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November 10, 2014

September 23, 2014

Connecting with the digital consumer at the point of purchase

In todays digital world, Brands have an immense challenge to keep up with their customers. As the  digital distribution expands and connected devices penetration increases coupled with the fact that " They are always on the move  using multiple devices to consume content at different times of day, in a variety of locations.

 Reaching them is a matter of being in the right place at the right time, with the right content. but you can't be everywhere at once, can you? Using YouTube as a key channel, many brands have found that they can do just that. Here’s why.

September 18, 2014

Why Procter and Gamble are Hiring Rocket Scientist from NASA

The Biggest Brands of Procter and Gamble
1)One consumer durable giant is looking for solutions from NASA to make TV commercials and online videos . Yes you read that right.. P&G has been  seeking a rocket scientist, to help the Company  navigate and stay the leader when it comes to its visibility  across the digital space In the post, P&G said it is seeking a way to produce video with costs "significantly lower" than today's average of $273,000 for beauty and $364,000 for household products" TV ads, citing the latest American Association of Advertising Agencies survey data.
a)This comes from Procter and Gamble , the company who spends a record  30% of their marketing budgets online.  Now you know why " Procter and Gamble approached NASA.This could be the biggest technology breakthrough.. both advertisers as well as the Publishers might have been waiting for.While brands continue to invest in digital ,the online video is all set to witness a lot of action with skyrocketing demand and high marketing spends 

b)With the Broadcasting industry's production costs, not every marketer would care to venture or would have budgets to spend. In contrast the reach of "online video" led by the growth in mobile web, increasing smartphone adoption, which in turn are increasingly becoming Device Agnostic ( that is the same content can be played across smartphones, Tablets, Gaming Consoles,TV, and Desktop)..The miniaturizing of hardware device and standardization of OS has made sure .. Online Video reach has more than increased 700% in the last 2 year.

July 14, 2014

Advertisers to Spend $5.60 Billion on Online Video Advertising as YouTube to remain the main gainer

YouTube will bring in about $5.60 billion in gross ad revenues this year, according to eMarketer’s first-ever analysis of how much advertisers spend on the platform. - 

YouTube  shares its revenues  with its advertising partners and video content creators, eMarketer still expects the company to net $1.96 billion in ad revenues worldwide this year, up 65.5% over 2012. That translates to a 1.7% share of all global digital ad revenues—higher than the market shares of Twitter, AOL,, Pandora, LinkedIn, Millennial Media and other

 US revenues fin Youtube marketing Channel

Comparitive Revenues  from Youtube

YouTube Revenues  Across the world as hared with its key Publisher l

July 7, 2014

Facebook Acquires a real-time video ad serving platform LiveRail

Facebook acquistion of real  time video serving platform Live rail


In another example of how Facebook is trying to take the game away from Google as the " worlds biggest digital ad platform , it has has just announced the acquisition of online video technology firm LiveRail.

LiveRail connects Publishers to all major Ad Networks, Demand Side Platforms (DSP), Ad Exchanges, and Trading Desks, centralizing buyers to create a unified real-time bidding auction that drives competition for inventory

 LiveRail is among the leading publisher monetization platform for video advertising with over 5billion impressions a month and boasts of . With over 5bn impressions per month The company works with clients such as A&E, Univision, Major League Baseball and BET. 

Started in 2007, is the world’s largest programmatic platform for video publishers, with 170 employees across four offices Mark Trefgarne is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of LiveRail.

June 10, 2014

Video gaming in UK to overtake desktop and and mobile gaming

For brands who are yet to get their digital strategy in place... you may loose out on the digital revolution that is in the making unless you reinvent, redraw and redefine the digital marketing mix  .
Media and Entertainment industry in UK
 PwC   latest  research paper  "Global Entertainment and Media (E&M) Outlook survey predicted the UK video games sector alone would be worth £4.1 billion by 2018, and the entire E&M market — including film, music and publishing — would grow to in excess of £64bn from its current level of £58.6bn.   is of the view that  implementing  the same digital strategy may not cut it as the digital revolution continues to gather pace.

PwC expects digital console games to overtake the online  gaming market this year and eclipse mobile gaming uptake by 2017.

May 3, 2014

April 8, 2014

December 4, 2013

Most Viral Video Ads: Top 3 Brands with Highest Reach


This  video ad was set up live  to test the dynamic stability and precision its Volvo Dynamic Steering . Its only at the end you realize the fact that this is a ad for a Volvo Truck 
The Volvo Truck Video was Filmed in Spain on a closed-off landing field at sunrise in one take.

Directed by Andreas Nilsson

Soundtrack by Enya: Only Time

True Reach: 25,177,787


The full version of Louis Vuitton's L'Invitation au Voyage - Venice featuring David Bowie and Arizona Muse from director Romain Gavras. Join the ball at

Reach 10,889,556


Reach :6,081,558

via: adage/visiblemeasures

November 13, 2013

Video Streaming sites consume 50% US Internet Traffic ,led by Netflix ( 35% share) and Youtube( 17% )

Netflix and Youtube make up 50% Internet Traffic
Video streaming Marketshare

Netflix and YouTube dominate over half of downstream Internet traffic in North America, These two Video streaming  sites consume  the bulk of online traffic (50% of  internet Traffic according to a new report released by Canadian Internet monitoring firm Sandvine.

