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December 25, 2017

3 tools to ensure you dont' get tracked by social media

 All social  networking sites like Facebook twitter google plus and others are using tracking cookies to keep track of your user Behaviour. Social websites mint money by studying and tracking online consumer usage patterns and then showing related ads to users.  Generally most ad tracking technology works  by installing cookies at the browser level which  studies your browsing behaviour not only when you are connected to them,but also when you are browsing other websites on the internet. The reason is quite simple.Advertisers are willing to pay more money to advertise across social networks as more information and data are available in terms of targeting the consumer . The places you visit , the products you buy and the places you go with your friends and food you eat are indicators to your consumer usage habits and they  like  a proverbial golden goose to advertisers.. The way social media sites are more able to track you is by placing  a like, share and login buttons on other websites and then using tracking cookies to identify every visitor.

Each time you visit a webpage with any social networking buttons not only you are revealing who you are but you are also revealing what kind of websites you like, the products you recommend and the things you buy.Advertisers are willing to pay a premium to target such audiences.  

However if you wish to stop social networking sites from targeting and tracking you ,Here are a few options.

1)One of them is to use BLUR APP. Blur ( ) is a free browser extension that blocks social networking sites from tracking your activity on the internet. It is currently available  on google chrome and mozilla firefox browsers.
Once you have installed the Blur app in your browser the first step is to register yourself by entering your email address and choosing a password.
The next time you visit any website on the internet, the Blur app will automatically stop social networking sites from tracking you and secretly collecting information and data about you. To view the statistics about the number of trackers blocked by Blur website you are visiting , you just need to click on the Blur icon on the right top corner of your browser any time.
If you are a Google Chrome user there are some other ads ons which help you protect your online identity across social networks. Among them are 
2)Ghostery - Ghostery does an excellent job at blocking the invisible tracking cookies and plug-ins on many web sites, showing it all to you, and then giving you the choice whether you want to block them one-by-one, or all together so you'll never worry about them again. The best part about Ghostery is that it's not just limited to social networks, but will also catch and show you ad-networks and web publishers as well.
3)ScriptNo for Chrome - ScriptNo is much like Ghostery in that any scripts running on any site you visit will sound its alarms. The difference is that while Ghostery is a bit more exclusive about the types of information it alerts you to, ScriptNo will sound the alarm at just about everything, which will break a ton of websites. You'll visit the site, half of it won't load or work, and you'll have to selectively enable scripts until it's usable. Still, its intuitive interface will help you choose which scripts on a page you'd like to allow and which you'd like to block without sacrificing the actual content on the page you'd like to read.

There is this popular misconception that turning on the Incognito mode on chrome will help you evade tracking by social media sites. However this will not help There is a myth that browsing in incognito/private mode on your browser would solve all these problems. But even this won't completely stop ads. There are further measures that must be put in place, including different browser add-ons, which let you customize what you're blocking. Hot Spot Shield hides IP addresses. IP addresses are generally used to link data and other information that a website knows about you.

January 9, 2017

the highest followed profiles on instagram

These are the list of most followed accounts on instagram. Singer Selena Gomez was the most-followed person on the photo sharing app platform with more than 104 million followers. No 2 is singer Taylor Swift with 94 million followers on Instagram, followed by Ariana Grande American singer and actress with 91 million followers.Ranking  No 4 on instagram is ,Beyonce with 90 million followers,with Kim Kardashian ranking no 6th with 88 million followers.
 Instagram accounts with the most followers worldwide

The Most Followed User Profiles on Instagram


December 16, 2016

top 5 paid social media tools for small and medium companies

"top 5 paid social media tools  for small and medium companies"

Social Media Tool Compared

 Comparing the best of paid social media tools for small and medium companies compared with social media tools for bigger enterprises : HootSuite, Buffer and regnite.Sproutsocial,Agora Pulse and Postplanner are generally used by smaller companies and advertising agencies handling multiple brand portfolio.

December 9, 2016

facebook sponsored foreign technical workers who has been given h1b visa

FindTheCompany Number of H1B visa sponsored by  Facebook as it woo's  Foreign Technical Workers

Given the highly technical nature of the industry where Facebook operates, it faces a very high demand for Temporary Foreign Employees:In 2015 it had received 767 LCAs ,out of which only 3 were denied, with a H1 B certification rate of 83.4%.
Facebook's average median salary for H 1B visa holders who were foreigners were $130,000.There were 256 application for Green card Holders, from foreign technical workers,who were on H1 B visa with a certification rate of  59%.Facebook has been the most lucrative company for H-1B visa holders thus far in 2015 (of the five companies above), with a median salary of $135K across all positions.

