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April 30, 2014

40% of online purchases done by tablets and smartphones has been through e-coupons, daily deals

According to the recent BIA/Kelsey Local Commerce Monitor  in their recent survey report on enablers that lead to increase in  online shopping  and how much impact does  a device play in the entire consumer life cycle across the digital medium
  • Devices. When going online for local shopping (to purchase or research local merchandise or services), 60.0 percent of consumers use laptop computers, 57.1 percent use desktops, 37.1 percent use smartphones and 19.4 percent use tablets.
  • Promotions and deals. About one-quarter (26.0 percent) of consumer local purchases in the last six months—in-person and online—were made through promotions or sales (such as discount deals, daily deals, coupons or similar discount offers).
  • Loyalty programs. Consumers report that they’re on a customer list (that includes contact information) of almost nine local businesses (8.8 on average).
  • Mobile apps. Consumers who own a smartphone or tablet report using 3.4 mobile apps on average for local shopping “on a regular basis.” These include apps like Yelp, OpenTable, ShopLocal and others.