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September 18, 2012

How Samsung S 3 Plans to Counter iPhone 5

Samsung  is all set to “  announce war” on   Apple’s the iphone 5 which has  incidently become the fastest selling consumer electronics device across the world

 Post the iphone launch euphoria , Samsung plans to launch a big media blitzkrieg   which it t plans to run in national newspapers tomorrow comparing the iPhone 5 to the Galaxy S III.
The ad breaks down some key specs of the two phones, but it's also a bit misleading. Samsung lists a lot of Galaxy S III-specific software features like sharing photos wirelessly between phones and tilt to zoom, but doesn't mention any iPhone 5-specific features.
The implication is that just because the iPhone 5 doesn't run Samsung's software it's an inferior phone. But Apple packed a lot of features into its iPhone software that the Galaxy S III can't do like Facebook and Twitter integration, AirPlay, and access to thousands of more apps.