Facebook ranks among the top when it comes to paying of Salaries for software engineers who are on H1-B visa,with the highest median salary to foreign workers while Amazon came at the button for the same jobs.The above chart from Graphiq shows you a  comparison snapshot of how Facebook has been sponsoring  H1 B visa  to highly skilled technical foreign workers over the last 5 years.

November 23, 2016

snapchat's numbers and metrics in 3 charts: how it became the hottest teen destination

"social media usage in teens in US and snapchat"
" the demographics and metrics of snapchat"

How Snapchat evolved itself to become the hottest Teen Destination social media website 

As Snapchat , another  giant internet brand starts to prepare for its IPO, here are some numbers which show how Snapchat user base has grown over time . Snapchat presently has around 150 million daily active users globally,. Snapchat as of October,2016 has 60 million daily active users in the U.S. and Canada,  which makes up around a third of Facebook’s 175 million daily users in the same region.This region is the most lucrative advertising market, with  a very high average revenue per user for social networks. For Facebook  its  per user revenue across US and Canada is $12.43, which is 4 times its global revenue of  $3.34. Snapchat most recently closed a $1.8 billion funding round in May,2016  when investors valued the company at about $18 billion. and has been growing at a 30% annual growth rate.

In Alexa Snapchat ranks 2000 in US, and ranks 3973 worldwide.With a bounce rate of 40%,its daily page views per user is 2.7 who spends approx 2.56 minutes on the website.Around 30% of its users comes from Google, followed by 4% from Facebook,3.5% from YouTube and 3% of Instagram. In terms of demographic, Snapchat has a more progressive male tilt, with 55% user base,while female user base hovers between 30 to 35% The company is forecast to reach nearly $1 billion in global advertising sales in 2017, up from an estimated $366.7 million in revenue this year, according to a recent report by forecasting firm eMarketer. 

So how does Snapchat compare to Instagram , another photo social networking site ?..By comparison, Facebook-owned Instagram, with 500 million monthly users, will generate $1.5 billion in global ad sales this year and $2.8 billion in 2017.Snap Inc. launched its ad business in mid-2015. The company sells full-screen, vertical video ads in its “Discover” and “Stories” sections, which play with sound after users click them. 

Snapchat’s Discover section, which features articles and video from more than a dozen publishers such as CNN, iHeart Radio and Cosmopolitan, generates nearly half of the company’s total U.S. ad revenue, according to eMarketer. Snap Inc. also sells geofilters and lenses. Recently Snapchat unveiled its first hardware, $129.99 video-capturing sunglasses, and renamed itself as “Snap Inc.” to reflect its new direction

November 22, 2016

why fake news can never be solved by google and its search spiders

" why google search spiders wont be able to solve fake news"
Example of fake news, when a little known website  was ranking in first results for the term final votes which had fake information showing Trumps winning both popular and electoral college votes

Fake news might continue to play  havoc with our " online ecosystem" and there is little search engines can do to weed out fake stories and information that are untrue.The fundamental problem seems to be that no matter how smart or potent Google or its search algorithm can  turn out to be, it cannot vet a story or a news report is authentic or incorrect. Google search spiders  can still be very dumb on complex and nuanced topics. It can also be misled by those who accidentally or deliberately post material that seems to be factual in nature but is not. 

While Google  treats unique content as a major factor in ensuring ranking, it has no way to determine if that content is true or based on facts" Human Vetting and not "google algorithms"remains the only possible solution to tackle this growing menace of fake news.Post US elections,while  debate rages across the world  on the  role played by fake news,this is just the start and perhaps a wake up call to  "Search and Social Media Websites" to start taking action. 

