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March 24, 2015

Post Campaign Action by mobile users: Finance advertisers vs Others

mobile ad campaign across  Finance vertical
The chart compares the post-click campaign actions used by advertisers in the finance vertical,Among the top 3  user behavior  includes  1)site Search, 2)email subscription driving to mobile web or landing pages, was the most frequently used on the millennial media mobile ad platform 

Mobile ad Campaigns across Financial vertical :Top 3 call to action by users

Top 3 advertisers goals  post mobile ad campaigns
Brand Awareness & Engagement (37%) was the most frequent goal of Finance campaigns and call to action  on  the millennial media  platform, followed by driving Registrations (30%) and Increased Foot Traffic (17%, Chart H). Finance advertisers ran Brand Awareness & Engagement campaigns at a slightly higher rate than all advertisers, and ran Registration campaigns at more than 2x the rate

Handsets that account for the highest share of mobile impressions in Latin America

Latin American mobile advertising

Latin American mobile handsets with highest mobile advertising impressions

 A recent study from mobile ad network Inmobile shows that " Apple iphone leads with 7.6% share in handsets with highest mobile ad impressions in Latin American market . S Surprisingly Motorola XT 1033 with 4.6% comes no 2 and Samsung GT 18552b is at number 3 with 2.6%. In terms of overall manufacturer's Samsung, Motorola and Apple forms the top 3 OEM's with highest market share of mobile ads in Latin America

March 9, 2015

Smartphones vs Tablets Impressions across MENA Countries

 handsets with highest mobile advertising  in MENA countries


The latest report from Inmobi Network shows that Smartphones rules in the Middle East and North African Markets with  Smartphones accounting for  90% and Tablets  9% of the total mobile impressions Further 92% mobile ad impressions in this region  happened across Mobile Apps, and the rest on Mobile sites

Not surprisingly Apple  iPhone  accounted for  17.4 percentage of  the total  Mobile  Handset share  among the total reach of ad impressions . The no 2  handset share was Samsung GT 19500 with 8.3% share

 Samsung  claiming the no 1 spot  as the biggest  manufacturer with  58% share in mobile impressions followed by Apple.

March 3, 2015

Revenues from Geo Local Mobile Ads set to explode from $6 billion to $68billion in 3 years

The state of  Location based marketing  might not be growing that rapidly to whet  VC funding appetite, but the story is in its  infancy and  for the location based advertising model to work it needs  the Supply Side (  technology operators , last mile developers and and the Demand  side    which is aided by an  explosion of  smartphone interconnected devices having  advanced capabilities such as location awareness and connectivity 

 According to U.S. Local Media Forecast 2015 location-targeted mobile advertising revenues  is likely to touch$6.6 billion in the U.S. 

Another report suggest National brand spending will represent 43 percent of location-based advertising by 2019 according to BIA/Kelsey. That’s about $68 billion – an amount that makes multi-location marketing strategies increasingly critical..

February 24, 2015

Comparing Mobile Internet Spending : France vs Germany

State of Mobile Advertising Spends in US
The UK  remains  the biggest and the the largest mobile advertising market in Western Europe,  and  account for nearly 53% of mobile internet ad spending in the region this year( emarketer)

. The second and third rank in  in terms of mobile  Ad market is France and Germany which represent  represent 12% and 6.8%, respectively, of the $2.92 billion mobile  total  spend total. 

Yet those shares are beginning to add up to serious money, with $349 million projected for Germany and nearly $200 million forecast for France in 2013. Within five years, mobile ad spending is expected to reach $1.8 billion in Germany and $792 million in France. .

January 30, 2015

Spending on Digital advertising in France to exceed $3billion Marks,forms 20% media spends

Digital advertising vs Mobile advertising in France


Digital Advertising in France  is expected to pass the $3 billion mark this year and account for 20.2% of total media ad spend, compared to 14.7% on Mobile advertising eMarketer predicts an increase of 7.0% in 2014,

September 23, 2014

Mobile Shopping at Alibaba contibutes 19% of revenues, with a 1.5% conversion rate

Mobile conversion rate of Mobile shopping in Alibaba
Alibaba Group  is the leading online commerce provider in China, offering a broad spectrum of B2B, B2C and C2C e-commerce services as well as mobile payments as well  also involved in cloud infrastructure services as well as China’s biggest online video site Youku Todou.

