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June 29, 2015

Uk mobile app users by demographics : 2013 to 2016

: mobile app users forecast in UK"
The data shows and forecasts the number of mobile  app users  in the United Kingdom (UK) from  2013 to of 2016, by age. By 2016 Q2, it is forecast there will be 43.2 million mobile app users in the UK.

June 23, 2015

Britain's consumers engagement across devices

" UK smartphone +tablets overtake desktop in the amount of time spent"

 UK users spend more time on  smartphones and tablets  as compared to desktops . In terms of  time spent on devices desktop forms  44% of the time spent, smartphones 21% and tablets form 15%  

June 9, 2015

mobile gaming apps preference : North American vs Europe vs Asia Pacific

to 5 gaming apps by  regions

"mobile gaming apps  preference : North American vs Europe vs Asia Pacific"

North American and  Europeans demonstrate similar gaming preferences with over 60% of games downloaded being short session games. More than 40% of all games downloaded in these markets had Pattern Matching concepts. While Europe preferred resource mgmt themed games to Blood & Gore themed games, the pattern was reversed in the case of American gamer 
Games in APAC show a clear inclination towards Blood & Gore and Fantasy themed games, with Resource Management rounding up the Top Five.

June 8, 2015

The top 10 non gaming global apps interest level

"top 10 app downloads by nations "

Photo and video sharing, IMs, apps which enable  calling, music apps, productivity apps, travel are among the top 5 mobile apps  in terms of interest level and usage.Location sharing ranks the last, and shows that " users are taking privacy concerns very seriously ( data from Inmobi)

Photo sharing and IM are worlds top 2 most downloaded app category

Photo sharing  and IM are worlds  top 2 most downloaded app category

across most markets  analysed by Inmobi showed that there is  an uniformity in how the top mobile apps are  downloaded ranked across countries . When it comes to non gaming ..Photos/Videos app rule  across most nations followed by instant messengers These  app interests are  similar across Smartphones and Tablets.

May 22, 2015

Chinese smartphone players pocket 13% marketshare in India

" chinese brands make a killing in indian smartphone market"

smartphone shipments reached 81 million units in 2014, up 68.5% from 48 million in the previous year, according to Counterpoint Research. Chinese handset makers including Xiaomi and Gionee more than doubled their market to 13%. However the MNC's and global brands including Samsung and Nokia took the beating .. Indian handset makers led by Micromax gained.

May 9, 2015

April 4, 2015

conversion rate and CTR by devices:

 devices and conversion rate

devices and conversion rates

Desktops, Tablets are among the devices where conversion rates  is the highest. Further  among tablets the iPad, Kindle has the highest conversion rate  9% and 8.64% respectively. Windows phone has the lowest CTR,

March 31, 2015

Break up of Sony's Consumer electronics Sales : Smartphones vs Digcams vs LCD

Statistic: Sony's consumer electronics segment unit sales from 2012 to 2014, by category | Statista

Decoding Sony's consumer electronics break up

The chart shows the  breakdown of Sony Products by  consumer segment.Sony's consumer electronics segment from 2012 to 2014, broken down by category has the smartphone vertical growing highest and making up most sales  since 2012 onwards to 2014. In 2013 Sony had shipped 38 million smartphones, as compared to 31 million smartphones in 2012

 Digital cameras which accounted  average 3.5 million sales  till 2013 now make up 2.5 million sales in 2014 a decline of 40% .

LCD Tv's have surged big time ,as it recorded  4.7 million units of LCD sold in 2014 q3 compared to 3.3 million in  2013 q2 , increase of 42%. Video cameras have all but dissapeared from Sony's product lines

FY 2015 to see Sony ship 38 million smartphones

smartphone  shipments by Sony this year to exceed 38million
Sony Mobile Communications aims to ship 38 million smartphones in fiscal 2015 (April 2015-March 2016), down slightly from 39.2 million units shipped in the previous fiscal year, according to sources at Taiwan's handset supply chain. 

