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May 19, 2015

apple app store most popular categories in 2015

Statistic: Most popular Apple App Store categories in March 2015, by share of available apps | Statista

Gaming with over 20% share  along with business and education with   almost 10% share each form 40% share  of global app  category at appstore. Lifestyle , entertainment and utilities form the   next 3 most app store categories

May 14, 2015

Has android become the new " windows " across mobile Os

" Is android the new windows "?


Just as Windows held a almost monopoly across desktop OS in the last 15 years.Android is set to rule the mobile OS  in the same way.Android's mobile OS  share is increasing at record speed. From overall  49% market share  its expected to become 63% by 2016.. and by 2019 almost 85% unless  a mobile OS  become strong enough to challenge it . Apple's iOS definetly wont make it and  windows mobile  is now where in the radar// So is it ripe for someone  to disrupt the Android monopoly?.

May 6, 2015

Mobile ad monetization : Android vs iOS

mobile ad monetization compared "android vs iOS"

Android is global leader for traffic and revenue, but iOS and tablets are tops for monetization

Android devices overtook iOS devices in mobile traffic last year on the Opera Mediaworks platform, and as of this past quarter ( q1 2015)they’ have now caught up in terms of mobile ad revenues (45.8% and 45.4%, respectively). But, iOS devices still lead in monetization: their share of mobile ad revenues is about double their share of traffic (45.4% vs. 22.3%), Android continues to dominate the market, with a 65.2% share of impressions higher than 42.8% share of one year ago.

May 2, 2015

microsoft windows 10 improvements set to be gamechanger

" how microsoft that destroy competition after windows 10 release

Infographic via Perception System

Windows 10 would be all about  touch, speech, mouse and keyboard rolled into one

Microsoft  is set to  make the  Desktop OS market  by storm with its impending  windows 10   upgrade Windows 10  made everyone stand up and notice  when it made public of how engaging and all-encompassing Windows 10  will be. Giving everyone a taste of the power this latest Microsoft OS
 via build 10074. This time, this Windows iteration may likely succeed where Windows 8 and 8.1 failed miserably -by integrating  every device from PC's to tablets to handheld devices into one dependable OS.

In a break from the past when Windows platform  is no longer built in a walled garden  but set to  blow the windows  environment  open .Windows 10 will allow apps written specifically for the iOS and Android platforms to  be ported directly into Windows 10 environment

And the best part is that once released officially, Windows 10 will be a free upgrade for everyone - available for older versions and even for pirated ones. With this development, of windows 10,Microsoft could  be a  serious challenge  and in a one clean  sweep come very close to its biggest rivals, Apple and Google, cortana OS  is expected to be l be available this summer in 190 countries and 111 languages

April 12, 2015

led by 300% growtth, US smartphone penetration exceeds 75%, Android consolidate its lead in US

smartphone usage exceeds 75% in US
Mobile OS comparison in US : Android vs iOS


US smartphone penetration has just touched 75% as the chart from comscore shows. From 2% in 2005 to 75% in 2015, the US  is the biggest market to touch  a decade..  During the last 4 years smartphone usage in United states registered a  spectacular ,almost 300% growth  from 27%  in 2010 to 75% in 2014

In terms of mobile OS. the second chart shows the beginning of the end of  the darling of  mobile users  since 2005, Blackberry. Nothing sums up the story of  the demine if blackberry better than observing the green band above. From a marketshare of 43% in 2008, RIM now holds less than 2 marketshare. Anroid has extended its lead in US and currently holds 53% marketshare as compared to iOS 42%

March 29, 2015

Android Apps set to be available on Windows phone

Android apps set to be available on windows phone


The beleaguered windows phone continue to suffer from not  having enough Apps in its windows store . Android and iOS continues to dwarf that of windows  apps . Apples  App Store and Google Play Store respectively boast an app catalog north of 1 million, while the Windows Phone store just last November reached 300,000  as of July 2014 .Microsoft is acutely aware of this fact, thinking of integrating Android App in the upcoming windows phone 10

While most  Android apps are compatible, and some builds even sport a working Google Play Store client. However  questions about the legality of the emulation’s implementation and its potential effects on native Windows Phone development have kept the project from being given a green lighty

March 24, 2015

Handsets that account for the highest share of mobile impressions in Latin America

Latin American mobile advertising

Latin American mobile handsets with highest mobile advertising impressions

 A recent study from mobile ad network Inmobile shows that " Apple iphone leads with 7.6% share in handsets with highest mobile ad impressions in Latin American market . S Surprisingly Motorola XT 1033 with 4.6% comes no 2 and Samsung GT 18552b is at number 3 with 2.6%. In terms of overall manufacturer's Samsung, Motorola and Apple forms the top 3 OEM's with highest market share of mobile ads in Latin America

March 13, 2015

How Many Mobile App Downloads happen every year : Projections for 2009 to 2017

Mobile App downloads since 2009  onwards

A garter study on the number of mobile app downloads  since 2009  shows how  the industry has  growth over the years.  Since 2009 mobile app downloads has almost grown by geometric progression .