Governments across the world, along with army of  social media bloggers can start causing a lot of upheaval and chaos if unfiltered news continues to "grow unchecked" Google continues to show fake news in many queries. For example Google especially came under fire after it listed a site with incorrect “final” US presidential election counts as the top listing for searches such as “final votes” or “final election count.” Here’s an example of that, spotted by Kara Eccelston, on November 13: "The snapshot of the page is shown below 
"fake news causing alarm across the world"

The problem Google has a real challenge in automatically assessing whether something is actually true or not. mean, even US President-Elect Donald Trump has admitted that US President Barack Obama was born in the United States, yet the first listing in Google for a search on “Obama born in kenya” is a YouTube-hosted video saying Obama “admits” he was born in Kenya:

state of dubai real estate market: top 5 trends


DUBAI REAL ESTATE MARKET TRENDS FOR :2016 Dubai apartment market has shown a slight quarterly improvement in values, up 0.1% while the villa market saw values marginally decline by 0.2% 

 The median apartment value in March was AED 14,198 per sq m (AED 1,319 per sq ft) and for villas was AED 14,650 per sq m (AED 1,361 per sq ft) 

 Compared to the previous quarter, three locations saw appreciation in values, Motor City having the highest improvement of 1.5%, while Dubai Production City (formerly known as IMPZ) and The Greens saw an increase of just 0.7% 

With the exception of International City which fell by 1% in value, all other apartment locations witnessed no drop in values 

Villas in Arabian Ranches saw values dip by 0.9%, Jumeirah Islands and The Meadows saw marginal negative changes while all other villa locations monitored by the VPI remained stable

November 4, 2016

facebook average revenue by geography

"with 1.18  billion daily  facebook daily users mobile makes 84% of its ad revenue"

"average facebook revenue per user"

Facebook Q3,2016 earnings:Mobile now makes up 84% of Facebook’s ad revenue, up from 78% in Q3 2015. That means Facebook earned $5.7 billion of its total $6.8 billion in ad revenue on mobile ads alone.
Facebook reported revenue of $7.01 billion, up 56% .The company said it ended the quarter with 1.09 billion mobile monthly active users, up 22% year over year, and 1.18 million daily active users, up 17%. Monthly active users topped 1.79 billion, up 16%. as compared to 2015.
Facebook Daily active users rose to 1.18 from 1.13 billion last quarter, and up 17% year-over-year. Facebook now has 1.66 billion mobile MAUs up 5.7% from 1.57 billion in Q2, 2016and it’s hit a new billion-user milestone as it reached 1.055 billion mobile-only users
Facebook  profit was  $2.379 billion, which was an increase of  16% over the $2.05 billion it raked in last quarter, and up a stellar 160% year over year.
Facebook has a total of 15,724 employees as of September 30,2016

. Approximately 84.9% of Facebook's daily active users are outside the US and Canada

November 3, 2016

as snapchat and instagram see records usage ,consumers are actively ignoring branded content

Snapchat and instagram continues to rule of social media at least in US,its usage has been increasing at a faster pace as compared to the rest of the world .In the US, 34% of Americans polled are now on Snapchat, compared to 19% in 2014  26% in 2015 and 34% in 2016.However its a worrying sign for content providers as increasingly consumers are shirking and moving away from promoted posts and branded content

Snapchat and instagram continues to rule of sound waves in the United States. Snapchat users increased by almost 84% while instagram recorded 14% increases in usage in 2016 In the US, 34% of Americans polled are now on Snapchat, compared to 19% in 2014 .

While Instagram is even more popular: 43% of US respondents say they use it, compared to 29% in 2014. However, people are skeptical about branded content and ads on Instagram and Snapchat. In the US, 39% of respondents admit to 'actively ignore' content from brands –nearly 15% more than the global average. One three US users admit to feeling ‘constantly followed’ by online advertising and 43% object to the idea of their online behavior being tracked by brands.

However Kantar TNS has three top tips for brands to ensure they’re not actively ignored: 1. Get better at creating content which can be used across multiple channels 2. Work hand-in-hand with influencers as trusted sources of information and advice. 3. Get under the skin of what motivates and excites each of their customers..

November 1, 2016

how much is one user worth to these social media brands

"social media power brands: how much is each user worth"

The chart shows how much is each user are worth to tech companies, based on valuation or market capitalization per user.Slack presently hash more than $25 million revenues with about a million users.Meanwhile  during Q2,2016 during which Microsoft acquired LinkedIn ,it had raked in with  433 million user base which was  up from 414 million members in the preceding quarter, while 
Linkedin's total revenue increased 31% year-over-year to $933 million in its second quarter of 2016, Facebook had 1.71 billion monthly active user with $6.44 billion in revenues as of Q2,2016.Meanwhile Twitter active users grew 5% in Q2,2016 as its average monthly active users grew to 313 million,

September 9, 2016

social network messengers market growth : 2010 to 2016

" market size of social media messenger market"

Social  media messengers are now bigger than their parent  social media companies. Whatsapp leads the social media messenger  market with just over a billion users, followed by Facebook messenger which also has now one billion users. Chinese social messenger service Wechat with with a little over 800 billion users rank no 3.Popular Asian messaging apps like WeChat, KakaoTalk, and LINE have  moved beyond  communication and has been able to  monetize the service using innovative services to attract and retain users.

