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July 5, 2015

The top 5 web CMS rated and compared across 30 factors

" top 10 web CMS web software rated and reviewed

"  ratings and reviews for the top 5 web CMS "

source : top 10 reviews Reviewing and comparing top 5 web CMS 1) Wordpress 2) Jhoomla 3) Drupal 4)Modx 5)Concrete 5

June 10, 2015

anatomy of creating the perfect opimized landing page

What is the  best optimized landing page ?.  Here area 4 tips to ensure your landing page does what is intended of it, ensure more conversions and  sales  rather that staying pretty and looking good.

1)  loading time : This should be the fastest loading time of all pages. This is the page  where users  have come directly thinking you have a solution to their needs., give them information which they need, not what you wish 

2)Highlight  1 or 2 features dont go for overkill  a few impact adjectives will do the job better than plethora of adjectives that are not believable.

3)  bring our the "differential point" fast. How do you  stand  apart from the competition.What  are just 2 points which you do better than your nearest 3 competitors

4) Make the form simple : most commom mistake but most overdone one .. Users  hate when you make them fill a form that has 10 fields to fill .. They need you .. Unless you are running a campaign for " running a detective service ". you certainly do not need their 3 kids name, exact address, including the name of their  nearest relative . Email +mobile  are the 2 most basic information you need