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March 19, 2011

February 11, 2011

February 7, 2011

A 5 Step SEO Guide via Infographics

These infographic does a huge job in  providing an insight in an infographic. Off page and On page Optimization are the two ways which  a page or a website can be optimized for a search engine. The user heat map shows where a users eyes  rove when a user flips through a website ...

Keywords are another important ' criteria" which  most search engine use in trying to sort websites that are relevant for users. Semantic Latent Indexing   is another algorithm Google and major search engines  have now begun to use... for page indexing . This means that SEO must try to use semantics .. for example  a laptop keyword can also be  tagged with  the word Notebook , Netbook . Try to use synonym's of the keyword rather than using the keywords  in singular  or  plural.

October 21, 2007

Google SiteLinks to Show 8 Links instead of 8

website Screenshot courtesy:blogoscoped

Some of you must have seen that Google shows some internal page links of a website when you search for a query. Only the top few sites that shows up in the SERP shows internal sitewide links . Not much was know about these site links that shows up in Google search results . But now we have confirmation from Google that instead of 4 links that is shows , it would show 8 links. Google also tries to explain how its algorithm displays these links automatically.You also have the option of disabling these links .Google determines these sitelinks automatically so you usually don’t have a say in that, but now you can disable specific sitelinks. Just go to the Google Webmaster Tools, verify your site in question, and switch to the Links -> Sitelinks menu entry.

Here is what Google has to say about its new feature

"Sitelinks are extra links that appear below some search results in Google. They serve as shortcuts to help users quickly navigate to the important pages on your site.

"Selecting pages to appear as sitelinks is a completely automated process. Our algorithms parse the structure and content of websites and identify pages that provide fast navigation and relevant information for the user's query. Since our algorithms consider several factors to generate sitelinks, not all websites have them."

"Now, Webmaster Tools lets you view potential sitelinks for your site and block the ones you don't want to appear in Google search results. Because sitelinks are extremely useful in helping users navigate your site, we don't typically recommend blocking them. However, occasionally you might want to exclude a page from your sitelinks, for example: a page that has become outdated or unavailable, or a page that contains information you don't want emphasized to users. Once you block a page, it won't appear as a sitelink for 90 days unless you choose to unblock it sooner. It may take a week or so to remove a page from your sitelinks, but we are working on making this process faster.""

To view and manage your sitelinks, go to the Webmaster Tools Dashboard and click the site you want. In the left menu click Links, then click Sitelinks

  • I think Google Sitelinks are a great tool for webmasters since its allows users to navigate to the important internal pages helping them to get to the most important content pages by enabling them to cut through the clutter.
  • It gives users more targeted relevant web pages rather than asking users to look for more relevant information themselves.
  • The more easier it is for users to locate targeted valuable information,Users can cut down on surfing irrelevant content which helps Google to target these pages with more contextual ads and generating more clickthroughs which in turn helps Google and Webmasters to earn more.