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November 21, 2016

mobile handset manufacturer's impressions vs mobile os share in asia pacific region


November 2, 2016

windows phone marketshare in europe gets wiped off, the next blackberry in making

"windows phone market share across north american and europe"
Italy led  in the adoption of windows phone across Europe with a market share of 14.2% in 2015 which had come down to a mere 5.6% in Q2,2016.Latest windows mobile marketshare  data by Kantar Media show that  Windows phone has been  loosing marketshare  with  equal consistency and regular alacrity across the major markets of  Western Europe as it saw its marketshare plunge by almost 30 to 50% across the markets of  UK, Germany, France, Spain and Italy. 

In UK Microsoft has seen its windows mobile market share  fall from 11% in Q2,2015 to less than 5% same duration in 2016.Germany its seen fall from 10.5% to 5.40%. In France from 8.70% to 4.10%.Australia too has seen 50% fall in marketshare, from 6.30% in 2015 q2, compared to 3.00% in 2016 q2.

Not to be outdone United States saw Microsoft shed its 3% windows mobile  market share to less than 1.6% as of 2016,q2. China and japan which was never a big market of windows phone.. saw insignificant traction in Q2,2016 

November 1, 2016

asian nations now form 56% smartphone user base and 74% android users

Across South East Asian Markets Android is a clear leader, as typically these markets have  traditionally been a market with among the lowest smartphone prices, Android's open source software makes it easier for local international OEM's to enter the market and offer lost cost smartphone to a market that is fairly price sensitive. While markets like japan, China have seen a fairly even balance between Android and IoS
"global smartphone user growth: Asia vs rest of the world"

Asia Smartphone user base has grown 56% in the last 3 years from 34% in 2008 to 52% in 2015
"asia android OS user base:"

 In Asia South Korea with 88% smartphone penetration ranks among  the biggest Asia nation , followed by Singapore ( 73%), Malaysia,( 65% ) and Hong Kong ranks among the biggest smartphone markets ( Pew research 2015 data)

Meanwhile global smartphone sales have been slipping. Smartphone sales have been stagnating ( 21% YoY ( 2015-2016) as compared to 31% YoY( 2014-2015) according to  latest data from Kleiner Perkins. iOS has seen its OS share slip from over 60% in 2010 to less than 10% in  2015. While Android OS has seen its share rise from  10% to 75% in the last 5 years.

August 17, 2016

the role of telecom in the android success story

The role of telecom carries in The Android success Story: After Android’s release Andy Rubin, designed a partnership that Was more carrier friendly than iphone, On both Apple and Android, developers make 70% of the revenue from selling the apps . But whereas apple takes the remaining 30%, while Android decided to give this away to the carriers. This was Google’s masterstroke, as carriers eventually got to benefit from every android activation and every aps sold. For carriers it also enabled them to use this money to and make the network more robust and powerful. For Google, if it wanted Android to be successful, This was a small price to pay for what “Android had in mind .

As the number of android handsets started to rise, consumers started to use ? Google’s search engine and YouTube, which meant more mobile traffic, which meant more ads, more advertisers signing up, which untimely lead to higher advertising revenue . From the time Andy Rubin conceptualised the android it was written, keeping in mind that the future of internet would be through mobile devices, while iPhone’s software was designed to require internet connections to PC, while Android was made with the assumption that everyone would be using their smartphone and smaller handheld as their primary internet and computing device

August 7, 2016

How samsung lost the opportunity of buying out android before google

Before Google bought andy Rubin’s android, Samsung missed a golden opportunity of buy out and acquire the Mobile OS Android. Reflecting on this Andy Rubin in Fred Vogelstein’s book on the "Dogfight ,how google and Apple went to war and started a revolution" looks back on the day, when he was supposed to give a presentation to Samsung’s headquarters in Seol and what could have changed the smartphone world.

" How samsung screwed up the chance of taking over Android"

"I walk into a boardroom with my 6 employees,where I was greeted with 20 people on the other side of the board room.. Like a military tribunal the Samsung CEO walks in and  then everyone  takes a seat .Samsung is known to be a extremely hierarchical organization".

During the first few seconds, everyone started at me blank, waiting for the CEO to signal the start of proceedings .Rubin says “ I started pitching the 15 slide presentation on how Android could shake up things in the marketplace. However I only saw blank faces and freezing looks that gaped at me, as the CEO constantly stared  back , almost ready to pounce on me.Once the presentation was over, I was greeted with pin drop silence, you could hear the whirring of the AC, and then what seemed like an hour, after 2 minutes.I heard whispers in Korean amongst the CEO and his deputies followed by another one minute of silence

After a while the CEO says" Are you dreaming ? You and your army of 6 people are going to do this ? Do you think you can invent such a thing. Which Phone maker will buy this ? This happened 2 weeks before Google bought Android.Then suddenly one fine day, Rubin says that his the phone rings and it was the Samsung Ceo on the other side  “ I demand that you immediately fly over to seol to discuss your very very interesting and revolutionary idea , which you presented us when you were in Seoul. To google’ credit, It did not take long enough for them to understand the the future of internet is going to be mobile.

