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May 9, 2017

latest data on home foreclosure in the united states

The above chart shows the latest trends on home foreclosure in the united states.Ten years after an explosion of home foreclosures plunged the US into a sharp economic recession, Maine is still in recovery mode and lagging behind many other states. Nationwide, the report shows foreclosure filings – defined as default notices, scheduled auctions and bank repossessions – were reported on 234,500 U.S. properties in the first quarter of 2017, down 19% from a year earlier to the lowest level since the third quarter of 2006. In contrast, nearly half of the 216 U.S. metropolitan areas examined in the report had first-quarter foreclosure activity that was below pre-recession levels.
"home foreclosure across United states"

But in Maine, it’s a different story. Foreclosure activity statewide remained up nearly 7,500 percent in 2016 compared with 2006, the last full year before the housing crisis began. There were 3,779 Maine properties in 2016 with at least one foreclosure filing, down 37 percent from Maine’s peak foreclosure year of 2013, when 6,037 properties in the state had at least one foreclosure filing.There were 3,779 Maine properties in 2016 with at least one foreclosure filing, down 37 percent from Maine’s peak foreclosure year of 2013, when 6,037 properties in the state had at least one foreclosure filing. In 2006, that number was just 50, according to Attom Data and RealtyTrac.However Maine’s foreclosure activity peaked one to two years after the national average, primarily because of Maine’s lengthy judicial foreclosure proces

December 23, 2016

London's costliest and the most elitist neighborhood compared

Here are the list of London's most costliest and elitist neighborhood streets compared by their net worth in terms of prices of property.If you ever wanted to live in these london neighborhood, you have to shell out in excess of more than 5 million pounds a year. From Highest to lowest here are what the most expensive streets across London neighborhood  they are worth.Meanwhile asking prices for properties in the UK will rise by 2% in 2017, although sellers in inner London will be asking less as the bubble “continues to deflate”, according property website Rightmove.
Sellers entering the market over the past month have priced properties 2.1% lower than those putting homes up for sale the previous month, at an average of £299,159, but Rightmove said it expected next year to be a seventh consecutive year of rising prices.

Separate figures from estate agency Countrywide show that rents in London fell by 0.7% in the 12 months to November, the biggest annual fall since October 2010. Although rents in Greater London are still much higher than in the rest of Britain, averaging £1,298 a month against £809, Countrywide said the gap had reduced since 2015, from 62% to 60%. 

Top 20 most expensive neighborhood  streets across London 

  1. Eaton Square, Westminster, London - £16.94m 
  2. Grosvenor Crescent, Westminster, London - £16,91m
  3.  Ilchester Place, Kensington, London - £16.02m 
  4. Lansdowne Road, Kensington - £12.8m 
  5. Chester Square, Westminster, London - £12.5m 
  6. Lansdowne Crescent, Kensington, London - £10.8m 
  7. Kensington Road, Kensington, London - £10.1m
  8.  Camp End Road, Weybridge, South East - £5.1m 
  9. Cavendish Road, Weybridge, South East - £4.7m 
  10. Panorama Road, Poole, South West - £4.6m 
  11. East Road, Weybridge, South East - £4.5m 
  12. Queens Drive, Leatherhead, South East - £4.4m 
  13. Coombe Park, Kingston Upon Thames, London - £4.39m 
  14. West Road, Weybridge, South East - £4.37m 
  15. Crick Road, Oxford, South East - £4m
  16.  Leys Road, Oxshott, South East - £3.68m 
  17. The Green, Richmond upon Thames, London - £3.65m 
  18. Ham Common, Richmond upon Thames, London - £3.60m 
  19. Spicers Field, Oxshott, South East - £3.52m 
  20. Princes Drive, Oxshott, South East - £3.5m 

10 cities in britain with the highest rental property prices

"rental real estate prices in britain"
List of Cities in Britain that are most expensive when it comes to rental properties

