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February 6, 2012

April 13, 2011

UberMedia To Create Twitter Like Social Network

UberMedia, the company that owns popular Twitter apps such as UberSocial, Echofon and Twidroyd, is said to be planning to create its own rival social network. 

UberMedia has emerged as rival to Twitter after building a large portfolio of Twitter-related services through acquisitions. Last month, Twitter suspended two of UberMedia’s services – UberTwitter and twitroyd – for “policy violations”.This February Twitter  had  blocked UberMedia Twitter client UberTwitter, and in the process it knocked a whole bunch of its most popular celebrities off Twitter..
According to a report today from CNN, the new service “would seek to attract users by addressing common complaints about Twitter, such as its restriction on the length of a message and how it can be confusing to newcomers.” While UberMedia hasn’t officially spoken out about the supposed plans, CNN cites three sources said to be in the know.

UberMedia is possibly trying its best  To profit and leverage  from its substantial stake in the Twitter. UberMedia has slowly been amassing Twitter clients to the point where its clients have been said to be responsible for as much of 20% of daily tweets.UberMedia raised $17.5 million from Accel Ventures in February, amid reports that it would soon buy TweetDeck and speculation that it planned to do what's being reported today: launch a Twitter clone.

According to TNW ,One of the the reasons why " Ubermedia  is  looking to go elsewhere is because Twitter has been busily outlawing third-party ad networks built on top of its network, and discouraging developers from building their own clients.

April 11, 2011

Facebook Increases Their Cost Per Click Ads By 40%

Facebook Cost per Click Across Selected Industry Verticals
Facebook Average  Cost Per Click and Cost per Impressions for Countries(source: )

With Facebook ads increasing in popularity,  Facebook Advertising has just becomes expensive .AllFacebook reports that  prices have increased 40 percent per click during the past quarter. This is surely going to impact Facebook Revenue .. as well. If assuming that facebook increases their Revenue by double this year, Facebook would post growth numbers that are comparable with Google during its early years. 

Though its too early to  comment on Revenue for  this year, the price of ads are most definitely a great indicator and  the general trend has been that Social Advertising have a higher CTR as compared to Banners and  Display.

 Research shows that "Facebook users are far more likely to click on ads for entertainment, media sites, and blogs than for other kinds of ads.

This chart from a recent Webtrends survey of more than 11,000 Facebook advertiseements measures clickthrough rates (red) and cost per click (blue) for different categories of ads. There's a huge jump in clickthrough rates for the last two categories -- Media & Entertainment and Tabloids & Blogs. In other words, stuff that's fun to discuss with friends.

Health care ads are the least successful, followed -- somewhat surprisingly -- by ads for Internet and software products.