February 5, 2016

January 27, 2016

for the first time in a decade apple's iphone sales hits speedbreaker

"iphone hits speed breakers "

Apple announced a sharp slowdown in sales growth for its iPhone

Apple's  honeymoon period with its most successful product, iPhone  seems to be finally over, with the company reporting " flat sales in a clear indication of  iPhone's  slowest growth since the product's 2007 launch  as Apple  warned investors that "sales will fall for the first time later this year.

"sales of ihome was at roughly 74.6 and 74.8 million in Q3 2014 and Q32015"

The company sold 74.8m of its flagship devices in the final three months of 2015, compared to  74.46m iPhones  it told during the same period in 2014.. which points to the fact that : iPhone sales has now plateaued 

Apple's fundamentalas as a company is beyond comparison and its  one of the most cash rich company in the world with assets totalling $293bn, with $205bn of that in cash.
However the worrying point for apple, is that the company is dependent on the iPhone magic wand more than it should do as it created more volatility and risk for the company something that wall street will not like 

  • Apple's ipads meanwhile have been shrinking for more than 18 months. Apple sold 16.1million iPads in the last three months of 2015, down from 21.4m tablets in the same quarter last year.
  • Mac sales too, declined  with Apple selling 4% fewer  ending up with 5.3 million sales (YoY)
  • Apple Watch, grew sharply to $4.4bn, up from $2.6bn in the third quarter of 2015 (when the company first reported Watch sales). 
  • Other products in the category include Beats accessories, Apple Pay and Apple TV 

January 24, 2016

Google's $31 billion android goldmine,hits oracle wall

The Google vs Oracle  war continues as  Oracle had earlier  sued Google and claims that it has used its Java software without paying for it in order to further develop the Android OS.

" who is winning the war between android vs Oracle "

In a court filing, Oracle  says that they are privy an internal confidential information  which claims that Android generates $31 billion revenue for Google, according to Oracle's lawsuit accusing Android of using heir software without paying any revenue to Oracle

Meanwhile Google pleaded a San Francisco federal judge on January the 20th, that the extremely sensitive information, marked with Attorney’s Eyes Only, surfaced by Oracle’s lawyer, should be redacted and sealed

Google and Oracle has been at war  for nearly 5 years,with Oracle seeking damages  as it accuses Google's Android of copyright infringement on using releasing thousands of lines of source code from the Java platform

Meanwhile earlier Google paid Apple $1 billion to keep its search engine the default option in iOS , This information was provided by Oracle in its legal battle with Android as an evidence to revealed how much Google has gained from Android.

January 21, 2016

cost per installs across iOS device lowest across north america

"mobile app downloads across north america"

 Mobile app downloads across North America

US and Canada  mobile users  lead in gaming app downloads , while cost per installs across iOS device is lowest in United states

January 12, 2016

comparison of apple iOS 8 vs iOS9 by consumer adoption

changes in iOS 8 vs iOS 9.adoption
" apple mobile OS adoption rate"
Apple iOS9 has seen an unprecedented adoption by apple consumers.This chart shows how apple Mobile OS.. their iOS version 8 has been  downloaded as compared to iOS9 downloads. In just 2 months  iOS9 saw a 75% jump in adoption rate while iOS8 downloads declined and slipped under 25% mark

January 5, 2016

how to import your pictures from Android 6.0 to windows 10

" moving photos to your windows 10 phone from android 6"

Step 1 :Start by connecting the phone to the computer with its USB cable. Ensure the phone’s screen is unlocked and that the cable is one that transfers data and is not just meant for charging.

Step 2:On an Android 6.0 phone or tablet, swipe down from the top of the screen to open the panel of notifications from apps and the operating system.

Step 3 : Once the device is plugged in , it will show USB for Charging” notification in the list. Tapping it will get you options it to get a box of additional options.

Step 4 : In the “Use USB For” box that appears, select the “Photo transfer (PTP)” option, which lets the computer treat the phone as a digital camera; PTP stands for Picture Transfer Protocol. (The “File transfers” option in the box can transfer other types of media files between devices as well, like music, and use the Media Transfer Protocol, or MTP.)

Step 5` : Ensure you select the USB transfer options on the Android device,post which  you can see import the pictures through its Photos app or whichever image-editing program you use in windows 10.

