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January 16, 2016

mobile spends in europe set to exceed 50% of their digital media spends

"mobile as a part of overall digital spending in europe"


  • In UK  mobile spends in 2016 is expected to touch 49% of  total digital marketing spends
  • Norway mobile ad spends will contribute 46%
  • France and Denmark mobile will reach 31% in 2016
  • Netherlands, Italy and Germany  will see its mobile spends reach 44% of their total digital budgets
  • Germany mobile ad spends  will see the fastest growth in western europe with 13% increase . In 2015 mobile spends  in Germany contributed 31% of its online ad spends 
  • Both Finland and Sweden will see their  mobile media spends  touch 45%
UK  rank first on Europe as the nation with the highest mobile  ad spends  49%,followed by Norway.Across Western Europe the average mobile ad spends out of total digital media spends is 44% 

December 7, 2015

UK marketers spends most on search and social,online video sees fastest growth

SEARCH, SOCIAL AND ONLINE CLASSIFIEDS  tops as "highest spends across digital media in UK
By 2017,online video will be the fastest-growing digital media in United Kingdom,with more than 100% growth .Brand marketing spends on search and video will dominate UK digital marketing spends from 2016 onwards

"search and  social tops digital marketing spends in UK"
Search spends   in UK is expected to grow marginally in 2015  , while social  media spends is projected to grow by 8%  till 2016 , but  it will continue to decline from 2017 onwards, a trend that will continue till 2020
However UK marketers will continue to invest on search with  more than 70% of their digital budgets  allocated to search marketing. Search will continue to be the biggest investment across digital media from 2015-2020
However the real winner will be online video advertising, with  UK brand spending on online video set to grow by  35%  in 2016  and by 75% in 2017. By 2018, online video advertising is  expected to grow by over 100% and will rank no 2 after search marketing in terms of digital  media advertising budget spends


March 16, 2015

European Nations ranked by Online ad Spending per person

comparing total advertising spends vs online ad spends

 The chart shows The Internet ad spending per person in the Top 20 nations. The left chart shows online ad spending  per person, while the right shows  media  spends  per internet user

 An average Australian consumer  accounts  $209   for the total media spends in that nation That  means   on the average brands and marketers spends $209  as advertising spends  per  person .

The European nations have been highlighted in orange .Among European
 nations,  UK Norway and Denmark  are no 2, 3 and 5  respectively  spending  on an average $201, $191 and $163 as advertising cost person.Sweden :$118, Netherlands:$104 and Germany:$97 ranking 7th, 8th and 9th respectively

Meanwhile  the average spends on digital advertising is lead by Norway and  Sweden which ranks 1st and 4th , spending $582 and $404 respectively. UK ranks 7th,spending  $347 in digital advertising per  internet user 
The US ranks no 2 in digital spending per internet user with $540  while Australia tanks 3rd

June 12, 2014

UK Online Users to spend $232.46 per year

According to the latest emarketing report this year UK digital ad spending per Internet user will increase to $201.59  Digital ad spend per user is expected to trend upward at a gradual rate year over year  In 2015, $232.46 will be spent per Internet user, while in 2016 this number will increase to $246.34Global
UK Online Shopping Forecast