Messenger has become an increasingly popular app for keeping up with friends. More than 10% of voice over IP (VoIP) calls occur on Messenger, and 17 billion photos are sent on the app each month. And interactions with businesses have risen sharply..

June 16, 2016

facebook and twitter face lawsuit by father of daughter was killed in french attacks

Are social media firms doing something to stop the ISIS cyber terror and broadcasting messages across Facebook and Twitter

The daughter of Reynaldo Gonzalez who was killed in the paris attacks which killed 130 people filed a case against social media companies, Facebook, Twitter and Google. Reynaldo's daughter  21,was killed  in the Paris massacre  claims that  is suing Google, Facebook and Twitter, are not doing enough and even encouraging ISIS   and  provididing  “material support” to extremists in violation of the law and did nothing to stop online communication among ISIS terrorists Reynaldo Gonzalez, daughter Nohemi was among 130 people killed has filed the suit  in the US district court in the Northern District of California.
'social media firms gets sued by father of france attacks"

The suit claims the companies “knowingly permitted” the Islamic State (IS), referred to in the complaint as “ISIS,” to recruit members, raise money and spread “extremist propaganda” via their social-media services. The Gonzalez suit is very similar to a case brought against Twitter in January by the widow of a contractor killed in an attack in Jordan.
In statements, Facebook and Twitter said Wednesday the Gonzalez lawsuit is without merit, and all three companies cited their policies against extremist material. Twitter, for instance, said that it has “teams around the world actively investigating reports of rule violations, 

May 27, 2016

the biggest wearable players who control 65% market share

"the biggest wearable players who control 65% market share"

The wearable market has seen a big spike las year as the market starts to mature. IDC recently announced the Big Three in wearables: Collectively the big 3 Fitbit, Apple, and Xiaomi,  controls 65% of wearable market : Fitbit with 22.2%, Apple with 18.6%, and Xiaomi with 17.4% leads the market


February 17, 2016

linkedin and pinterest fall from grace from top 5 social media sites

Snapchat and Twitter has surpassed linkedin in terms of traffic . Facebook leads Social network marketshare with  over 1,5 billion, followed by Tumblr  and instagram with 500 million users. Twitter and Snapchat share the honors for the 4th and 5th place
Pinterest and Linkedin have seen their places toppled by  Instagram and snapchat.

February 7, 2016

how to generate positive social sentiment for your brand : top 5 tools

"how to generate positive social sentiment for your brand : top 5 tools"

List of listening tools for social media and creating a positive social sentiment for your brands 

February 4, 2016

friends Sitcom " facebook fan pages" by countries

The most loved Television show has " admirers all over the  world. The Chart above breaks down the " fan pages of the most liked television show  across social media  by their respective countries having the highest fan pages for Friends

facebook advertising user growth and revenues faceoff : europe vs north america

"facebook revenues by geography"

"facebook's arpu by regional users"

"facebook's daily active users"

  • In terms of MAU ( monthly active users)  European markets contributed 323 million  with an Europe  ARPU of $3.47.
  • It’s 3rd time  Facebook crossed the $1 billion mark in ‘European revenue’ for the quarter and the first time Facebook crossed $1.1 billion in quarterly revenue.
  •  Facebook more than doubled its revenue in Europe in just two years.

  •  Monthly active users  was 219 million with an ARPU ( canada & US combined ) it was $13.54. which was 3 times of Europe
  • In the U.S. and Canada, it reported sales of $1.86 billion.. (source : techrunch)

January 30, 2016

english football club Chelsea revenues vs player fees

"comparing chelsea players salaries"

Englisg football club CHELSEA and its earnings from revenues from commercials, broadcasters and match  day fees are included.The cost of player salary contracts by  along with their weeky wages are compared in the 2nd chart

"english football club Chelsea revenues vs match fees of players"

Revenue of Chelsea compared with Real Madrid, Arsenal, Man U, Bayern Munic,Juventus 

January 29, 2016