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May 11, 2017

How to create a frictionless consumer conversion campaign path

Its crucial to understand a consumer path to clicking to conversions . As you build on your landing pages and test your campaigns , your ultimate objective and goal would be to create a frictionless path to conversion. Here are some tips that you can follow to increase your conversion rate by increasing user engagement with your campaign goals. 

SIMPLIFY :Don’t over complicate the process of creating conversion funnels For example it makes sense for your PPC campaign to circumvent your website entirely with a landing page which is geared towards an encouragement like an offer or a takeaway

POWER OF LINKS : Link your pages in a conversion path which directs a visitor either laterally or download towards an action Provide obvious and easy navigation signs which is very clear which action a visitor should naturally like to take next Resist the urge to create too many click through on a page . 

AVOID BOUNCES :Avoid overloading your visitors with too many options which might confuse them resulting with a high bounce rate. Bounce rate refers to users who are entering and exiting from the same page. 

HOMEPAGE LINKS: Create and connect side way entry into your homepage, other than natural links to the home page at the top menus 

USER TESTING :Perform user testing after you think you have got the  perfect landing page. This will help you create further opportunities for refinements and enhancement With the passage of time looks for trends of sources, CTA’s( call to action) landing pages ,using that analytics data to inspect conversion opportunities and roadblocks. 

MODELLING CONVERSION PATH: As you gain customers , model the path to conversions so that you can replicate those paths with other similar products by building similar campaigns Measure your attraction and conversion hypothesis as well as your business objectives versus your outcomes to determine your degree of success.

November 2, 2016

online shoe brands spend more than 114 million on search ads,with a ctr of 3.5%

"online shoe brands spend more than 114 million on online search ads "

Online Shop Brands spend a whopping 114 million spends on online shoe search ads which generated 3.6billion impressions and 126 million clicks for which 25,000 advertisers competed in the first half of 2016

The online Shoes category saw significant decreases in  search ad spend (-17%), impressions (-29%) and clicks (-23%) from Q1 to Q2, while experiencing less dramatic increases in the average cost per click (7%) and the average clickthrough rate (10%).

for 260 million clicks apparel advertisers spent $267 million on paid search

"for 260 million clicks apparel advertisers spent $267 million on paid search "

For 550 million clicks Apparel Advertiser spend over $500 million on paid search ads  in the first 6 months of 2016 ( Kantar Media Paid Searh data)

Apparel Retail advertising saw  53,000 online advertisers competing for  a higher than average CTR which stood at 4.20%( a 20% rise in CTR as compared to Q1). Total paid search clicks in q2 decreased to  260 million as compared to 306 million clicks in q1,2016 . Cost per click in q2 rose to $1.03 as compared to 0.$97 in q1.(kantar Media)

However, total spend by apparel adverertisers was down 10%, dropping from $295 million in Q1 to $267 million in Q2, based on a 24% drop in impressions and a 15% drop in clicks quarter over quarter. The number of advertisers competing in the Apparel category decreased as well, down 13% in Q2.

May 3, 2016

Loosing out on your quality score :the best landing page infographic

" 5 tips for a perfect landing page"

5  Ways to ensuring SEO benefits while deciding your landing page 

for any SEO optimisation , landing page is a key. While in organic search, Landing page per se is not that crucial as compared to paid search. But irrespective the nature of search a well designed landing page helps spiders to look at your content in a very structured and granular way. This  helps you increase your page score in paid search, and helps your ranking across organic SEO. The above chart illustrates  via an infographic showing how a landing page ought to be designed and the key elements to be incorporated

"how to ensure SEO benefits while deciding your paid search landing page"

The 12 jewels to be incorporated in your landing page 

February 12, 2016

how to measure the value of the link : 5 key metrics

one of the main asked question   is how to measure the value of a link. Among several factors,there are top 5 metrics which Google and Bing considers as holy grail.  Here are some important metrics to look at  to give you an idea  on measuring  link value ?

  • Linking Page Rank :Where does the linking page, rank for the term or phrase  you wish to rank for? If a webpage ranks no 1 for "  keyword" digital cameras below $100 across nevada" . This link is probably worth almost 10 times as compared to a link from sites that rank 20

  • Link Authority : A link from an authoritative site  is 10 times more worth as compared to just another site.For example if you have a news site, an inbound link  fom CNN is considered much more important than  just another  news site.
  • The number of links in a page . A link page which has 10 outbound links is worth more than a link page with 100 links.This happens  for the simple reason that every link passes on  the link juice to the site its linked to. A page having 100 links will need  to share  the link juice to 100 external sites, whereas  a site having 10 external links will be  sharing the link juice  only among 10 external sites 

  • Paid Links : Sites which has paid links, loses its ability and credibility  to share link juice, as most search engine crawlers now  are able to distinguish between paid links  and organic lnks . In addition Google may penalize a site  retroactively for buying links

  • Page Rank. Although the page rank factor has diminished over the years. Webmasters still cosiders the PR of the linking site . A PR of zero out of 10 might  mean either the site is new and google is yet to index or the site has been penalised. Read the 6th criteria below

