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February 17, 2012

US Multiscreen Consumption Patterns: TV Vs Web vs Mobile

The average American today has more ways to watch video — whenever, however and wherever they choose. In theCross-Platform Report, Nielsen finds that the resounding trend is this: Americans are spending more time watching video content on traditional TVs, mobile devices and the Internet than ever before.
Traditional TV
Overall TV viewership increased 22 minutes per month per person over last year, remaining the dominant source of video content for all demographics. In addition, Nielsen data shows that consumers are willing to pay for high-quality TV content, with broadcast-only homes less than a tenth of U.S. TV households.

In an era largely defined by the internet, TV still dominates. According to a new report on media usage from Nielsen, TV is still the most popular device with 290 million Americans (about 92 percent) owning at least one. In contrast, 232 million (ages 13+) own mobile phones and only 211 million Americans are online. The report also revealed that about one in three U.S. TV households owns four or more televisions.

April 10, 2011

Online Video Engagement in Turkey

In February 2011, Turkish male online video viewers between the age of 15 and 24 viewed 200 videos each, accounting for an average of 20.8 hours of online video viewing during the month. Women in the same age group (15-24 years old) viewed just 12 hours and watched 122.5 videos on average in February 2011. Online video appealed least to females over 55 years of age, who only spent 8.4 hours watching 91.1 videos per viewer during the month.

March 28, 2011