Britain's most expensive address with highest rental prices
  • London: Eaton Square, Westminster - £16,944,000 
  • South East: Camp End Road, Weybridge - £5,164,000 
  • South West: Panorama Road, Poole - £4,618,000 
  • North West: Park Lane, Altrincham - £2,059,000 
  • East: Storeys Way, Cambridge - £1,914,000 
  • West Midlands: Farquhar Road, Birmingham - £1,434,000 
  • Yorkshire and the Humber: Ling Lane, Leeds - £1,319,000 
  • East Midlands: Warren Hill, Leicester - £1,288,000 
  • North East: Runnymede Road, Newcastle Upon Tyne - £1,103,000 
  • Scotland: The Scores, St Andrews - £2,179,000 
  • Wales: Llys Helyg Drive, Llandudno - £1,064,000.
    Forecasters at the Royal Chartered Institute of Surveyors are predicting a 3% typical price rise for houses next year, in spite of Brexit uncertainties. The Nationwide Building Society is more cautious, estimating prices will grow at 2%, fuelled by continuing low interest rates.

britain's most expensive streets with highest real estate prices

"britain's most expensive  streets with highest real estate prices "

London's Eaton Square has been named the most expensive place to buy property in Britain, with a average real estate price of a home costing an average of nearly £17m. The Belgravia address tops a list that shows every English region now contains "million pound" streets.Eaton Square,in London's  is the most expensive street in England and Wales, with the highest real estate price, with average price of £16,944,000, according to the annual survey by Lloyds Bank.Eaton Square made it to the top of the property stack based on recorded land registry prices. Built in the 19th Century around a private garden, it features stucco white facades and is handy for Knightsbridge and Chelsea. 

The Eaton square has been home to famous faces such as prime minister Margaret Thatcher,, and James Bond actors Sean Connery and Roger Moore lending a touch of 007 glamour.Built by the Grosvenor family in the 19th century, Eaton Square features grand homes and apartments featuring Grade II-listed white stucco facades.A £55m seven bedroom terrace, complete with a winter garden and retractable glass ceiling, on Eaton Square was the most-viewed home for online property website Rightmove in 2016.It overlooks 2.5 hectares of private garden square - with many properties selling for far more than the £16,944,000 average. 

Outside of London, the most expensive streets include Panorama Road, in the Sandbanks area of Poole, with an average price of £4,618,000 and Crick Road, in Central North Oxford, at £4,049,000. Research by Lloyds Bank also shows the most expensive street in Wales is Llandudno's Llys Helyg Drive, with an average property price of £1.064m. The Scores, St Andrews, tops Scotland's list with an average of almost £2.2m.

November 29, 2016

the frothiness of american housing market explained in 2 interactive charts

"the frothiness of american housing market  explained in 2 interactive  charts"


"state of the unites states housing charts in 3 charts"


The latest data from economist explains, the state of frothiness and uncertainty of US Housing market. Despite efforts to fix the American housing mortgage market, housing in the United States still remains a dangerous in terms of disrupting the world economy.As property prices in the united states  underpinned by low interest rates, forge ahead,however on average, American home prices have recovered nearly all their losses from the 2006 crash, but when adjusted for inflation they are still 20% below the 2006 peak. explains the chart.

.Also the construction of new homes remains lukewarm.The rate at which homebuilders are constructing new single family homes remains quite depressed, despite steadily increasing demand. Those in the business have argued that demand and supply-side factors, like increased regulation & ashort supply of skilled labor as reasons they have been slow to meet demand.The Homes Being Built are Mostly for the High End of the US Housing Market.

Another roadblock for prospective home owners is that "lack of credit".This also means that The lack of credit available for new homebuyers has forced more and more homeowners into the rental market, driving up rents and put further pressure on already strained middle-class budgets.The mean modal age in America is 26, and this echo-boom generation has yet to settle down and seriously consider home buying and home ownership. Analysts hope that this new demographic wave will provide a jolt and a shot in the arm to the  the housing sector back into pre-bubble normalcy

To gauge the frothiness of America’s housing market, The Economist looks at two measures of affordability:1) The ratio of price to income and 2) price to rent. Encouragingly, across America prices appear to be at fair value when compared to their long-run averages. Yet in some cities, such as San Francisco, affordability looks stretched when compared against income—prices in the City by the Bay are 40% above their long-run average when compared to income. Theory suggests that they should eventually fall back down to earth.