In 2009, worldwide mobile app downloads amounted to approximately 2.52 billion and are expected to reach 268.69 billion in 2017

March 12, 2015

Apple's First Day First Show Weekend Sales : From iPhone 3GS to iPhone 6

Infographic: Apple could sell 10m iPhone 6 on the opening weekend  | Statista

This is the story of Apple's first day first show of its iPhone blockbusters.. The chart charts the timeline of Apple iPhone first weekend sales history . How many   units did Apple manage to sell in its first weekend of it being available from the 3G model to the iPhone 6 .

  1. Apple iPhone's 3 GS model sold an estimated 1 million units during the first weekend in July 2008
  2.  Apple sold 1.7 million  iPhone-4  in  its first weekend of it being available in 2010
  3. Apple sold 4 million iPhone 4S in the  first weekend of being available in Oct 2011
  4. The  iPhone 5 first weekend sales reached 5 million in Sept,2012
  5.  Apple's iPhone 5S, 5C sold 9 million units in its first weekend of being available in Sept 2013
  6.  Apple's iPhone 6 sales crossed 10 million  in its first weekend ,with 4 million iPhone 6 being sold within 24 hours of it  being available in Sept 2013 

March 9, 2015

Smartphones vs Tablets Impressions across MENA Countries

 handsets with highest mobile advertising  in MENA countries


The latest report from Inmobi Network shows that Smartphones rules in the Middle East and North African Markets with  Smartphones accounting for  90% and Tablets  9% of the total mobile impressions Further 92% mobile ad impressions in this region  happened across Mobile Apps, and the rest on Mobile sites

Not surprisingly Apple  iPhone  accounted for  17.4 percentage of  the total  Mobile  Handset share  among the total reach of ad impressions . The no 2  handset share was Samsung GT 19500 with 8.3% share

 Samsung  claiming the no 1 spot  as the biggest  manufacturer with  58% share in mobile impressions followed by Apple.

March 6, 2015

The 10 Markets Where Android is facing its toughest Battle with iOS

Kantar media  state of Smartphone OS Marketshare

The Kantar Media Mobile OS data  for last Quarter, Q4,2014 shows  how much  churn there has been across the most popular Mobile OS platforms across  Europe , Asia and North America and how Android is being threatened by iOS for the first time in  the history ..

The numbers  clearly show that the iphone 6 is having  a dent in  Android sales . Kantar media latest  12-week smartphone sales figures, for the three months to the end of November 2014, show Android losing share in the U.S. for the first time since September 2013. 

Evidently iOS is also taking share from smaller platform players in the U.S., such as Windows Phone (which dropped 1.6 percentage points) and others, likely BlackBerry . In UK Android sales have been hit as as it dropped a larger share than in the U.S., declining 6.7 percentage points year on year. Germany market saw Android  sales being hit by 2%Even Android nations have taken a hit,  Spain, with over 90% Android  shows a marginal 2% fall . Australia  it declined by 3% China's Android share dropped by 5%  

This is not a huge surprise, given that the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus  are Apple’s largest ever iPhones — went on sale starting last September. Yet the Android platform has had larger form factor ‘phablet’ devices for years, so iOS buyers  seem to  now catching up on their size habbits

March 5, 2015

67% Mobile Advertising across APAC region happens via mobile App

State of Mobile advertising in APAC

The   data from inmobi shows  how the mobile ad impressions across the region are dominated by Mobile Apps . While 33% of mobile advertising  happens across mobile websites, a majority 67% happens vimobile app  installed across a  smartphone or  a tablet

March 1, 2015

Top 5 Conversion banner categories across Mobile Devices : Android vs iOS

android vs iOS conversions
The  chart from  one of the biggest Mobile Ad networks  Inmobi shows the banner conversions across Mobile and tablets  across Non Gaming Mobile Apps .
The conversation rates ( CTR )  are compared across iOS and Android devices  is as follows

In iOS  Powered Smartphones the top 5 most converting categories 
Software: 3.3%
Weather: 2.6%
Travel/Local: 2.4%
 Shopping: 2.4%
Tools: 2.3

In Android Smartphones . The top 5 most converting  rates across categories  are
Software: 3.5%
Finance 2.2%

February 25, 2015

UK Blackberry Users drops to 700,000, as windows phone grabs 8.5% share

Global blackberry handset share
Blackberry sales in UK

Its been a long time we heard about Blackberry ,While BlackBerry’s market share has been slipping for several years now, eMarketer’s latest figures indicate that  in the  United Kingdom  Blackberry  now has as few as 700,000 users in the UK, with this number expected to fall to 400,000 by 2017. 