 Launched in 1999 as a stand-alone B2B e-commerce portal, the group is now the leading e-commerce provider in Asia as its C2C online marketplace Taobao and B2C online retail platform Tmall are also the market leaders in their respective business segments. Digital buying penetration rate among internet users in China is 55.2%

In the fiscal year ending March 31, 2014, the Alibaba Group’s annual revenue amounted to 52.5 billion yuan (approximately 8.46 billion U.S. dollars) with a net income of 23.4 billion yuan (3.77 billion U.S. dollars) Local e-commerce  only from China accounts accounting for 86 percent of Alibaba’s income in 2014. While he overall share of mobile shopping revenues was 19.4% with 1.49% conversion rate

August 19, 2014

Mapping the Marketing Spends by B2b Industry : Top 100 Advertisers

biggest b2b Spenders by medium
analysis of  the media mix among  top 100 advertisers in  b2b segment
Top 100 B2b Marketing Spends by media /Adage/Mcharts 
Ad Spending for 100 Largest B-to-B Marketers Nears $5 Billion 

Ad spending by the 100 largest B2B advertisers grew by 3.4% year-over-year in 2013 to an estimated $4.9 billion.The media mix  data is as below
  1. Broadcast and cable TV combined to account for a leading 56% of that spending, up by 3% from 2012. 
  2. Spending on internet display ads grew most quickly, by 25.3%. 
  3. The only other medium to see an increase among the top 100 was outdoor (+2.4%), 
  4.  Print media, specially magazine  continued to remain relatively flat (-0.3%), newspaper spending came down by 9.4% and radio spend declined by 13.7%.
  5. Meanwhile, spending by B2B advertisers outside the top 100 dipped by 0.5% to $10.2 billion
  6. Apple was the nation's No. 2 b-to-b advertiser last year, spending $218.1 million on b-to-b ads, up 39.0%,around 65% which was on TV

June 12, 2014

5 Insights from millennial media report on Mobile Advertising Reach and Targeting (S.M.A.R.T.™),

A special year-in-review edition of the S.M.A.R.T.™ report features a year-over-year look at global data from the Millennial Media platform, including key advertiser trends, top verticals, campaign goals, and post-click actions from the year.


June 10, 2014

Global Top 15 Mobile Manufacturers vs Top 15 Fastest Selling

top 15 mobile manufacturers

fastest selling mobile
The above data is based on Millennial Media Mobile Mix  insights which measures mobile device, OS, application, and tablet trends on the Millennial Media platform. Additionally, this report features insights into the growth of mobile phones smartphone and tablet devices, as well as the number of  ad impressions across " mobile phones across its platform

December 13, 2013

84% of Mexicans between the age of 13 to 15 have mobile phones

The infographic  shows the state of Mexico Online Landscape, according to IAB ( Internet  advertising Bureau ) The study shows  that Mobile usage in Mexico as conducted by Millward Brown , Havas Digital  shows the Habits of mobile devices usage patterns in Mexico

According to the study, 84% of Mexicans age 13 and older have some mobile and 6 out of 10 surf the Internet actively through them.

November 25, 2013

Mobile Advertises see Increases of RTB by advertisers this Holiday season

 source : via Rubicon Project by Jay Stevens

Mobile RTB is set to become mainstream this holiday season as Advertisers experiment with new ad formats including Real Time Bidding ( RTB). 

The use of real time bidding is likely to  show a healthy growth this Holiday season . Increased Mobile usage for shopping and ecommerce during the shopping season  is set to provide a major impetus to Mobile RTB providers , as they  are seeing increased demand from advertisers who want to supplement their traditional ad buys with targeted, location-based mobile RTB buys.

Data from Adfonic backs this up, as the company reported an important shift in the RTB space in October 2012: more mobile RTB requests than non-RTB requests. In September, 46% of requests on the Adfonic platform were for mobile RTB, rising to 60% in October.

Additionally that CTRs and eCPMs were much higher for RTB, compared to non-RTB metrics: 48% and 64% higher, respectively
Meanwhile Latin American ad network StartMeApp has launched its mobile RTB exchange, enabling advertisers, agencies and DSPs to buy and sell inventory in real-time auctions. StartMeApp is already working in 120 countries, dealing with advertisers including Coca Cola, Audi and Samsung, along with publishers like Rovio, Reuters and ESPN Mobile Aggregators like MoPub’s real-time bidding (RTB) exchange  is a marketplace for  for mobile ads which  gives app publishers the complete control to tweak their ads based on RTB .
According to the GSMA, just 20 per cent of the population of Latin America currently has a smartphone, so much of StartMeApp’s inventory is from carrier’s on-portal audiences and WAP sites, as well as mobile web and app traffic.

August 30, 2013

Mobile Web Ads vs Banner Ads : How will this Impact your Brand

The Mobile is truly becoming mainstream, and is emerging as the most cost effective  distribution channel for Brands and Marketers alike .After 5 years of explosive  and unprecedented growth, The writing is truly on the wall." Brands and Marketers are realizing that "Mobile Marketing is not only the new mantra, but  a very cost effective distribution channel... So what does that actually mean.. Are the Traditional Banner ads across your Desktop and PC become extinct  after some years .. ?  