November 22, 2016

state of dubai real estate market: top 5 trends


DUBAI REAL ESTATE MARKET TRENDS FOR :2016 Dubai apartment market has shown a slight quarterly improvement in values, up 0.1% while the villa market saw values marginally decline by 0.2% 

 The median apartment value in March was AED 14,198 per sq m (AED 1,319 per sq ft) and for villas was AED 14,650 per sq m (AED 1,361 per sq ft) 

 Compared to the previous quarter, three locations saw appreciation in values, Motor City having the highest improvement of 1.5%, while Dubai Production City (formerly known as IMPZ) and The Greens saw an increase of just 0.7% 

With the exception of International City which fell by 1% in value, all other apartment locations witnessed no drop in values 

Villas in Arabian Ranches saw values dip by 0.9%, Jumeirah Islands and The Meadows saw marginal negative changes while all other villa locations monitored by the VPI remained stable

November 16, 2016

3 ways to create content for real estate lead generation

Content stickiness for your real estate website : How science of content creating can help increase the number of leads for your real estate website. Content creation  starts with your audience. What kind of people are you targeting at. Are you looking for first time buyers? Are you looking for repeat buyers? The above infographic shows the demographic profiles  of users who you are targeting. Each segment has a specific requirement, each  of these users are looking for something. How are you geared to provide content based on their profiles ? The infographic takes a look at the these factors. Real Estate buying made simpler with content planning 

February 20, 2016

santa barbara real estate median sales price in 2016


At $537,250, Santa Barbara County homes have the ninth-highest median sale price of all counties in California. With a 1-year price forecast of 6.30%, home values in Santa Barbara County are expected to have one of the lowest appreciation rates compared to counties in California, where prices are expected to rise 9.32% on average

January 18, 2016

healthcare, technology and real estate sectors saw the bigger merger deals in 2015

"top 3 sectors which saw the biggest mergers and deals last year"

The three sectors which saw the biggest deal making including mergers in the year 2015

January 13, 2016

average cost of renting an apartment across united states


"real estate prices in rental apartments showing sluggish growth"


The cost of renting an apartment in the US is showing signs of  sluggish growth

The above chart shows the cost of renting an apartment in the united states compared since 2007 onwards. While vacancy rates  slowed signs of  coming down, the average rental costs  has remained  constant, with very little upward movement
In 2011 the average rent for an apartment  was $1011, in 2012 it grew to a  mere $1050, less than 5% growth.
 In 2014  average rental costs in US  was at $1127 and  grew   less that 4%   compared to 2013
In 2015 this grew to $1179 , a growth of 4.6% compared to 2014.

One of the reasons why this is happening is the demand supply gap.. while there is a growing inventory of  apartments.. for users to choose from.. The number of users  among them has not increased in the same way the " supply side" apartments" have grown

October 26, 2015

santa clara real estate foreclosure rates

At $826,000, Santa Clara County homes have the fourth-highest median sale price of all counties in California. Home values in Santa Clara County are expected to grow at 9.76%, which is on par with the rest of the counties in California, where prices are expected to rise 9.73% on average.

Home values in Santa Clara County are projected to rise by 9.8% over the coming year. With slowing down of the real estate market ,growth  too would be affected  as this forecasted growth is less than the 13.6% increase seen over the past 12 months.

 The Home Price Index (HPI) is a model designed to measure the relative change in average home prices within a given area over time. The forecasted HPI is solely an estimate and should not be viewed as a guaranteed predictor of future market condition

August 24, 2015

3 industries that are leading real estate office space boom in London

"infographic on real estate office space boom in London"

The industries that are leading Real estate Office boom in London

The latest Deloitte survey on  the growth of office space real estate in London shows that corporations continue to invest on real estate office space in a big way.
  1. The latest estimates show that   London office space construction is up by 24% in the last 6 months  with more than 9.5million square feet of prime office rental space under construction
  2. Office space real estate  in London increased by 6.3million sq feet in 2014 a ten year high since 2005
  3. 50% of real estate office space boom in London is led by the TMT industry Technology, Media and Telecommunications industry

In 2012, Tech, media and telco made up 12% of real estate occupancy in London for the first three quarters

Which is a better investment : luxury resorts vs real estate

Luxury Defined: Average number of days a luxury property spent on the market (as of December 31, 2014) (via Christie's International Real Estate).

The most expensive luxury Investments:Real Estates vs Resort Estates 

Which would be a better Investment ?Investing in  a real estate property  in New York, London, Berlin or any other financial capital of the world , versus investing  in a real estate property in the  metropolitan or a suburb. 

