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January 12, 2012

Social Media Engagement Trends : Europe vs US vs Asia

The above data shows  the  social media usage in terms of  online users by  geographical spread .The graph shows the percentage of online users who use Social media as one of heir primary activity. So what this means  is that among all  global users, how much percentage of them use social networks.Approx 96% of Online users  in US and  Canada  use the  social web  . In terms of individual markets  98% US users go social as compared to 94% in Canada
For each region,the total time spent by users on Social Networking grew by at least 35 percent over the past year, reflecting its growing pervasiveness across the board. In Latin America, Europe, and the Middle East-Africa – three very culturally different regions – Social Networking accounted for at least 24 percent all time spent online

Top 10 Most Engaged Markets for Social Networking Source: comScore Media Metrix, 7.9 7.7 October 2011

A look at worldwide  social networking  markets shows the penetration of social networking sites, ranging from 53 percent in China to 98 percent in the United States, with 41 of the 43 markets individually reported by comScore seeing a market penetration of 85 percent or more.Regardless of how open or closed a society may be, it is safe to assume that more than half of local online populations are engaging in online social networking, making the practice comparatively ubiquitous around the world.

source : Comscore