 Inlinks  to the page or domain : It might be useful to check  the number of in links  for the  domain or a webpage  you wish to get a link from

While this criteria is not  a very important metric however a higher number of incoming  links for that page means that " the site " commands a leadership position in its niche and a gold standard  as compared to just any other site 4 -14 inbound links

 No Follow Links Be aware of "no follow" links. A" no follow" link means that google will not consider your "inbound  links  to pass on the link juice as  as the webmaster has instructed  crawlers   not to   treat the link as authoritative ,by using rel +"no follow"

February 7, 2016

how to determine your conversion rate for paid ads

A  common misconception is that conversion is the amount of users who have successfully purchases something from your site. However this is not true
For example for a b2b company, a conversion would be the number of users downloading a pdf, white paper or a infographic.For a  job site,, it would probably be users who applied for aspecific job.

Here are some tips you  can use for  use for understanding and determining conversion for  a particular keyword

1)Search demand volume:Google Keyword tool, Wordstream  conversion research tool, SEMrush keyword volume,Bing webmaster tool  and Google insight tools are   quite good and gives you an  estimate  for both short tail and long tail keywords.

2)Paid Search Competitors :Number of paid search competitors across your keywords helps you analyse where your competitor stands on the similar keywords
Keywordspy and spyfu  are great tools to understand keyword volume and how much has been your traffic share.

3) Bid Prices for your group of keywords :  some sites which can help you find the bid prices for your keywords are 1)SERPSTAT 2)ADCLARITY 3)KEYWORD BEE

4) Number of search results for your keyword: For knowing this you can use operators like exact search, or the :allintitle and "allinurl" to determine total search results.

top 5 free keywords research tools which you are yet to know

" the top 10 free resources for researching keyword  tools"
1a)WORDSTREAM  KEYWORD SUGGESTION TOOL" basic tool for generating keywords suggestion along with search volume metrics

1b)WORDSTREAN KEYWORD NICHE FINDER :useful for building keywords  for a new list of niche content which you want to optimize

2.)QUINTURA : provides interactive keyword data in the form of a cloud. Along with a tag cloud also sits a traditional SERP pages. This visual tool can give you some great keywords along with phrases which you might have overlooked . Just watch the tag cloud, change its shape as it automatically changes its shape, with the most relevant keywords, grow bigger while the long tail grows smaller.

3.)GOOGLE SUGGEST ; you might be already familiar with this tool along with google keywords inventory research tool.

4.)SOOVLE : shows real time search terms as you search them,this is ordered by their popularity of keywords. This is a one stop destination that polls, amazon, bing, wikipedia and and pulls out all relevant keywords, which most sites tend to overlook, refreshed dynamically each time you pause during typing. This keyword tool helps you to tap into 7 top researches at once

5.)YOUTUBE SUGGEST; in case you are interested to find out search terms for video optimization, this is the site to go. As you start to type keywords, it sharts showing the most popular keywords instantly

6.)SEMRUSH ; one of the most popular tools that help you narrow your keyword and extract the most popular and shows you the long tail keywords as well

7)KEYWORD SPY : one of the best tool to research  know your competitors keywords, including how much they have been spending on paid as well as organic searches besides giving you a ranking of your competitors as well as  your own keywords. It has a paid version and a free version .

8)SPYFU :This is one of the competitors of keyword spy and an excellent resource to understand you competitors seo optimization  and where they rank. It allows you to run a check on popular keywords and provides insights on how much your competitors are spending on the paid ads

July 7, 2015

March 23, 2015

Google's biggest search advertisers and money making machines : Top 10 Brands

Infographic: The Biggest Google Search Advertisers in the U.S. | Statista

According to  Ad Age, Amazon alone spent almost $158 million on Google search advertising in the U.S.   making the online retailer the biggest spender on Google search ads by far. The second biggest advertiser is Priceline which spends $82million on search advertising on Google, followed by AT and T with $81million

November 12, 2013

US Merchants, advertising online see 17% jump in revenues,, dominated by paid search

Online merchants search traffic and how it impacts online revenue

US merchants see double digit revenue from paid search

The online merchants who comprise the MarketLive Performance Index are enjoying the rewards of their greater investments in paid search, 
according to a new MarketLive report.

Web sales in US in Q3  grew 17.2% year over year for the more than 100 retailer clients included in e-commerce according to( MarketLive Inc.’s Performance Index.)

During the first half of this year (H1), paid search accounted for 32% of all their search visits, up from 26% during the first half of 2012. Paid search traffic continued to be more valuable than organic search traffic, with the former accounting for an outsized 44% of revenues from search.Traffic to retailer sites included in the Index increased 15.7%, and the average order size reached $141.68, up 1.5% from $139.53 during Q3 2012. E-retailers that operate on MarketLive’s e-commerce platform include A/X Armani Exchange, No. 308 in Internet Retailer’s Top 500 Guide; Party City Corp., No. 230; and Title Nine, No. 337.

