the HF TV101 this is the only interface to the device . However  the remote is rather small , and its cumbersome if you want to handle it for long time ( like typing using the virtual keyboard

 This player starts up and accessories media files from connected disk quickly . It also reads UPnP files as well as other shared folders on the network. The picture quality of the high quality Rips was stuning , and the audio quality was pristine .