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May 12, 2015

Twitter's Q1 loss at $162million , has already burned $1.25 billion since it went public

"Twitter q1,2015 loss estimated at  162million"
 2 years after going public Twitter continues to bleed and loose money. It  lost $162 million despite bringing in $436 million in revenue. Since its IPO in late 2013, it has lost a cumulative $1.25 billion over six quarters.

Facebook too went through the same phase  and did not make  profit it the first  few quarters .however 6  quarters into   its IPO ,Facebook generated almost $1 billion in cumulative profit. Now, some three years after going public, it has made almost $5 billion.

February 28, 2015

Twitter Ad revenue jumops by 97% to $432million,10% revenue from promoted tweets

Twitetr business model and financial results
Twitter  Q4,2014 data  showed the the company has managed to increase its revenue to $479 million, up 97% year-over-year, However  its showed a Q4 net loss of $125 million
Here are the top 4 takeways from Twitter Business Model and how its trying to ramp and scale up its revenue.
  • Average Monthly Active Users (MAUs) were 288 million for the fourth quarter 
  • Advertising revenue totaled $432 million, an increase of 97% year-over-year.
  • Mobile users accounted for 80% of Active monthly users
  •  romoted Trends generated less than 10 percent of the company’s revenue in the three months ended June 30, 2013.


February 8, 2015

WhatsApp Revenue grows three fold to $10.21million from $3.82USD

WhatsApp revenue comparing 2012 vs 2013
n the fiscal year 2013, the WhatsApp's revenue amounted to 10.21 million U.S. dollars, up from 3.82 million U.S. dollars in the previous year. 


Revenue per user across top 3 Social Network : Facebook vs Linkedin

Statistic: Value per active user of selected social networks as of February 2014, based on market cap or acquisition price (in U.S. dollars) | Statista
Find more statistics at Statista

The chart shows revenue per users  across social networks : It compares Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and WhatsApp  based on their market cap
 Facebook generates the highest revenue from its users with  a valuation of 142USD for a user 
This is how it stands

Facebook :142 USD

Linkedin:   85 USD
Twitter :    84 USD
WhatsApp: 42USD 

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August 19, 2014

Top 10 radio advertisers :The Highest revenue generating categories

Though Radio revenues fell by 3% year-over-year in Q2  this year as gains in digital (+9%) and off-air (+13%) were unable to offset a 5% decline in spot revenues,  While many of Radio’s top categories saw slightly diminished Spot spending in Q2,  a few categories saw small increases as well.
Ranked and  measured in  on dollar volumeThe only two top categories to increase spot spending for the quarter were Healthcare +1% and Professional services +3%
radio advertising :  winners and losers

 “The list  of Top 10” list  of  product  categories across Radio  that generates biggest revenues to  Radio and  consistently maintain a majority share of voice on Radio’s airwaves

January 6, 2013

September 7, 2012

Microsoft Products Contributing the Most Revenue in 2012

The Server and Tools division generated more revenue than the Windows division in the last fiscal year.

The Windows division is still much more profitable, earning $11.5 billion compared versus $7.4 billion for Servers & Tools. And one of the reasons Windows generated less revenue than Server & Tools is that Windows 7 is at the end of its run.

Server and Tools is the division that sells server versions of Windows, database software, Azure cloud services, software-development tools, system-management products and enterprise services.While the U.S. smartphone population has more than doubled in size over the past two years, the population of Microsoft phone owners has declined.

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September 1, 2012

Steve Jobs Turnaround at Apple Depicted in Charts

Dan Dummer has charted out a great  Post showing Apple Financial performance under Steve Jobs  at  Splatf goes without saying that Steve Jobs’ effect on Apple was profound. You don’t call a guy the best corporate leader in history for nothing. But just how dramatically did Steve turn Apple around in the 14 years after Gil Amelio got the boot?  The chart shows exactly that 
Based on this comparison of Apple’s 10-Q report from the June quarter of 1997 — right before Jobs started to increase his role at Apple — and Apple’s most recent quarterly results, it’s pretty amazing

image source : Splatf

May 24, 2012

10 startups to watch from Y Combinator's Demo Day

10 startups to watch from Y Combinator’s Demo Day — Tech News and Analysis:

PlanGrid is the example of a startup applying new technology to an industry that has been more or less stuck in the Stone Age: It offers a platform that will allow people in the construction industry to share blueprints without having to invest in printing and re-printing plans over and over again. With an average charge of $35 per person per month, that has the potential to translation into a $7 billion addressable market.
It seems like everyone loves Microsoft Kinect, which has brought gesture control mainstream. The problem is that in order to use it, you need a dedicated piece of hardware.Flutter changes that by enabling users to control their computers with the same type of gestures using nothing more than the PC’s webcam. While Kinect has sold 18 million units, Flutter says its addressable market is the 5 billion computers with webcams: that’s a huge number.
Sonalight solves a pretty big problem for mobile users — it gives them the power to do hands-free voice control of their phones. The big pitch is being able to send a text message without even having to take the phone out of a user’s pocket, which it says will save lives. While texting is the first use case, Sonalight could also enable hands-free email, maps, navigation and search, and could provide tech to be used for Siri-like control of your TV.
Crowdtilt is attempting to tackle what is a pretty common problem — how to pool funds between groups of friends.. The company is growing 21 percent week over week — and that’s in the amount of money it’s processing, not the number of users that have signed up. So far it’s processed more than $400,000, with 34 percent of users coming back more than once.
Kyte’s pitch is to parents whose children are chomping at the bit to own a smartphone, but who don’t want those kids to be able to access the open Internet or any type of apps that aren’t age appropriate. The Kyte app solves that by turning any Android phone into a kid’s phone, one that can only make calls and access apps that parents have approved. The app charges about $10 a month and based on a population of around 50 million kids in the U.S., gives it an addressable market of $6 billion a year.

April 7, 2012

Apple Supplier Hints at iPhone 5 Release in June, 2012

Foxconn Hints at IPhone 5 Release in June : "Foxconn is in the process of massive scaling of their operations to  prepare its staff to prepare for the iPhone 5, suggesting the device may hit stores sooner than analysts think.

The Chinese factory plans to hire 18,000 new employees to produce Apple's new handset, according to TV-Tokyo. The station interviewed a Foxconn recruiter who said the workers will be focusing on the new iPhone, which he expected will launch in June."More than one sources indicate that Apple's supplier, Foxconn is looking to scale up drastically.ccording to a report in CNet, a Foxconn recruiter told a Japanese broadcaster that "the company needs to hire about 18,000 people to manufacture the iPhone 5 because it seems it will go on sale in June."

While it's unclear if this latest rumor can be trusted, previous reports also said Apple would release the iPhone 5 in June. In March, Reuters reported that Apple plans to unveil the next iPhone "around the second quarter" of 2012. While this report would mean a release in June or July, it did contradict an earlier report from Japanese blog Macotakara, which believed, citing inside sources from the supply chain, Apple would release the iPhone 5 in September or October, effectively abandoning mid-year iPhone launches for a 11-month upgrade cycle starting in the fall.

Apple launched the iPhone 4S in October of last year and the release of a new device any earlier in this fall would likely be too close for comfort for the company. Launching a new handset less than a year after the iPhone 4