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July 9, 2015

IBM announces the first 7 nanometer chips,

IBM chips away" top 5 players in the semiconductor chip business"
IBM has just annouched a major breakthrough in terms of " miniaturisation" with the creation of the first 7-nanometer chips. This means that the miniaturized electronics are so small that transistors on the chips are only 7 billionth of a meter in length. That’s 1,400 times smaller than a human hair.

This latest IBM research breakthrough milestone is the fruit of a $3 billion, five-year investment in chip research and development that the company announced last year.  Chips are the engine of the hardware industry ranging from the smartphones to robotic and rocket technology. Globally chips are becoming smaller every year ( summarized as Moore’s Law (after a prediction made in 1965 by Intel chairman emeritus Gordon Moore that the number of components on a chip would double every couple of years)

Much of todays consumer electronic industry is powered by the the best chips, such as microprocessors that power our desktops and laptops, use 22-nanometer and 14-nanometer technology. The next manufacturing technology to arrive will be 10-nanometer production,  followed by  the  7-nanometer chips