 The lower shipment target comes as the Japan-based vendor is still overhauling its handset business and has also shifted its focus to the mid-range to high-end segment, said the sources. Despite the absence of new orders from Sony Mobile since the fourth quarter of 2014, Taiwan's ODMs have begun shipping some new models to the Japan-based vendor recently, including the Xperia E4 from Arima Communications, Xperia E4g from Compal Electronics and Xperia M4 Aqua from Foxconn/FIH Mobile.

March 26, 2015

US travel sector, e-spends led by Priceline Expedia to grow 21% to reach $4.15billion

75% of digital spends in US travel industry will be on  direct response (  paid search ) ads as compared to online branding campaigns

Recent eMarketer  report on digital spending by US travel Industry reveals , Priceline and Expedia are the 2 biggest  advertisers  on Google.And they are not stopping ..Both Expedia and  Priceline's Group, including, Priceline, Agoda, Kayak and, shelled out $1.8 billion on digital advertising  including search advertising on Google and both expedia and Priceline together will account for  more than half of the U.S. travel industry’s digital ad spending for the year.” 

Despite the fact that Google has more than 1 million advertising clients, Priceline and Expedia’s digital ad spend would equate to nearly 5% of all of Google’s advertising revenue in 2014

Digital Spending by  the U.S. travel industry last year  reached $3.42 billion  and is likely to grow 21% to reach  4.15billion in 2015 .With the proliferation of  connected and digital devices inclusing smartphones and Tablets  online spending by 2018 is likely to hit $6.4billion 

March 24, 2015

Post Campaign Action by mobile users: Finance advertisers vs Others

mobile ad campaign across  Finance vertical
The chart compares the post-click campaign actions used by advertisers in the finance vertical,Among the top 3  user behavior  includes  1)site Search, 2)email subscription driving to mobile web or landing pages, was the most frequently used on the millennial media mobile ad platform 

Mobile Ad Insights on Finance vertical :engagement time vs demographics

mobile ad engagement metrix
The above data from millennial media shows how the time spent by users on the finance vertical  across devices . .Finance content, it also varies by demographic (Chart F). Adults 18-24 spend the highest amount of time in Finance content on mobile (73%), and adults over 50 spend the least amount of time (30%). While adults over the age of 50 spend the least amount of time on mobile in finance content, this has grown four percentage points over the past six months.

March 13, 2015

Chart of the day :How many Tablet PCs have been sold in US since 2010 :

The   tablet economy


This timeline shows THE  sales figures for tablet PCs in the United States from 2010  TO 2014 projected forecast  for 2015-2016

 According to Appleinsider  a total of 57.1 million tablet PC will be sold in  US during 2015.

 Media Tablets have been growing briskly in the US and  the initial sales chart reflect a typical  product life cycle chart  almost replicating  the  the growth of tablets exploded during its initial years ( 2010 to 2012 )

US Tablet sales zoomed from  10 million to 26 million in 2011 ( 2.5  times it sold in 2010 ) followed by 50% growth in 2012

After 22% growth  in the number of tablets sold in 2013, sales have started to slow down as it struggled to reach 10% growth in 2014 .Last year saw  53 million units, which is estimated  to reach  57 million this year in 2015. 

The last 4 years( 2010-2014) has seen 122 Tablet  units shipped across US  .

March 12, 2015

Finally " Xiaomi Ends Samsung's China Wall " becomes the no 1 Smartphone brand in China,

Infographic: Xiaomi Takes the Lead in China's Smartphone Market | Statista

With Smartphone shipments reaching 107.5 million units between October and December 2014. The smartphone  war in China  has started to heated up.Global giants like Apple and Samsung  will not find it easy going in this country as  home grown local smartphone players  are set to change the rules of the game and  Samsung has already realized that very  early .

In Q4,2014  Apple had 12% share of the Chinese  smartphone market compared go 7% Q4,2013.., Huawei 11% compared to 10% a year ago  and  Lenovo's 10% compared to 13% a year ago.In the same time Samsung's marketshare stood at 8% compared to 19%  in Q4,2013  which was a decline of 9%. Seldom has a market leader  which happens to be a global No 1 smartphone brand  seen its share decline to such extent in less than a year.

