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June 4, 2011

Android is now "The Global Smartphone OS Leader"

Joining the list of research houses that say the Android OS platform has overtaken Apple's iPhone is the mobile ad agency, InMobi.

According to their report, although iPhone OS and Android both continue to capture share on a global basis, over the last few months Android growth has been increasing and has now surpassed that of iPhone OS.

Commenting on the study, James Lamberti, VP Global Research & Marketing at InMobi, says, "The global smartphone revolution continues into Q2 2011. The introduction of Android has significantly accelerated smartphone growth, as it brings a wealth of options to consumers. With the increased focus on mobile from global publishers, advertisers and developers the mobile experience has reached the next phase of its evolution."

The report highlights that Android smartphones are rapidly becoming a primary gateway to digital content, as the platform provides consumers with many device options, at varying price points - creating a real alternative to the desktop or laptop. Many households across Asia, Eastern Europe and Africa rely on Android smartphones as the primary platform to consume media instead of a web-based PC.

Global Findings

Total Mobile Advertising impressions on the InMobi network grew by 21 percent (December 2010 to March 2011), this was driven by the large influx of smartphone impressions, which increased by 2.8 billion during the period.

Mobile phone manufacturers Samsung, Apple and HTC continued to capture share from global leader Nokia. Although Nokia still remains in the number one position with 40 percent share of global impressions, their historical dominance is quickly eroding.

Nokia lost -3.9 share points in just 90 days, while Samsung (+1.6 share pts), Apple (+1.9 share pts) and HTC (+2.8 share pts) gained share.

Globally, 35 percent of all mobile ad impressions now occur on smartphones.
The State of Smartphones in Europe
Mobile advertising continued its substantial growth in Europe between December 2010 and March 2011, growing 18 percent in just 90 days, largely driven by smartphones.

Following the North American trend from Q4 2010 and the global trend in early 2011, Android surpassed iPhone OS in the European region and now represents 29.1 percent of the market, gaining +14.3 share points in just three months.

Android and iPhone OS combined represent nearly 50 percent of all ad impressions in Europe, signifying the substantial opportunity for advertisers to reach consumers with a rich digital experience.

HTC was the biggest winner in March 2011, gaining +9.5 share points of mobile impressions among the phone manufacturers.HTC & Samsung collectively captured +14.8 share points, primarily from Apple, Nokia and Sony Ericsson.