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August 23, 2016

comparison of features :mobile device management (mdm) softwares

Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions allow organizations to extend their security network to employee and company owned mobile devices, most notably smartphones and tablets.With the recent advances in mobile technology and connectivity, it’s more important than ever that employees have the ability to access company data securely from anywhere and on any device: personal or work, in an airport lobby or at the office.

Among a sample of 308 companies using MDM software, compiled by softwareinisder, shows that the largest portion (27.6%) of companies had between 1001 and 5000 employees, with the smallest portion belonging to companies with 501-1000 employees (figure on left). It’s interesting to note that smaller companies (51-200 employees) made up a larger portion of the customers than midsize companies (200-500 employees).

November 22, 2015

The Top 3 Performance Management Software review tools :

Comparison of Performance Management Softwares:

G2 Crowd Grid for Performance Management Software

Performance Management Software Reviews: Among  the leaders across PMS  vertical are Ultipro,Halogen and Talent . These 3 products are among the top 3 market leaders . These software's most are rated highly by G2 Crowd users and have substantial scale, market share, and global support and service resources. The next in rung are the high performers which are highly rated by their users, but have not yet achieved the market share and scale of the vendors in the Leader category.

High Performers products include: Workboard and ActivTrak

November 6, 2015

rating customer support help desk software : salesforce and zendesk among market leaders

Help Desk Software
G2 Crowd Grid for Help Desk Software

Customer Help Desk Software Reviews and Ratings Compared

Salesforce Zendesk and Freshdesk emerge as top 3 best help desk software products followed by Kayako and team support  Latest data from business software review platform G2crowd shows SalesForce, Zendesk and Desk as the leaders across help desk software platforms

 The number one Customer Help Desk Platform is Salesforce, which is ranked no1 by ratings and G2 score , followed by Zendesk at the no 2 spot with Desk at no 3 .Freshdesk is ranked no 4 . These 4 customer suport software platforms form the market leaders in this category

 The High Performers "customer help desk software products" include: TeamSupport, Kayako, Help Scout, HappyFox, Agiloft, IssueTrak, WORK, and Maximizer CRM They have a fair share across markets and are rated well by their users, but have not yet achieved the market share and scale of the vendors in the Leader category tags : #ratings, #reviews, #softwares,#products# brands

July 12, 2015

5 most visited online presentation sharing websites ranked by country share

These are the  top 5  online presentation sharing  websites ranked by the  alexa traffic along with their country market share according to Alexa

Slideshare which is now a part of Linkedin is clearly the most popular presentation and document platform  which ranks no 1 with  alexa rank of  144. Slideshare is very popular in India with 22% market share  followed by US  and Brazil with 9 and 5% use slideshare as a presentation document platform

Doctoc ranks no 2  as the most visited presentation platform with with alexa rank of     366. The site is extremely popular in India with 44% share, followed by US, Indonesia and Pakistan where it commands 16%, 4% and 2% market share.

Scribd is ranked no 3 with alexa rank of 432 and is ranked 3rd after doctoc with a alexa rank within 500.The site has its most users from India and US with 15% an 13 respectively.Scribd is quite popular with Indonesian users  with 11% market share ranks no 4 with alexa rank of  534. Issuu's  20% traffic comes from  users in India . US users too use this site often with 15%  share .Brazil and Spain ranks 3rd and 4th with 5% and 4% respectively

Prezi  is ranked no 5 with an alexa rank of 1126 and the site is  quite popular in United States with a share of 22% using the presentation platform of Prezi. Mexico and India ranks no 2 and 3 respectively with 8% and 5% respectively

Calameo is ranked no 6 with an alexa of 3880. The site is quite frequently used in France where 26% users are based. Indians use this website  actively as well wit 16% market share . Algeria and Venezuela ranks no 3 and 4 with 6% and 5% share respectively 

June 20, 2015

June 18, 2015

most popular 15 email marketing softwares : SME vs Enterprise

"Top 15 Email Marketing Software"
Contrary to what some may feel, Email marketing not dead. It is alive and kicking.1. Latest data showed there are nearly 3.9 billion email accounts worldwide, with that number expected to increase to 4.9 billion by the end of 2017. (Source: The Radicati Group) <

rating the top 10 preventive maintenance software solutions : infographic

"rating  maintenance softwares"

facility dude, Manager plus and Corrigo among top 5 best maintenance softwares"

" the top 5 list of maintenance softwares "

Presenting the list of  the best  software for maintenance both routine and preventive  There is no one software that fits one and all organizations,  Lacking the  no one fit size approach, makes it all the more challenging for big  enterprises " that are engaged across diverse processes.

 Softwares that are based on the cloud ( web based ) are much in demand   and preferred for obvious reasons.A powerful web-based  maintenance  software needs to have plenty of functional features based on the task intended to achieve.The ideal maintenance software solutions should  have   multi-site asset tracking, contract and project management and both routine, preventative and general  maintenance. The software should support most commonly used  platforms,scalability and seamless integration

Among the top 10 are 

  1. ManagerPlu
  2. FacilityDude
  3. emaint 
  4. Facliworks
  5. Corrigo
  6. Microman
  7. Maintenance pro
  8. Maintenance Connection
  9. Manager PLus
  10. Q Ware

June 4, 2015

Review of most popular business intelligence suite: IBM vs Tableau vs Oracle and SAP

comparing top 2 business analytics softwares : IBM vs Tableu
Top Business Intelligence Software
Source :Capterra/G2crowd

The above review is based on Capterra's review of the top 20 softwares   which are  rated as the most popular ones . The top 10 business intelligence tools are 1) SAP 2)Oracle 3)Qlik 4)IBM 5) Tableu 6) Targit 7) SaS 8)Microsoft 9)Webfocus10)

June 3, 2015

reviewing the best eCommerce store mgmt solutions :infographic

Review of Top 10 eCommerce Software"

Capterra's review of the top 20 most popular  eCommerce  store automation products   ranks the most popular lists of cloud based eCommerce  automation. These have been ranked and reviewed  based on (a) number of customer,  (b)size of their business, SMB or  Enterprise) along with the social media standing.

Based on the above factors  Magneto, Squarespace and Prestashop rank among the top 3  with Weebly,Shopify and volution  taking the 3rd, 4th and 5th rank respectively Finally the 6th to 10th rank is taken by Opencart, IBM Websphere, Bigcommerce and Sellerdeck