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August 6, 2015

How PayPal has revolutionized online shopping

" power of paypal and online shopping"

There can never have been any doubt that the introduction of online shopping was going to completely revolutionise the retail and sale industry. However, no one could have quite predicted the extent to which the industry was going to boom. So, what is the reason behind online sales becoming so popular? In addition to the relative ease of online shopping, many people are now beginning to think that the rise may be down to the invention of PayPal. Why would PayPal be responsible for the boost in online shopping? Well, for a start, there is the obvious answer – safety. Whilst online shopping offers some great avenues in terms of convenience, it is certainly less safe than buying things in a store. 

With PayPal, you have the extra security to make sure you your details, and your cash, is protected. That means that people who use PayPal are able to take advantage of the convenience of online shopping whilst also enjoying the security of an eWallet. 

Meanwhile, PayPal is more convenient than other online payment methods, such as pre-paid top up cards, because you can transfer funds instantaneously from your account. Therefore, with PayPal, consumers get to enjoy the very best of both worlds, which means that more consumers are likely to use online shopping and gambling, therefore boosting overall sales.
Of course, there are a couple of problems with PayPal, the main one being that they often charge you a transaction fee when you are moving your funds around. You do not need to worry about this when using a credit card, usually, although many would argue that the price of safety is worth it.

As more consumers switch to PayPal – and PayPal is undoubtedly the biggest ecommerce service available to use online – more and more retailers and sellers are in turn incorporating PayPal on to their site. Given that even just having a PayPal symbol on your homepage can increase your conversion rate, it’s certainly a very smart move for retailers to incorporate and advertise the service on their site.
And so, as you can see, the rise of shopping online goes hand in hand with the rise of PayPal, and in  turn as more sites offer PayPal, the service’s popularity increases, which in turn encourages even more sites to offer the service. The sites get the increased revenue and the consumers get the increased payment options – so ultimately everyone wins, and we end up with an overall increase in online shopping. There are many different sites available online which offer PayPal, including most online shopping sites, and also many online gambling sites such as
If you want to be able to use PayPal yourself for online shopping, then making an account is very easy. All you will have to do is sign up with your name and email address. Why not make an account today and you can start using your account to pay for things online.