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December 28, 2016

these 5 movies made the most money in the year 2016

Finding Dory,Captain America ,Secret Life of Pets and Jungle Book were among the highest grossing movies in 2016. With gross billings of more than 486 million , Finding Dory takes the first rank among the highest grossing movies in 2016.In the process Walt Disney Studios became the fastest studio ever to reach $1 billion at the U.S. box office when it reached this goal on the 128th day of 2016, beating Universal Studios' record of reaching the goal at the 165th day of 2015.
The Secret Life of Pets grossed $104.4 million domestically in its opening weekend, breaking Inside Out's record ($90.4 million) for the highest domestic opening weekend for an original film of any kind.

Meanwhile Deadpool became the second highest-grossing R-rated domestic film of all time with $363.1 million, after The Passion of the Christ ($370.8 million in 2004).The Mermaid became the highest-grossing film ever in China and the first film ever to earn over $500 million without a wide North American release. 

However Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice became the biggest worldwide opening weekend ever for a superhero film with $422.5 million, surpassing The Avengers ($392.5 million in 2012).

July 16, 2015

has online streaming killed he DVD star ?

"DVD vs onilne streaming infographic"
"online streaming killed the DVD star":

Has the Streaming service killed the DVD Star ? Well  there's a compelling case that streaming video is killing its predecessors. This year, it is estimated, there will be 3.4 billion movie views online, compared with 2.4 billion disc views. Streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu Plus have racked up tens of millions of subscribers. It's easy to see why — viewing a movie on a streaming service costs a fraction of the price of viewing a movie on disc. .

Overall sales of physical discs continued to decline. Spending on Blu-ray discs rose 2.6% to $2.2 billion but that was not enough to offset declining DVD sales of $5.2 billion, down nearly 14%, IHS says. Physical rentals also dropped 9% to $4.3 billion

February 24, 2013

OSCAR Winners in 2013 :Social Media Prediction

Social Media Predicts Oscar Winners [INFOGRAPHIC]: With the Oscars 2013 broadcast less than a day away, everyone's wondering who will win. Social media has an answer, and we've compiled the data into the infographic, below.The above infographic published by Mashable shows  : the common sentiments  as predicted by  social web users.

This data is based from numerous conversations across Blogs, Social media sites, Facebook, Community and YouTube including hundreds of social media communities 

The Meltwater Group has been tracking social media for the past month, gathering information about the Oscar nominees from Twitter, Facebook, blogs, comments and YouTube videos. Researchers delivered data on the Oscars' top six categories.

August 5, 2011

The RedBox Growth Story :40 Rentals Per Second

Only days after reporting $363.9 million in quarterly revenue and $79 million in operating income, up 34% and 99% year-over-year, respectively, DVD kiosk company Redbox has released some more impressive figures. With more than 27,000 kiosks spread across the country, the Coinstar-owned service is now seeing an average of 55 million monthly rentals and up to 40 rentals per second.As of July 13, 2011 Redbox, which offers movies at $1 apiece for each night checked out, "now has more than 27,000 locations that are within a five minute drive of 60 percent of the U.S. population

Kiosks feature the company's signature red color and arched top surface, visible in the corporate logo, and are located across the United States at fast food restaurants, pharmacies, university campuses, grocery stores and convenience stores.According to Redbox, which released a handy infographic to boast of its growth, the company has seen more than 4.5 million iPhone app downloads and more than 2.1 million Android app downloads. Additionally, is now receiving nearly 9 million monthly unique visitors, while it also boasts 30.5 million newsletter subscribers and 2.7 million SMS subscribers. .

February 24, 2011