Does  investing in an upmarket resort hotels for a weekend getaway close to the  city be better than a heritage resort  with a high proximity to a  historical and  tourist destination ?The below infographic compares the price points for knowing which would be a better investment

"The cost of luxury   across primary markets and resorts markets"
The cost of luxury   across primary markets and resorts markets
Luxury Defined: The entry price for luxury homes varies greatly by market, from $750,000 in Durban, South Africa, to $8 million in Beverley Hills. (via Christie's International Real Estate).

June 20, 2015

real estate construction solution : most rated 10 software solutions

most popular 10 Construction Management Softwares rated by users

The list shows the  most populal real estate construction softwares solutions . The rates has been done across 4 areas 1) the number of customers the software has been installed 2) The size of the client installations  3) social media following 4) Pure satisfaction rating and reviews by users
Newforma ,Viewpoint  and RIBMC2 ranks among the first 3 real estate construction software solutions  

June 16, 2015

zillow and among the highest trafficked online real estate sites in US

" real estate marketshare  in US"

Real estates website with highest unique visitors in the month of may 2015. This refers to numbers that only measures browser-based visits across personal computers, tablets and mobile phones, excluding in-application browser use. Data is from Experian Hitwise, Realtor and  Trulia  control over 40%  real estate marketshare with Zillow leading with 22% visitors followed by 10,4% from and Trulia with 8.5%

May 15, 2015

May 13, 2015

its bangalore and not mumbai where the Indian real estate growth story being constructed

" the cities where the indian real estate  boom stories are being built"
In 2014 alone, Bengaluru saw 50% more completed projects, compared to 2013. And with almost 500 new projects in 2014, Bengaluru accounted for 20% of the total number of new projects launched in India’s top 14 cities. 

A recent survey by property data company, PropEquity, based on details of 21,000 projects across 14 cities( Delhi was excluded due to the sporadic and insignificant of new homes) has found that the southern Indian city of BANGALORE is now the country’s leading real estate destination, beating Mumbai, Pune, Thane, Noida and Chennai, which were ahead of it six years ago.

Mumbai, which was ranked the most attractive market in 2009, saw a fall of seven notches, and now stands eighth. Bangalore takes the no 1 spot of the most. The survey by propequity shows that Bangalore is the city where the Indian real estate boom story is being constructed

April 22, 2015

how world cities rank of eal estate prices in 2015

Infographic: The Cities With The Highest Luxury Property Prices | Statista


A Recent report by Knight Frank, compares global  apartment prices and ranks cites based on apartment prices in 2015. According to this ranking 1) Monaco ranks number  having the most  expensive property prices. Hong Kong and London ranks 2nd and 3rd as being among  the most expensive property prices. Buying a real estate upwards  for a million US dollars is likely to fetch you a mere 17 meters of real estate in Monaco, 20 square meters of space in London.. and 34 sq metres of space in New york. ranked 4th, 5th and  6th are  NY, Singapore and  Switzerland.
The bottom of the list where you can set up an office quite cheap as compared to  the others are 1) LA, Miami and Beijing..  Remember these data are all comparative and exists at the time of publication

March 5, 2015

With a Million Dollar Budget : Top 5 Real Estate Deals

US  Real estate prices

Geographic factors that Impact Real estate  Prices Across US

How much of real estate can your money buy you across the United States.Based on the data  taken from  housing data, real estate  and brokerage marketplace sites like Movato and Zillow The infographic shows  in which cities you can  buy  how much square  feet  of housing  for  a million bucks , based on the median price per foot across the  20 US cities. 

Option 1  Whether you choose to live  in  San Francisco in a 1500  square feet  Apartment , which is America's costliest neighbourhood at  a median price of $666 per square foot  .. for which you will be paying  a million dollars  

Option 2 :  You might want to be  living it up  at Sin City , Las Vegas  where you can afford to have 9259 square foot of concrete, with tennis courts and swimming pool  for a million dollars

Optin 3 :   You can own a 83,000  square foot of palatial  Villa at Detroit Michigan one of the cheapest cities to live in with  $12 per square foot .

March 1, 2015

Real Estate Valuations in California's Bay Area falls by whopping 14% as Central Valley records 8% growth

Real  estate market in California

The Fall in California's Bay Area Real Estate Housing Market

  • The san Francisco's Bay Area median price of single family homes  increased $669,950 ,a  6% increase corresponding to  same time last year 
  • Meanwhile sales in  Bay Area fell by a whopping 14% compared to last year .While the median value of central valley region by 8%to 242,270T
  • Meanwhile southern California saw a 3.8% growth , to median price of $ 420,700