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August 18, 2009

MySpace close to Acquiring iLike

MySpace to Acquire iLike?: "TechCrunch reports that multiple credible sources have confirmed that MySpace, is close to fighting its way out of consistent bad news by a possible acquisition of music-social site iLike. TC lists the price tag as $20 million for the first acquisition since Owen Van Natta (former COO of Facebook) took the helm in April.

iLike is a social music recommendation system. Presently the iLike app at Facebook profiles nearly 10 million users. TechCrunch reports that it’s the top music app on Facebook—and Bebo and Hi5 and most social networks (other than MySpace, which has MySpace Music). With such a wide user base, it seemed like that Myspace had found the perfect solution to reverse its flagging fortunes .

TechCrunch adds that iLike is so integrated into the Facebook experience, most expected Facebook, not MySpace, would acquire the site. Now MySpace ius now on its way to acquire iLike, which is perhaps the most successful implementation of music on Facebook.

Note, too, that it’s MySpace, not MySpace Music, making this acquisition. For the uninitiated MySpace Music is a joint venture between the social network and music labels where users can listen to free music, follow artists and purchase downloads.

June 23, 2009

Dell earns 3 million from Twitter

Dell Says It Has Earned $3 Million From Twitter - Bits Blog - "Dell reports that it had earned $3 million in revenue directly through Twitter since 2007, when it started posting coupons and word of new products on the microblogging site. In the last six months, Dell Outlet earned $1 million in sales from customers who came to the site from Twitter, after taking 18 months to earn its first $1 million. Dell has also earned another $1 million from people who click from Twitter to Dell Outlet to and make a purchase there."

Dell uses Twitter to send out coupons, including some that are exclusive to its Twitter followers. It is particularly useful for the Dell Outlet, because the inventory of returned and refurbished products fluctuates. If it gets 30 flat-screen televisions one week, for example, it can alert its customers. Dell Outlet has 624,000 followers on Twitter.

Dell also announces company and product news and talks directly with customers, responding to complaints or asking for feedback. There are about 200 Dell employees who talk to customers on Dell’s Twitter accounts, from a gaming expert to a server expert to members of the chief technology officer’s staff, Mr. Binhammer said.

For example, as in one of the blogs,some bloggers had commented via Twitter,that customers thought the apostrophe and return keys were too close together on the Dell Mini 9 laptop and fixed the problem on the Dell Mini 10. Now, the Dell Mini product development team is asking around on Twitter for new ideas for the next generation of the computer

Also those interested to know how much Twitter made out of $3 million which Dell made,The answer is $0 million