 However if this does not work, try changing the USB or use a different port to try the same steps outlined below

November 17, 2015

Apple iOS 9 adoption rate of 61% is the biggest in history

Apple's  iOS 9 adoption rate has hit all time high with  61% adoption including all of its  iOS devices, which include iPhones and iPads, according to Apple's App Store Distribution page.Till date this has been the fastest adoption rate among all its IOS version .After rolling out on September 16,2015 iOS 9 surged to an adoption rate of more than 50%. In comparison iOS 8 released in september 11th, 2014  had an adoption rate of 43%
This seems more impressive if you consider the adoption rate of  its rival Google's android. The adoption rate for Android 5.0 was at a meager 3% percent and it's currently at 23.5%  based on data from Google's Android Developer Dashboard.

" apple's ios9 adoption rate is biggest in its history"

November 4, 2015

November 3, 2015

4G Smartphones supporting wireless charging between 13 to 20 megapixel camera resolution

These following smartphones meet the critera's of being a 4G, with wireless charging, with a camera resolution between 13 to 20 megapixels .

Android 5.1 Lollipop
Launched July 2015

 Samsung Galaxy Note 5
Android 5.1 Lollipop
Launched :August 2015

Samsung Galaxy S6
Android 5.0 Lollipop
launched :April 2015

 Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
Android 5.0 Lollipop
Launched :April 2015

comparing the 3 best android smartphones with LED Flash and 3D Capture

Smartphones Powered by Android with the best 3D capture  and LED Flash. Among the top 3 rated by specout  based on online user reviews and ratings include 1) Sony Xperia Ion 2) HTC Evo 3D and 3)Sony Xperia Arc S

October 11, 2015

chart of the day :windows 10 adoption at an all time high

How is windows 10 doing ? post its recent release. Pretty well if the latest reports from NetMarketShare is concerned. Windows 10, released on July 29th, has seen faster adoption post-launch than its predecessors including the immensely successful Windows 7. In September, Windows 10 was installed on 6.6 percent of all PCs, which put it ahead of the most recent version of Apple's OS X at that time (Yosemite).

Infographic: Windows 10 Sees Faster Adoption Than Its Predecessors | Statista
source :Statista

June 29, 2015

App Store under siege as developers churn out 40,000 apps per month

This chart shows the timeline of  new  mobile app  submission across the Appstore  by developers

Data from  Pocket  shows that  developers are currently submitting more than 1,000 apps per day. In May, a record number of 39,992 apps were submitted for approval by Apple, indicating that developers aren’t running out of ideas of how to make our devices even smarter.

June 15, 2015

FB and Spotify apps drain your android battery fastest

"FB and Spotify  apps drain your  android battery fastest"


Facebook and Spotify users look out if your using an  android phone. If you have both these apps installed in  your android smartphone  and seem to frequently run out of battery , here is whom you can blame. In a recent report on the list of apps causing the highest battery drainage. these 2 stalwarts sit right on the top.  

 A recent report from AVG concludes that The popular music streaming app Spotify  ranks second  and  Facebook number 1 when it come to  battery consumption  and drains out your Android faster than any other app.

Facebook's constant background notification checks still have the greatest impact on overall Android device performance thereby causing severe battery draining. This comes from the AVG  quarterly Android App Performance report .The report analyzes aggregated, anonymous data from more than 1 million AVG Android app users to discover the top performance-affecting apps worldwide.

However  Venturebeat's Mark Sullivan  today  just announced that the latest Android  OS M version will  fare better  in terms of controlling their power by putting them off to sleep"

"You’ll be glad when Android M arrives on your device later this year; Google just announced that its new Android M mobile OS will put apps to sleep when you’re not actively using them. "

June 2, 2015

The State of the Mobile Apps Stores: Google Play vs iOS vs Amazon vs Windows

" comparison index of  google play, ios, windows and amazon"
This statistic contains data on the number of apps available for download in leading app stores as of May 2015. As of that month, Android users were able to choose between 1.5 million apps. Apple's App Store remained the second-largest app store with 1.4 million available apps..

May 28, 2015

the mobile evolution in search : from WAP to responsive design

the mobile search  evolution : wap to responsive design

 The infographic shows how the mobile web has evolved over the last  5 years. From WAP to mobile web .: A timeline. Since 2004 to 2012 desktop search enjoyed uninterrupted attention and reputation. However  things began to  change at a rapid rate from 2012 onwards. The mobile app economy  heralded and changed the " ecosystem" as  smartphones led by  low prices and  availability  began to explode,
 The adoption of mobile  by enterprise  along with apps ..  gave way to rapid scaling up  of  the mobile ecosystem. In 2015 Google mobile algorithm" finally made it clear that a sites mobile friendliness is a ranking signal.