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January 15, 2011

Online Social Knowledge Communities ; The Top 10 Community sites

Online Social Media Knowledge Communities are one of those "Social Groups" where the concept of crowdsourcing is truly in  action .Quora is one such community which  has recently generated a lot of buzz  of late..Quora received $11M in Series A fundingQuora snagged $11 million in Series A financing, largely thanks to former Facebook colleague Matt Cohler, who is now with Benchmark Capital.

Quora is a continually improving collection of questions and answers created, edited, and organized by everyone who uses it.People use Quora to document the world around them. Over time, the database of knowleis trulydge should grow and grow until almost everything that anyone wants to know is available in the system. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

Social Answers sites are collaborative, continious, created by users who can edit them, users who can add value. Content is created from users, by users and and for users.

Some of the other social knowledge websites apart from Quora  includes, Aardvark, Mahalo,  Facebook Questions .Here are  some of the well known  Social Knowldedge Comunity websites .
  • Linkedin Q and Answersthoughtful answers
  • Naver - Koren Q and  A
  • Trulia Voices - real estate questions
  • Yahoo Answers - big tween/teen component here
  • The popular search engine
  • True Knowledge:specialises in knowledge base and semantic search engine software.
  • Mahalo,
  • Stack Overflow,
  • ChaCha
  • yoomoot
  • Aardvark,  
  • SodaHead,
  • Formspring
  • ( AOL answers)
  • EHow
  • Fluther
  • Hunch
  • Peerpong
  • AskVille
  • Answerbag
  • Allexperts
  • GroupThink
  • Fluther
  • SimplyExplained
  • Wolfram Alfa