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February 16, 2016

3 steps to get your site back after a google penalty

 While getting penalised by google is bad enough, getting your site back Google after you have been flagged and penalized can be a daunting experience.
But you dont have   to have many reasons to worry  if you follow these steps which are outlined below

What you need
1)Access to google webmasters tool
2)Access to a site to check domain authority website "bulkchecker"
2) Google Drive
3) Excel sheet to map your progress

Penalty are of 2 types
1) manual penalty :  due to unatural linking
2) Algorithm penalty: due to conflict between your site SEO and Google SEO algorithm

Today we will today cover only manual penalty

 MANUAL PENALTY  Manual penalty refers to the penalty which you receive by a real life human, after the site in question is flagged  by google spiders.This does not happen on whims and fancies of the google spiders  but based on both spiders and human intervention

HOW IS PENALTY INFLICTED :Any website that is online which can be found by a search engine is being evaluated by who knows who and who is recommending whom.. I know "Content is the King" has been a favorite for all webmasters for the last  15 years. and it  continues to reverberate across search engine forums and search gurus alike  But the fact of the matter is your content does not dictate to your site on how well you rank at Google. In fact it cant.Google has made sure of that that due to "lots of  gaming and content  manipulation  which has happened earlier..

 Google looks at your website  almost like a credit card report,checking who links to whom how important  the link is who is referring yous . To cut a long story short.. if you've come to a party , Google just wants to know to who has brought to you the party

Manual Penalty also called unnatural link penalty,as these are purely caused  due to  " unatural and artificial links which projects your site in a certain way links which are irrelevant, meant to manipulate and  artificially  pass link juice , links that are broken, irrelevant links ,   including buying  of links to  manipulate page rank
"DA checker for  incoming  link domain authority"

This tool helps you to understand your links with low domain and remove it from the links

This is the kind of email you will receive if  your guilty of unatural linking

PENALTY (1)if your site has been loosing a lot of backlinks fast  as compared to earlier Its time  for you to check if your link building .

(2)However if your site has indeed been flagged by google and its has been validated by the search team at California.. You will get a mail from Google asking you to  take a relook on your unatural or artificial linking, and will  ask you to resubmit the request to index your site once you have removed the links  in question

Step :1)solving manual Penalty : Go to webmaster and go to  tools,click  on search traffic  and then who links to your site . Download the entire list as CSV

Step:2)Now go to a site called  Bulkdachecker : This toll will identify which of the links you have at your site has the lowest domain authority. To to this  first download all the links of your site via Exel or CSV

Step 2:) Now upload your links one by one or  upload the entire list of links via a excel  or a CSV. Once you have entered and clicked on check , it shows you " all the links with their domain authority. Now check each link and their domain authority and remove all the links which has a DA ( domain authority of 25)

February 14, 2016

10 advanced Bing search operators


Along with Google,Bing also allows a host of  quick search  search operators  and hacks to derive the most relevant search result. These SERP results  are difficult to find with conventional search operators
Here are  the top 10 Bing Operators to makes your search easier and  find sites which  you probably cannot find even  in vertical or visual search engines To read the  entire Bing Search Operators. Click on the link below

Operator : linkfromdomain : find all pages  the given domain has links to 
SEO application : find the most relevant and popular sites  your competitor links

Operator : contains
SEO application : find pages linking to a specific document type ( pdf,xls,)
Example:contains:pdf seo

Operator IP :IP  restricted search, shows sites sharing the common IP
SEO application : Helps you find if  your inbound links, are  from sites  having the  same IP address
example :ip:

Operator : inbody:
SEO application : find pages that has most "relevant optimized body  text"
example :inbody:online marketing

Operator :Location:/loc:location specific search ,
SEO application:helpful during local search
example :seo loc :Austin

Operator :feed
SEO application : Finds keyword and narrows search results to terms contained in the feed
example : hasfeed:seo

Operator :hasfeed:
SEO application :narrows search results to pages linking to feeds which has necessary keywords