Meanwhile In what may be the indicator of  " disruptive changes in the Chinese Mobile Market,Xiaomi  has become the no 1 smartphone brand in China with 14% marketshare . Home grown Xiaomi grew by 100% YoY in just under a year  It had 7% marketshare in Q4,2013  which grew by 100% in Q4,2014..and  looking closely its very clear. from where  it has managed to keep growing at this pace.

According to Canalys, Xiaomi sold 15 million smartphones in China during the second quarter, more than a three-fold surge from a year earlier and eve surpassed older rivals like Huawei and Lenovo.

Apple's First Day First Show Weekend Sales : From iPhone 3GS to iPhone 6

Infographic: Apple could sell 10m iPhone 6 on the opening weekend  | Statista

This is the story of Apple's first day first show of its iPhone blockbusters.. The chart charts the timeline of Apple iPhone first weekend sales history . How many   units did Apple manage to sell in its first weekend of it being available from the 3G model to the iPhone 6 .

  1. Apple iPhone's 3 GS model sold an estimated 1 million units during the first weekend in July 2008
  2.  Apple sold 1.7 million  iPhone-4  in  its first weekend of it being available in 2010
  3. Apple sold 4 million iPhone 4S in the  first weekend of being available in Oct 2011
  4. The  iPhone 5 first weekend sales reached 5 million in Sept,2012
  5.  Apple's iPhone 5S, 5C sold 9 million units in its first weekend of being available in Sept 2013
  6.  Apple's iPhone 6 sales crossed 10 million  in its first weekend ,with 4 million iPhone 6 being sold within 24 hours of it  being available in Sept 2013 

March 9, 2015

Smartphones vs Tablets Impressions across MENA Countries

 handsets with highest mobile advertising  in MENA countries


The latest report from Inmobi Network shows that Smartphones rules in the Middle East and North African Markets with  Smartphones accounting for  90% and Tablets  9% of the total mobile impressions Further 92% mobile ad impressions in this region  happened across Mobile Apps, and the rest on Mobile sites

Not surprisingly Apple  iPhone  accounted for  17.4 percentage of  the total  Mobile  Handset share  among the total reach of ad impressions . The no 2  handset share was Samsung GT 19500 with 8.3% share

 Samsung  claiming the no 1 spot  as the biggest  manufacturer with  58% share in mobile impressions followed by Apple.

March 8, 2015

Apple's BlockBusters 3Ps : iPod vs iPhone vs iPad sales from 2007 to 2014

comparison chart of iPod sales vs Ipad sales vs IPad sales

Apple Product Portfolio by  Sales  : iPhone vs iPod vs iPad

iPod Sales Since the introduction of the  new iPod touch along with iPhone in June 2007, sales of the iPod have seen  decline from 10 million units per quarter on average to less than 3 million in  3rd quarter of 2014. That was bound to happen as  the new features of iPod  is integrated across iphone  and iPad models

iPhone Sales :Meanwhile there has been no bigger product that has been sold more across the world than Apple's iPhone.Globally  Apple has sold 150 million  iPhone's in 2013 . As of  the FY2014 ending  March  500 million iPhone units  have been sold   worldwide 

 iPad Sales :There have been five versions of the iPad to date and as of June 2014, there have been over 200 million iPads sold worldwide since its release. I

March 7, 2015

Mobile advertising Impressions on Tablets vs Smartphones in Europe

In Europe  23%  Ad Impressions happens on Tablets,  compared to 77% across Smartphones

In Europe 76% Mobile Impressions via advertising happens through smartphones while 24  happen  via tablets. As per data from Inmobi network ,most  mobile Advertising happens across Mobile Apps  as compared to  mobile websites. According to Inmobi Network 81% of its impressions in Europe are on mobile apps,19% on mobile sites.

Apple's iPhone   has a reach of  20% mobile Advertising Impressions in Europe , followed by ipad  with 5% Collectively Ipad and iPhone forms 25% Mobile ad Impressons at the Inmobi Network  in 2014Q4