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August 27, 2015

the most popular online lead generation automation tool for IT enterprises

 Most Popular eMarketing lead generation  Automation Software Solutions"


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The  list above show the most popular automation and leadfollowing emarketing lead generation marketing automation software's are among the most popular among IT Enterprises. Marketing automation lead generation software's provides a single dashboard tool where  marketers can plan and track campaigns, set up their target consumer and audience profile and filter their end result lead generation activity depending on their objectivity in an integrated way without having to use multiple  softwares or exporting third party data  to find the ROI or efficacy of their online marketing campaigns 

In terms of most popular marketing and lead gen automation tool based on the number of users are INFUSIONSOFT, HUBSPOT and TERADATA apimo. In terms of social media folliwung HUBSPOT, MARKETO and SIMPLYCAST  lead the number 1 to 3 rank 

August 26, 2015

The list of VC funding behind moocs ( massive online open courses ) start up Coursera

List  of VC funding and equity Investment in online open education Course start up   "Coursera"

" Coursera increasing its online courses big time after new VC funding "

List of Venture Capital Funding in the  massive Open Online  Course (MOOC) Coursera. SO far it has managed to generate more than $135million from 5 rounds of Funding  Deals

With a  $49.5 million Series C funding round , well known  open  massive online course start up ( MOOC) online learning start up which conducts open online courses  Coursera,  concluded its  5th found of VC funding  which  saw VC deals from  Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and International Finance Corporation. Times Internet Limited (TIL), which owns the Times of India and other media properties, also participated in this

Coursera  also recently  announced   that it expects a second closing of this round that will bringits total funding to  $60 million. GSV Asset Management and Learn Capital are expected to  will participate in this second closing

As of today Coursera conducts 1,100 courses to almost 15 million users.Coursera enables users to advance their career, mid career or advance skills,as professionals or just for the sake of knowing and enjoying new thing to learn .Coursera's huge chunk of its users come from China ( with 1 million users ) followed by India and then 30% users from the countries of Latin America As of July, 2015, Coursera had more than 1000 courses from 119 institutions and 13 million users from 190 countriess,

July 5, 2015

10 ereaders tried tested and reviewed at " our test centres"

" the war over the ereaders from our test centres"

" portability,reading size, anti glare screen these are few things we miss"
the extent of portability will be the biggest differential among all ereaders"
" ereader testing centre: we pick  the best"

The top 10 ereaders were reviewed and compared by  and among the ebook that were reviewed were 1)NOOK  2)GlowLight 3)  Kobo Aura H2O 4)Kindle Paperwhite  5)Kobo Aura 6)Kobo Glo 7)Kindle 8)ECTACO  9)jetBook Color 2  10)Onyx Boox M96

June 16, 2015

Nokia 920 : 5 things you dint know about this phone

5 things you dint know about the Nokia 920 Phone

1)The cameras of Nokia 920  front and side buttons are made from an incredibly hard substance called zirconium. Both are scratch and dirt resistant.

2)The Lumia 920 uses floating lens technology, which means less camera shake and eventually the better quality of the picture it takes'

3)The Lumia 920  is a  Dual-LED flash, means the light on the subject illuminates better, and its evenly distributed all round. Consider a surround sound system.. which essential ensures that the sound gets distributed through out.

4)Nokia Lumia directly enables all images to save  across Microsoft photo app SkyDrive , thereby  you can show them now on any web enabled tablet, laptop or PC. Additionally it offers you based on your choice when you can upload these pics, during charging the device or during wi fi.This can save your bandwidth and battery as well.

5)The Lumia 920 also makes it easier to save info from the web, by giving you the option to take screenshots. Simultaneously press the power key and Windows key and your Lumia will take a screenshot of your display and save it in the gallery.

June 3, 2015

reviewing the best eCommerce store mgmt solutions :infographic

Review of Top 10 eCommerce Software"

Capterra's review of the top 20 most popular  eCommerce  store automation products   ranks the most popular lists of cloud based eCommerce  automation. These have been ranked and reviewed  based on (a) number of customer,  (b)size of their business, SMB or  Enterprise) along with the social media standing.

Based on the above factors  Magneto, Squarespace and Prestashop rank among the top 3  with Weebly,Shopify and volution  taking the 3rd, 4th and 5th rank respectively Finally the 6th to 10th rank is taken by Opencart, IBM Websphere, Bigcommerce and Sellerdeck

May 28, 2015

Gaming laptop Review The ASUS ROG G750JX


The ASUS republic of gamers  G750JX   is  an absolute amazing  of hardware  that money can buy and it came out in front of the Alienware 17 by a  very close margin .This 17inch gaming behemoth isnt' quite  as spectacular as the alienware in terms of looks and glam factor  but its very well built piece of hardware and  has some impressive  configurations

A quadcore intel core i 7 -47000MQ chip , 16GH Ram  1.5TB HDD and NVIDIA GTX 770M( 3GB  GDDR5 VRam that conquers  any latest game with  rapid ease

Despite sporting identically battery capacity and ASUS  gaming laptop lasted about 23 mins above alienware  17 in our  synthetic benchmark carried out at identically settings.And in  slightly superior GPU that AUSU  G750JX  sports  definitely helps in  gaining an edge over the alienware 17.

 Besides the obvious gaming firepower the G750JX has a nice wide black light  a keyboard deck and  slightly larger  touchpad area as compared to Alienware. The AudioVideo visual performance and machine while watching HD 1080 rips or blue ray movies was top notch
 Whats more this machine is  3D ready letting you watch stereoscopic game or movies with a bundled pair of glasses and gaming headset 

Amazon ;$1,299.99

Best Buy : $1849

Amazon India : 82,900

Product review : Logitech K760 wireless solar keyboard

"logitech K760 solar keyboard"

"logitech K760 solar  wireless keyboard"

 Logitech K760  wireless solar keyboard 

For those who lives on the Mac and iOS side of the technology, here is  something which you  could consider buying with your eyes closed. Besides getting one for yourself ,This  should be  a gift which you should consider for your friends and family who shares with you the apple ecosystem. You will fall in love with this keyboard so much that this  that you would not even thinking of replacing  and perhaps this  could  be the last  keyboard you would have ever purchased  

Powered with solar and indoor lights, forget charging this device unless you are left in a dark room for over 3 months. The Logitech k670 wireless solar keyboard works perfectly with MAC and iOS powered iPhone, iPod and ipad’s . It pairs without hitch up to 3 devices seamlessly and simultaneously.

product review : media player dune hd tv 101

" reviewing Dune HD TV101"

Bottomline : The DUNE HDTV 101 is a good player but considering there are  more affordable alternatives in the market, its on the higher price point

Dune HD TV 101 is a compact media player which lacks an internal power supply or a hard disk.What  differentiates it from other media players are that there  are no buttons in the panel .
Similarly it has no direct card slots and single USBs slot at the front .You get an Ethernet port an HDMI output and a 3.5mm composite video and analogue street output

 The little wonder box supports all types of video and audio formats. Powered by Sigma Designs 8670/8671 processors and 256 MB  RAM the player is fast and featured loaded . It has a built in bit torrent client for download movies and music . You get a remote control to operate the HF TV101 this is the only interface to the device . However  the remote is rather small , and its cumbersome if you want to handle it for long time ( like typing using the virtual keyboard

 This player starts up and accessories media files from connected disk quickly . It also reads UPnP files as well as other shared folders on the network. The picture quality of the high quality Rips was stuning , and the audio quality was pristine .