There is no right and wrong answer to this,but statistics by searchengineland show that 22% of the ad clickthroughs are coming from the Mobile and Smartphone Device. For paid search  Mobile web CTR has seen a huge jump , along with higher  CPC  rates . Overall the results indicate the shares of smartphone and tablet generated impressions  is only set to grow by double digits

However,This does not mean that your PC and Desktop needs to be junked . The Research  shows  that Desktop /PC Powered searches remained almost level . What this suggests  that the market for  Search has  grown bigger, and will continue to see healthy growth, and most importantly this increase is not coming at the cost of  Desktop search, but new users are gravitating towards Mobile Search Ads

August 13, 2013

Mobile Advertising Spends in UK now account 10% of Digital Spending

Mobile spends in UK, has crossed the half billion £  and  now accounting for 10% of digital spends.

Online and mobile sponsorship advertising grew 34% to £65.7 million from £49.0 million, accounting for 5% of digital display. In the last three years digital sponsorship spend has increased 128%.

Mobile Spends in UK   power Digital Advertising Growth:Business in UK are increasingly looking towards mobile to drive "consumer adoption users as Mobile now accounts for 9.7% of all digital advertising spend compared to 1.1% in 2009 a huge increase in share in just three years as continued growth in mobile advertising has fueled a 2.4 per cent rise in UK ad spend in the first quarter of 2013

In 2012 digital advertising in UK increased, by 12.5% on 2011 to a record annual high of £5.42 billion – up by £607 million from £4.81 billion according to the latest Internet Advertising Bureau UK (IAB) digital adspend report, conducted byPwC.

eMarketer expects expenditures on digital advertising to surpass £7 billion (over $11.11 billion) by 2015 and £8 billion (nearly $12.7 billion) by 2017.

Online advertising  exceeded £607m powered by 50% growth in  mobile  advertising FMCG brands in UK  has overtaken Finance as the  biggest digital display advertiser.

June 10, 2013

Ad Spends on Social Mobile and Video set to become Fastest Growing Online Channels in 2013

Online Evolution: 2013 Marks the Year of Brand Advertising: "Roughly half (51%) of marketers also expect spending on direct response to increase in 2013. According to Nielsen One in four stated that increase will exceed 20 percent; however, 41 percent say their digital direct response advertising budget will stay the same as last year.

While brand marketers are projecting overall growth in brand ad spending in 2013, they are also predicting their spending in particular digital channels will grow faster than others. Nearly three-quarters (70%) of brand marketers plan to increase their use of social media in 2013, followed closely by mobile advertising (69%) and video advertising (64%).

These numbers are all up from 2012 projections, indicating a continued shift toward the channels where consumers are spending an ever-increasing amount of their time. And the brands aren’t alone in their thinking. Agencies are also projecting growth in mobile advertising (81%) and video advertising (73 percent), followed by social (57%)."

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April 30, 2013

US Internet Advertising Records 3rd Consecutive double digit growth,

IAB in its recent report on US digital Advertising Revenue spends show that Digital advertising revenues climbed to a milestone high of $36.6 billion in 2012, according to the IAB Internet Advertising Revenue Report for the full-year of 2012. That historic number marks a 15 percent rise over 2011’s full-year number, which itself had been the highest on record, at $31.7 billion.

Revenues from Internet advertising  totaled $17.0 billion for the first six months of 2012,  with Q1 2012 accounting for approximately $8.3 billion and Q2 2012 totaling approximately $8.7 billion. Revenues  for the first six months of 2012 increased 14% over the first six months of 2011. 

— Mobile advertising in the United States totaled $1.2 billion during HY 2012, up from $636 million in the comparable period 2011. 

April 28, 2013

Web Ad Revenues Reach $37billion, with 15% Growth

Inspite of the economic slowdown across the world, Internet Advertising  shows no signs of downtrend as  Online Advertising reached $37billion , which is a 15% rise   The Internet Advertising : Internet Ad Revenues Jump 15 Percent to $37B in 2012 - Digital Editions @

Web Marketing "revenues grew for the third consecutive year in a row, reaching $36.6 billion for the full year of 2012, according to the IAB Internet Advertising Revenue Report released this month.

The revenue jump represent a 15 percent year-over-year increase from 2011, with the largest growth percentages coming in the third and fourth quarter of last year. The compound annual growth rate has climbed to 19.7 percent, outpacing U.S. real GDP growth of 1.5 percent over the same 10-year period.

Internet advertising presently is worth $13.8 billion more than magazine advertising, and is inching up toward that of broadcast television, which currently sits at $39.6 billion.
Mobile advertising has seen one of the biggest increases, growing by 111 percent in 2012 to $3.4 billion, up from $1.6 billion the year prior. Mobile revenues now total 9 percent of FY 2012 revenues, which represents a triple-digit percentage growth each year since PwC U.S., who conducts the study on behalf of the IAB, started capturing mobile data in 2010.