Globally as  of June 2014 blackberry sales  was down to 46 million , from 85 million  in  September 2013 . BlackBerry subscribers worldwide has been  dropped steadily and the UK market's rapid fall will  only serve to  benefit windows phone, which has been picking up marketshare steadily.Windows Phone, meanwhile, has seen its popularity grow  and estimated to have around  3.3 million users in UK as per eMarketer estimates , and a projected market share of 8.5%

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Mobile Advertising Spends in UK account 10% 

February 24, 2015

Apples iOS accounts for 83% Mobile Advertising Impressions in China ,

Chines Mobile Ad impressions

83% Chinese Mobile Ad Impressions happen  through Apple's iOS  Devices, . According to Inmobile Mobile adnetwork.. iOS accounts for the highest Mobil Ad Impressions and leads the Chines emarket  Android trails by a large margin with  only 16.7  % impressions, down  by 17%  compared to last year .Apple's mobile OS  ad impressions  grew by identical margin, snatching 17%  share from Android 

February 7, 2015


Marketshare of whatsapp and revenue


  • The chart compares how much revenue does WhatsApp earn from the top 2 Mobile OS  in US and Germany
  • Apple's iOS wins hands down as the biggest source of revenue for Whatsapp in US . From Apple Ap Store Whatsapp earns 8 times more than compared to Android iOS Infact iOS gives 87% of the revenue to Whatsapp in the US Market In Germany its the opp with Android generating 25%more revenue to WhatsApp as compared to Apple's App Store

January 28, 2015

With 600million WhatsApp user base grew 300% in 18months

Infographic: WhatsApp Has 600m Users Now | Statista
You will find more statistics at Statista
"Whats App  users now number   600 million users.Whats App users grew by a spectacular 33% in just 6 months. In April 2013 it had only 200million users. By august 2014 , it trebled  with 600million number of users  

Android Powered Handsets now exceeds 700million, IOS a poor 2nd with 200million

"The bedding was hardly able to cover it and seemed ready to slide off any moment. His many legs, pitifully thin compared with the size of the rest of him, waved about helplessly as he looked."
State of Mobile OS 2009 to 2013
The chart shows the rise of  Android and the fall of  RIM. Android Powered Mobile handsets  now number over 700million, compared to IOS   which makes up only 200 million.

October 24, 2014

Why Demographically Apple Users are Younger than Androids

iOS users vs Android users : which OS us used by demographically younger audience

iOS App Users Skew Younger than Android Counterparts - comScore, Inc: "OS users skew younger than their Android counterparts across the smartphone and tablet segments. 43 percent of iPhone users are between the ages of 18-34 as compared to 39 percent of Android phone users. In addition, 57 percent of iPad users are under age 45 as compared to 53 percent of Android tablet users." One reason might be that " Apples launch of iPhone happened in 2007 the generation that was growing up due to media proliferation web by then the smartphone revolution has gathered more momentum and speed.. which affected more number of apple devices being sold.. Googles Android gathered critical mass a bit later around 2010,20111..?

October 14, 2014

Whats Driving The emergence of Brazil as the next Technology Hot Spot

Brazil is all set to be the  next " Internet hot spot . Among key drivers which  are playing a big role in the emergence of the Digital Brazil are

1)23.3% of Brazilians use their phones to access the internet. As of mid-2013, Brazil was home to the largest mobile phone market in Latin America.
2) According to Reuters Brazil will become the fifth largest smartphone market in the world by the end of 2014.-
3)23.3% of Brazilians use their phones to access the internet.Recent industry data projects the current online penetration rate of 49.3 percent to grow to 59.5 percent in 2017,
4)Page views from Non-PC devices (i.e. smartphones and tablets) have reached an all-time high at nearly 6 percent.
5)According to official data from Brazilian association of Startups, there are 2835 startups in Brazil. Sao Paulo, leads with 605 startups, followed by Minas Gerais with 181 and Rio de Janeiro with 125 companies.?

consumers interaction with the web site

Brazil is ranked  no 5 in terms of unique internet visitors and features among the top 5 internet users in the world in terms of  consumer engagement among Latin American Countries, it ranks as number one with,its users
 Fixed broadband technology, such as DSL and cable, accounts for 68 percent of household internet connections in Brazil. Source: Brazilian Internet Steering Committee (,  - In Brazil, 36% of online time is spent on social media, according to 2013 comScore stats.  - Seventy-nine percent of Brazilian Internet users (some 78 million people) are
Among the top 5 Brazilian States where the internet  penetration is highest are
Sao Paulo 2)Rio De Janeiro 3) Minas Gerias, 4)Parana and 5(Santa Caaata

States with the Highest Online Usage in  Brazil
The North East region in Brazil has the highest internet growth rates , with   users  spending 26.2 hours online in  a month, which is 17%growth rate .The South  region and , south west region  shows a 10% year to year growth rates