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February 16, 2016

best resolution vs price comparison:top set top media

 The best streaming players compared by  output resolution with Price vs Rating and Price

July 16, 2015

has online streaming killed he DVD star ?

"DVD vs onilne streaming infographic"
"online streaming killed the DVD star":

Has the Streaming service killed the DVD Star ? Well  there's a compelling case that streaming video is killing its predecessors. This year, it is estimated, there will be 3.4 billion movie views online, compared with 2.4 billion disc views. Streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu Plus have racked up tens of millions of subscribers. It's easy to see why — viewing a movie on a streaming service costs a fraction of the price of viewing a movie on disc. .

Overall sales of physical discs continued to decline. Spending on Blu-ray discs rose 2.6% to $2.2 billion but that was not enough to offset declining DVD sales of $5.2 billion, down nearly 14%, IHS says. Physical rentals also dropped 9% to $4.3 billion