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August 13, 2013

Mobile Advertising Spends in UK now account 10% of Digital Spending

Mobile spends in UK, has crossed the half billion £  and  now accounting for 10% of digital spends.

Online and mobile sponsorship advertising grew 34% to £65.7 million from £49.0 million, accounting for 5% of digital display. In the last three years digital sponsorship spend has increased 128%.

Mobile Spends in UK   power Digital Advertising Growth:Business in UK are increasingly looking towards mobile to drive "consumer adoption users as Mobile now accounts for 9.7% of all digital advertising spend compared to 1.1% in 2009 a huge increase in share in just three years as continued growth in mobile advertising has fueled a 2.4 per cent rise in UK ad spend in the first quarter of 2013

In 2012 digital advertising in UK increased, by 12.5% on 2011 to a record annual high of £5.42 billion – up by £607 million from £4.81 billion according to the latest Internet Advertising Bureau UK (IAB) digital adspend report, conducted byPwC.

eMarketer expects expenditures on digital advertising to surpass £7 billion (over $11.11 billion) by 2015 and £8 billion (nearly $12.7 billion) by 2017.

Online advertising  exceeded £607m powered by 50% growth in  mobile  advertising FMCG brands in UK  has overtaken Finance as the  biggest digital display advertiser.

March 12, 2013

20% Facebook Ad Spending coming from Mobile Device

Mobile Makes Its Mark on Worldwide Facebook Ad Spend - eMarketer: Facebook’s mobile push in 2012 was considerable—from both a user and advertiser perspective—after initial weakness on the devices led to doubts about the social giant’s strength.

But Facebook’s turnaround has been fast, and the concerted effort, one year in, has already made a notable impact on the way the social network earns its worldwide ad revenues.Android received the bulk of Facebook ad spend, at 71%, while on tablets, nearly all Facebook mobile advertising revenues went to iOS devices. This parallels Android’s dominance in the worldwide smartphone market, while Apple’s iPad remains the tablet standard-bearer.

Digital software marketing firm Kenshoo Social looked at its clients’ advertising allocations on Facebook. Businesses served came from a range of verticals around the world, including retail, financial services, entertainment and travel. The digital marketing firm found that already, in December 2012, one in five advertiser dollars on Facebook went to mobile.

U.S. mobile ad spending nearly doubled in the first half of this year to $1.24 billion, according to the most recent data from the Interactive Advertising Bureau. However, mobile still only represented 7% of total online ad spending for that time period.

December 4, 2012

Search Marketing Spends in 2012: US vs UK vs Germany

Source: StatCounter Global Stats - Search Engine Market Share

Source: StatCounter Global Stats - Search Engine Market Share

In times of economic uncertainty and budget cuts across departments, Internet Advertising seems to be the only medium which has seen a health growth across categories.The latest research data from Adobe shows that Brands have started moving their Marketing Budgets across search marketing.

Search Marketing, or Paid Search continues to remain the fastest growing digital marketing tools,with US and UK along with Germany growing at more than 15%.

In Q3 2012, search continued to grow in the U.S., U.K., and Germany. Growth continued in these countries despite economic uncertainty, demonstrating the stability and importance of search for digital marketers. 

Increases in ROI continue to drive this growth trend.While  U.S. search spend grew 11% over the prior year, while ROI improved by 26%. Search spend in the U.K. and Germany grew 36% and 25% year over year (YoY), respectively. 

January 2, 2012

Digital Interactive Advertising Spends: 2012- 2016

Data from MANAGEGLOBAL  advertising  , estimates online /digital advertising to grow by 10.6% each year through 2016 after rising by 12.5% during 2011. The  online  medium will account for $70.9 billion in global advertising during 2011, and $117.5 billion by 2016, a gain from 17% of the global total in 2011 to 21% in 2016. The largest markets will remain the same through this time horizon, with the US, Japan, Germany, the UK and China dominating, but with China’s growth accounting for the largest gains in years ahead. China will account for 9% of the world’s online advertising by 2016, up from 5% in 2011.
Online video is the fastest growing internet-based segment, although the divide between online video and traditional TV is blurry in many countries, especially where conventional Pay TV penetration is low and consumer habits associated with accessing content are not entrenched.

In many countries online video will be viewed as an extension of TV, and in others it will be an extension of other online activities. The sector should grow by 19.6% each year on average through 2016, after growth of 40.0% in 2011. The sector should rise in value from $4.7 billion in 2011 to $11.4 billion in 2016.

MANAGEGLOBALis the strategic global media unit responsible for forecasts, insights and negotiation strategy across all media channels on behalf of Mediabrands, part of Interpublic Group (NYSE: IPG).