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April 10, 2012

Tablet Adoption Among Mobile Owners

Exponential Tablet Adoption in 2011 Ushers in Era of Convergent Consumption:

Smartphones and Tablets are gaining on the PC. With lower hardware costs, increased subsidies, and aggressive operator price plans, smartphone proliferations is driving a majority of non-computer web traffic, but tablets are picking up momentum. In the EU5, comprised of France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom, mobile phones accounted for 65 percent of non-computer traffic, followed by tablets that generated more than 1 in 4 non-computer page views.

October 23, 2011

50% Europeans Have Smartphone ,Apps Download To Reach 18 Billion by 2011

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In Europe Smartphone shipments exceeded those of "feature phones" for the first time in the region over the most recent three months and accounted for 52% of the 42m units sold.

Data from IDC show smartphone shipments up 48% compared to the same period in 2010, reaching nearly 22m, as Samsung, Apple, HTC and BlackBerry maker RIM dominated the market and Finland's Nokia saw its previous dominance wiped out.

 Last year smartphones made up just over a third of mobile phone sales in the region.
The shift to smartphones came as a new report indicated that Android users will download more apps than Apple iPhone owners this year,

The  Europe apps  Market including  games to alarm clocks and weather information – will jump from 7.4bn in 2010 to 18bn this year, says the report by telecoms analyst Ovum Applications. The report claims that by 2016, there will 45bn downloads a year. Phones running on Google's Android operating system will download 8.1bn apps this year compared with Apple's 6bn.

Ovum predicts that Android will reinforce its lead, and by 2016 will have almost twice the number of downloads as the iPhone – 21.8bn compared to 11.6bn.

By 2015, the prediction is that Microsoft's Windows Phone operating system, currently undergoing a facelift, will gain ground and overtake BlackBerry for third place in both total number of downloads and revenues by 2015.

January 27, 2011

iPad Turns One :

On the ocassion of Ipad turning one . Heere are some insights on how ipad  have evolved over the last 12 months

- The average price for an iPhone app is three dollars less than the price for an iPad app.

- 80% of iPad apps come with a price tag.

- There were 26,668 tweets per hour on the iPad at its peak.

1) iPad is now the 5th most popular mobile device, in terms of unique users (iPhone is first)
2) iPad users consume 3X as many videos as web users
3) iPad users spend 4X as long watching videos as web users (source)