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November 25, 2016

us, japan and germany top as the biggest market for dvd and blu-rays

"music streaming and biggest dvd markets"

"us, japan and germany top as the biggest market for dvd and blur-rays"

Since 2011, consumer spending on home entertainment in the U.S. averaged around 18 billion U.S. dollars per year. However The preliminary numbers are in for consumer spending in the U.S. home entertainment business for 2015, and all is not what it may seem. What the DEG: Digital Entertainment Group refers to as “total U.S. home entertainment spending” is up almost 1% to just over $18 billion last year, reversing a 1.8% decline registered in 2014.

According to research published by the  (DEG), full-year revenue from the sale of DVDs and Blu-ray Discs declined nearly 11 percent in 2014, to $6.93 billion, while digital spending, which includes subscription streams as well as video-on-demand services, shot up more than 16 percent, to $7.53 billion.Meanwhile the fact that DVD subscribers  have been dwindling in US every day is best explained  by the fact that DVD sales declined  by 15% over the last year, standing at 2.7 million today.

Online Streaming services have sounded the  death knell of  the DVD industry .In 2015, online subscriptions were estimated to account for almost 50 percent of all movie and TV rentals in the U.S. Together, stores and kiosks held an estimate of 24 percent of the market, showing rental services are losing market share for online services.  Netflix meanwhile after seeing consistent growth for the last 8 to 12 quarters is showing signs of  stagnating growth as International subscriber growth slowed sharply in the second quarter from the first as the company launched in 130 new markets in January

November 13, 2015

10 biggest markets for netflix with the highest monthly revenue

"nations providing the the biggest average monthly revenue to netflix

These are the top 10 nations having the highest Netflix average monthly revenue per users, across all the countries where the video streaming company is present Netflix top 3 markets with biggest monthly average revenue includes Denmark, Norway and Sweden

July 17, 2015

Netfix exceeds 65million subscribers, 5 milestones it reached this year

Netflix added 3.3 million subscribers in the second quarter of 2015 and with that it has exceeded 65 million subscribers. Here are 5 milestones for Netflix

  • Total annual Netflix revenue :$5,504,000,000 
  • Netflix viewers who watch live stream via video game console  : 50%
  • Percentage of all U.S. internet traffic during peak hours that use Netflix : 30% 
  • hours spent watching streamed video on hi-speed internet   :2 billion 
  •  Netflix subscribers connecting their computer to their T. V. 14%
  • July 14, 2015

    netflix subscriptions vs revenue :chart of the day

    "netflix subscriptions  vs revenue"

    "netflix streaming revenues"
    The above charts from bare figures compares Netflix subscribers and revenues it gets from its subscribers. As of 2015Q1 Netflix  has a customer base of around 40million which gives them around $1.5billion revenues,

    November 13, 2013

    Video Streaming sites consume 50% US Internet Traffic ,led by Netflix ( 35% share) and Youtube( 17% )

    Netflix and Youtube make up 50% Internet Traffic
    Video streaming Marketshare

    Netflix and YouTube dominate over half of downstream Internet traffic in North America, These two Video streaming  sites consume  the bulk of online traffic (50% of  internet Traffic according to a new report released by Canadian Internet monitoring firm Sandvine.

    Downstream traffic is data that goes from a source to a computer, and Netflix's share of that is 31.6%. YouTube comes in second at about 18.7%, up 9% from the first half of this year.
    This is the 3rd  year in a row that Netflix continues to be the dominant application when it comes to North American downstream traffic during peak period, according to Sandvine’s “Global Internet Phenomena Report: 2H 2013
     Meanwhile as reported by Variety , Youtube and Netflix  reported by Varietyto video-streaming sites comprise 32.3 and 17.1 percent of all peak-period download traffic in North America
    Combined , the 2 giants has been growing  at double digit rates.  While Netflix has been growing at 35% yoy (year-over-year), Youtube is growing  at 24% ,and tops in terms of Internet Bandwidth usage

    September 22, 2013

    Cross Platform Availability driving Video Streaming as Amazon, Hulu battle it out for no 2 spot

    Connected Devices Driving Video Streaming
    via Statista

    Netflix is the no 1 in the Video streaming market in US. And continues to have a monopoly According to survey data published by Nielsen, market leader Netflix is used by 38 percent of Americans, up from 31 percent in 2012.

     Meanwhile Hulu, the joint venture between NBC Universal, Fox and Disney now reaches 18%, while Amazon's Instant Video service has almost doubled its reach to 13%.

    Netflix  is set to be investing millions of dollars in exclusive content such as the highly-acclaimed political series "House of Cards" or the fourth season of cult comedy "Arrested Development". According to Nielsen's data, the investment is paying off: 45% of Netflix streaming subscribers say they watched at least one of the company's original programs.

    Another factor contributing to the rise of over-the-top video services is their cross-platform availability. Netflix and Hulu for example are available on PCs, gaming consoles, smartphones and other devices, granting users a great deal of flexibility regarding timing and location of their video consumption.

