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November 21, 2016

pharma brands marketing spends by channels and region

How Pharma Brands are planning to spend across markets: Top 5 trends for research agencies, publishers and adnetworks on the growing healthcare market

May 9, 2015

Americans mothers day spends on a 12 year high, set to splurge $173 on their moms

"mothers day spending"

Americans are expected  splurge big time on mothers day , spending  by an average of $173 on Mother’s Day this year, up almost $10 (6%) from last year’s total and the highest  ever mothers day spends  in the survey’s 12-year history, according to the latest survey from the NRF conducted by Prosper Insights & Analytics. Total spending is projected to reach $21.2 billion on mothers day representing a 6.6% rise from last year’s $19.9 billion.

This years mother day gifts includes greeting cards with 80% planning a purchase), followed by flowers (67.2%) and special outings (54.2%). (33.4%) top the list of shopping destinations, ahead of specialty stores (28.2%), online (25%) and discount stores (24.8%).

April 28, 2015

Chart of the day : digital spending by region compared with overall media spends

online media spends as a part of total media spends  in North america, europe, asia and latin america

Chart depicting  Global digital ad spend as a part of overall total media spends across geographical regions 

The chart by emarketer shows  the patterns of  digital spending across  global marketplace  for the last 5 years  2011 to 2016 (projected). In 2015  with  28% share of digital media spending  Western Europe and North America both rank no 1  in the world. These regions are followed by Asia Pacific which ranks no 2 with approx 24% spends across the digital media  in 2015.Eastern Europe and  Latin America  with 21% and 13.4% spends across online  ranks 3rd and 4th respectively

April 6, 2015

Ratio of digital vs mobile budget spends in Europe by country

"digital and mobile ad spends in  Wetern Europe by countries"


Western Europe’s developed economies and high smartphone usage will help push advertisers in the region to allocate larger portions of their budgets toward mobile throughout the forecast period. Across Western Europe, mobile’s share of digital ad spending will climb to 22% in 2016 from 6% in 2012. By 2016, 28% of digital ad spending in the UK will be devoted to mobile advertising while digital  ad will account for  45% of overall budget spends.In 2012 this was 36%. a growth of 9% Meanwhile more  than 18% of total digital dollars in Denmark, Germany, Italy and Norway will come from mobile

French advertisers are likely to spent 23.5% on digital, and  15.5% of this on Mobile .Digital spends  for Italy  would account for 19%by 2016, while 18.7% of this would be on mobile 

growth in media spends in asia pacific including digital and mobile

"total media spending   by mobile and digital by asia pacific nations "

South Korea  digital spending  is set to be the biggest  in the Asia Pacific nations with almost 40% of total media being allocated to digital in 2016,Out of the total digital spends, mobile is expected to form  23% .Australia's digital spending  will grow  7% to reach 40%  of overall digital spending  by 2016 Meanwhile  China’s share of digital ad spending in  expected to rise to 27%  by 2016. Japan's media spends on Digital and mobile is almost identical, with 24% on digital and  21.3% on mobile .

Indonesia and India's digital spending share will touch 12% and 16.3% respectively, with mobile  spends out of the digital  share is expected to account 4.5% and 12.1% respectively

April 5, 2015

January 1, 2015

Return Fraud during holidays exceed $10.9billion

The Online retail industry will lose an estimated $10.9 billion due to fraud returns by consumers . This is an 10% increase m an estimated $9.1 billion last year.

 Additionally, of those surveyed, retailers estimate $3.6 billion will be lost to return fraud this holiday season alone, similar to last year’s $3.4 billion. Overall, retailers polled estimate 5.5% percent of holiday returns are fraudulent, similar to last year’s 5.8 %
Holiday Season's Fradulent Retrun Gifts

May 22, 2014

Gobal financial services to spend 35% on Mobile Ads this year

US Financial Industry Increases Mobile Spending to Push New Services - eMarketer: "Advertising spending in paid digital media by the US financial services industry will hit $6.20 billion in 2014 and rise to $9.57 billion by 2018, for a five-year compound annual growth rate of 12.5%. Digital ad spending among financial marketers grew 15.3% in 2013 and is projected to increase another 16.9% this year"

eMarketer estimates that $2.20 billion, or 35.5% total spend by the sector, will go toward paid mobile ads by the end of 2014.

November 2, 2012

How Apple Manages to get high margins with lower RD spending

How Apple gets away with lower R&D spending  Apple is ranked 12th in terms of what it spends on product research and development . The Company is just a fraction ahead of Hewlett-Packard and just above Dell And it is far below the often innovation-challenged behemoths Microsoft, Nokia, RIM and others.

Asymco's Horace Dediu has put together some chartshowing how Apple’s R&D spending trends. While Apple spent $758 million on R&D during the first fiscal quarter of 2012, it’s a very tiny sliver of the company’s overall sales, which were $46.3 billion

 Bloated bureaucracies spend a lot of money on innovation and occasionally make something new and interesting. Steve Jobs’ insistence on maintaining a startup mentality within Apple (even with 30,000 corporate employees) and the company’s ability to only focus on a few things at a time mean Apple can spend less and get much more for its investment.

June 16, 2012

Top 10 Brand Spends on Mobile zooms 287%

Millennial Media published its newestS.M.A.R.T. report – a monthly digital publication that delivers insights on key trends in mobile advertising based on the company’s own expansive campaign and platform data. According to the new report, five distinct spending verticals (sports, news, travel, CPG/FMCG, and health) grew by more than 100% year-over-year.

“In Q1 2012,” the company announced, “five verticals experienced triple digit growth. ‘Sports’ has not been on the Top 10 Global Brand Advertising Vertical ranking to date, yet experienced growth of 287% year-over-year.”

Finance was the leading global brand advertising vertical on the Millennial Media platform in 2011, and overall spend in the sector grew 300 percent year-over-year. The report breaks down spending in the Finance industry into sub-categories, and found that Insurance advertisers led the vertical in 2011, with over 40 percent of the total spend.Leading sub- According to the new report, five distinct spending verticals (sports, news, travel, CPG/FMCG, and health) grew by more than 100% year-over-year.

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