Downstream traffic is data that goes from a source to a computer, and Netflix's share of that is 31.6%. YouTube comes in second at about 18.7%, up 9% from the first half of this year.
This is the 3rd  year in a row that Netflix continues to be the dominant application when it comes to North American downstream traffic during peak period, according to Sandvine’s “Global Internet Phenomena Report: 2H 2013
 Meanwhile as reported by Variety , Youtube and Netflix  reported by Varietyto video-streaming sites comprise 32.3 and 17.1 percent of all peak-period download traffic in North America
Combined , the 2 giants has been growing  at double digit rates.  While Netflix has been growing at 35% yoy (year-over-year), Youtube is growing  at 24% ,and tops in terms of Internet Bandwidth usage

October 25, 2013

How Social and Mobile is Reshaping TV Usage

A recent MarketingCharts analysis of Nielsen data found slightly declining rates of traditional TV consumption among youth, with steadier rates among older Americans. But as TV increasingly becomes part of a multi-screen experience, how many viewers are multitasking? New survey results from Deloitte indicate that 81% of Americans almost always or always engage in another activity while watching their home TV, with that figure rising to a high of 88% among 24-29-year-olds.

Meanwhile according to Nielsen  data, it reported that it had found a correlation between Twitter buzz and TV ratings. Significant numbers of consumers around the world are indeed using their mobile devices to discuss TV programs on social networks as they watch them, even if Americans appear to be behind the curve in that regard.

October 14, 2013

Online Video viewership in US to exceed 77% Online Users

By 2014, the number of U.S. online video viewers will represent 77 percent of Internet users, or 193.1 million people, according to eMarketer's forecasts. 

Americans are using the Internet more for video, both to post their own videos acrosds cross devices like Tablets and smartphones . According to  The Pew Internet Project survey found that the percentage of American adult Internet users who upload or post videos online has doubled in the past four years, from 14 percent in 2009 to 31 percent today.The Pew Research also shows that  78% watch or download videos, up from 69 percent four years earlier.

younger Internet users are twice as likely to post and share videos online than their older counterparts. Pew found 41 percent of 18-29 year-old Internet users and 36 percent of those ages 30-49 post or share videos online, compared with 18 percent of those over 50.

September 22, 2013

Cross Platform Availability driving Video Streaming as Amazon, Hulu battle it out for no 2 spot

Connected Devices Driving Video Streaming
via Statista

Netflix is the no 1 in the Video streaming market in US. And continues to have a monopoly According to survey data published by Nielsen, market leader Netflix is used by 38 percent of Americans, up from 31 percent in 2012.

 Meanwhile Hulu, the joint venture between NBC Universal, Fox and Disney now reaches 18%, while Amazon's Instant Video service has almost doubled its reach to 13%.

Netflix  is set to be investing millions of dollars in exclusive content such as the highly-acclaimed political series "House of Cards" or the fourth season of cult comedy "Arrested Development". According to Nielsen's data, the investment is paying off: 45% of Netflix streaming subscribers say they watched at least one of the company's original programs.

Another factor contributing to the rise of over-the-top video services is their cross-platform availability. Netflix and Hulu for example are available on PCs, gaming consoles, smartphones and other devices, granting users a great deal of flexibility regarding timing and location of their video consumption.

July 4, 2013

May 2, 2013

iIndia is Youtube 3rd Biggest Market After Japan and China

Currently, India has 27 million smartphone users, and is sixth globally on this count. Overall, there are 70 million mobile Internet users in India. It is predicted that  India's next 150-180 million Internet users will access the Internet through a mobile device

Globally, mobile phones are also driving the popularity of YouTube, which is now uploading 72 hours of content every minute. One in three views on YouTube in 2012 was from a mobile device. YouTube now has over 10,000 Indian movies and 500,000 songs. 

April 29, 2013

Mobile Video Usage in Germany Grow by 2015%

Growth of Video in Germany: PC and Mobile: "The video landscape in Germany is changing as consumption on mobile devices has seen a dramatic growth of 215 percent over the year to 11.5 million mobile viewers in February 2013.

According to Comscore ,i
n comparison, 46.6 million Germans  watched an online video via their desktop PC or laptop during the month, but the number of online viewers has only grown by 1.5 percent throughout the year.

For more insights into the video landscape in Germany and the rest of Europe, download our presentation from Audiovisual Media Days in Munich, titled: ‘The Past, Present and Future of Online Video’."

April 11, 2013

March 30, 2013

Youtube, Facebook and Vevo Tops Online Video Usage

The French economic newspaper Les Echos recently published an infographic using comScore Video Metrix data showing the main online video properties worldwide in January 2013. In 12th place is the French online video site Dailymotion, which attracted 116.12 million online viewers worldwide during the month.
According to Comscore data the leading global properties for video ads and video content were Google Sites (755 million unique viewers), Facebook (296 million) and Vevo (256 million).

March 11, 2013

YouTube One Channel Now Open for Everyone

Source: via Sumit on Pinterest

YouTube One Channel Now Open for Everyone: YouTube has opened up its new design for channels, so far available only as limited beta, to all users.

The YouTube One Channel, as it's called, gives users the ability to slap a big header (called Channel Art) on the top of their channels and to have a video trailer which starts playing for all visitors who aren't yet subscribed to the channel.

The new Channel Art-adorned channels, YouTube claims, will look good on any screen size and any device.

Users can also organize their channel videos and playlists better, having more control over what content subscribers see when they click on their channel.

To start with the new channel layout, go to and upgrade your channel to the new look by clicking on the button on the bottom of the page.