 Organic search traffic dropped 5.04% year over year and now accounts for 62.4% of search traffic, down from 65.7% in Q3 2012. Paid search traffic increased 9.64% and now accounts for 37.6% of search traffic, up from 34.3% in Q3 2012.

October 25, 2013

Google Tweaking its paid search Ad Units as CPC Declines

Google is  naturally looking for More paid real estate  and has been tweaking its " Ad Unit lately "as that would help advertisers and publishers in terms of getting the best bang of their digital budgets

October 16, 2013

Paid Search CTR Trends Google vs Bing

August 30, 2013

Mobile Web Ads vs Banner Ads : How will this Impact your Brand

The Mobile is truly becoming mainstream, and is emerging as the most cost effective  distribution channel for Brands and Marketers alike .After 5 years of explosive  and unprecedented growth, The writing is truly on the wall." Brands and Marketers are realizing that "Mobile Marketing is not only the new mantra, but  a very cost effective distribution channel... So what does that actually mean.. Are the Traditional Banner ads across your Desktop and PC become extinct  after some years .. ?  

There is no right and wrong answer to this,but statistics by searchengineland show that 22% of the ad clickthroughs are coming from the Mobile and Smartphone Device. For paid search  Mobile web CTR has seen a huge jump , along with higher  CPC  rates . Overall the results indicate the shares of smartphone and tablet generated impressions  is only set to grow by double digits

However,This does not mean that your PC and Desktop needs to be junked . The Research  shows  that Desktop /PC Powered searches remained almost level . What this suggests  that the market for  Search has  grown bigger, and will continue to see healthy growth, and most importantly this increase is not coming at the cost of  Desktop search, but new users are gravitating towards Mobile Search Ads

June 13, 2013

Global Online search ad spend rose 15% in Q1 2013


Online search | eMarketer: "Investment in search is expected to increase: eMarketer estimates $17.6 billion will be spent on search this year, a number that will rise to $24.5 billion by 2016, with mobile search advertising accounting for an ever-larger share."

Meanwhile Global search ad spend rose 15% in Q1 2013 versus the previous year, according to the Kenshoo Global Search Advertising Trends report released today. That rise in spend was driven largely by a 62% increase in click-through rates and a 21% increase in clicks year-over-year.

June 12, 2013

May 5, 2013

The State of Paid Search Across Devices : PC vs Smartphones

'search marketing' | "The Search Agency has released an analysis of paid search trends in the US in Q1 2013 across devices and verticals. 

paid search across the  B2B vertical, grew by 27.2% year-over-year, while clicks stayed flat

On a quarter-over-quarter basis, impressions were up 35.5% and clicks up 15.6%. The data also reveals that while click-through rates grew by 16% year-over-year on average for all industries (to 3.15%), B2B companies saw a 21.6% drop (to 2.07%). And as click rates dropped, costs trended upwards, with average cost-per-click (CPC) for B2B advertisers up 43.4% (to $2.20), compared with a more moderate 8.6% rise among all advertisers (to $0.76)."

  • Google spending grew by 17%, though that trailed Bing’s increase of 42%.
  • 21.6% of search budgets went to smartphones (11.6%) and tablets (10%), up 59% year-over-year, a trend consistent with every other report on paid search. Overall, spending on smartphones grew by 68%, and on tablets by 135%.
  • Smartphone impressions rose by 96% year-over-year, and tablet impressions by 74%. Smartphone clicks were up 86% and tablet clicks 98%.

February 26, 2013

Top 5 Websites who own 20% Of All Search Result Clicks

These Five Websites Captured 20% Of All Search Result Clicks:  How much  traffic does a big brand gets from Google.? Does being bigger in size , helps  getting Indexed in Google Faster ? than a brand that is not well known ? Ideally the answer should be No.. However in Reality being Big does makes it easier to get a   good SERP ( search engine result pages )at Google

 Bigger the brand, chances of it being linked back is higher, increase of incoming links , helps in the off page Optimization, with more  links, comes greater traffic, and more backward links , which is a vicious cycle.. This is not a trend across Search Marketing but in Brick and Mortar stores too. Staples  gets more users as compared to you street side shop, Walmart gets more walk ins that the Pop and Mom stores..

Across the web these 5 websites control 20% search Results click through rates

Once in every five times that someone clicks a search result, it goes to one of five websites: Facebook, YouTube, Yahoo, Wikipedia or Amazon.

The remaining 80 percent of search traffic is where all  other brands compete often between themselves and in the process increasing the Cost per Click  ..

Going further, the top 500 websites received almost 50 percent of all clicks from search results, and the top 10,000 websites got almost 75 percent of all search clicks.

All of this is according to the 2013 Digital Marketer Report from Experian Marketing Services (Hitwise).

The company says that those five sites I listed above combined to get 20.07 percent of all clicks from US search engines — Google, Bing, etc. — in Q4 of 2012. Facebook got the most clicks at about 8.5 percent, with the others declining to Amazon’s 1.4 percent