    January 24, 2012

    The Rise of NetFlix in US Home Entertainment Industry

    Despite all the hype around Netflix streaming, and Apple's iTunes movie store, the fact of the matter is that the physical disc is still the king of home entertainment, Dan Frommer at SplatF reports.
    In the  chart above, digital streaming/sales only accounted for 19% of the home entertainment market in the third quarter. The rest of sales comes from DVD/Blu-ray discs.As Frommer points out, this means there's still plenty of room for growth for Netflix, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, and others to attack the market.

    Goldman surveyed 2,000 US consumers asking them, "Which website do you prefer to use for watching video online?" Amazingly, more people said Netflix than YouTube.
    On some level it makes sense since Netflix is all about long form video, which could make it preferable. But on the other hand, Netflix has just over 20 million subscribers. YouTube had 144 million unique visitors in the US in February according to comScore.

    The number-one game console for Netflix users is actually Nintendo's  with 25% of Netflix streaming users say they get the service through their Wii, compared with 13% on the PS3 and 12% on Xbox Live.Another 20% connect their computer to their TV to watch Netflix.

    According to the Data Hulu users are much more attached to their computers -- 89% of them watch Hulu on their computer monitor, compared with only 42% of Netflix streaming viewers.The data comes from more than 12,000 online interviews conducted in March.

    January 9, 2012

    September 12, 2011

    Amazon To Launch Netflix Like Service For Books

    Amazon is reportedly in talks with publishers to turn a selection of Kindle books into a Netflix-like content library for a fixed Fee , as an added bonus for Amazon Prime customers. Under the rumored plan, Prime members would get to read a limited number of books for free every month from a library of older titles as part of their annual $79 Prime membership fee, according to The Wall Street Journal.|

    Prime is a special program from Amazon that gives you free two-day shipping and reduced price one-day shipping on all your Amazon orders for one year. You also get unlimited streaming access to a small library of movies and TV shows

    Amazon is reportedly in talks with publishers about the service,which would also be available to subscribers of Amazon Prime, a membership program that gives users free shipping and access to movies and TV shows for $79 per year.

    The company's Prime library might also tie-in to the retailer's strategy for its highly rumored, Android-based tablet to compete with the iPad.
    Similar to Apple, Amazon's slate could offer an integrated shopping experience with one-click access to online movie and TV viewing, e-book sales, MP3s and apps. But Amazon would also want to encourage people to use their Amazon tablets to shop for physical items such as TVs, consoles and games, physical books, DVDs, computers, and toys.
    And that's where an enticing Prime membership comes in. Amazon Prime members are more likely to shop from the online retailer since they want to recoup their $79 annual fee in free shipping. So Prime add-ons such as free books and free, unlimited video streaming could help convince more people to sign-up for Prime.

    Amazon has launched Amazon Prime in February and a subsidized version of Kindle in May and reported a 51% jump in revenues for Q2 2011 and the fastest growth in a decade.

    September 7, 2011

    Social Media War For Video Subscribers:Netflix vs Hulu

    Netflix has more subscribers than any single cable company, a number that is up 10 million from last year. While major online players Inc., Apple Inc., Sears Holdings Corp. and even Facebook Inc. are part of the digital video landscape, there is only one dominant retailer in the space—Netflix Inc., according to a report from the NPD Group.
    The market research firm says that Netflix claimed 61% of the digital video market, which is composed of both downloads and streaming, in the first two months of this year; that figure is based on consumer views of video content. Its next closest competitor, Comcast Corp., had 8% of the market.

    There was a three-way tie for third place, with Apple’s iTunes, Time Warner Cable and DirectTV each having 4% of the market. Netflix accounts for approximately 30 percent of all United States web traffic.

    That’s in line with Netflix’s evolution from a company that mailed consumers DVDs of movies and TV shows to video streaming. Since introducing a streaming-only subscription plan last November more than one-third—over 2.5 million—of the retailer’s 7.7 million new subscribers signed up for the pure streaming plan, which means they do not receive discs in the mail, the company said in January.
    Those results led Goldman Sachs to suggest that Netflix would end its DVD distribution by 2020. “Going forward, we anticipate that management will be most focused on acquiring digital content rights, and that digital will represent 80%-90% of additions over the next few years,” says the Goldman Sachs report.  

    Netflix also wants to expand its digital reach. The retailer is building an integration with Facebook, wrote Reed Hastings, the company’s CEO, in a January letter to investors.“We’re working on an extensive Facebook integration, which will further the notion of a personal Netflix account,” he wrote. “This evolution from household to personal relationship will take several years, and there will always be some households that only have one account.” He did not provide further details.
    NPD’s research is based on online surveys of 10,618 consumers conducted in January and February. When it comes to subscription streaming services in the United States, Netflix is more  popular with users
    According to a new infographic from social media monitoring company Mashwork, users in the United States prefer Netflix over its subscription streaming competitor Hulu Plus.

    monitored more than 10,000 tweets between June 28, 2010 and July 6, 2011 and found that 29% of users had a Netflix account while 20% had a Hulu Plus account.

    The real eye-opener, however, is the revelation that 51% of the tweets were from users looking to cut their cable subscriptions in lieu of a streaming subscription service.We’re not surprised that Netflix has the upper hand. The service has been around longer, is available on more devices and has a larger library of television shows and movies. Still, Hulu continues to add features, shows and compatible devices to its Hulu Plus lineup. With rumors that Google and Yahoo are interested in acquiring the service