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April 24, 2015

ratio of web vs mobile spending in argentina , brazil and mexico

brazil argentina and mexico digital spending

Mobile internet spends vs web advertising spends 

Mobile Internet Spending across Latin american nations of Brazil ,Argentina and Mexico is led by Brazil which spends $249million on mobile internet followed by  Mexico with $214million and Argentina with $23.6million
Meanwhile web ad spends was dominated by Brazil  which spent $2.64billion  followed by Mexico's $1billion. Argentina ranked 3rd with a mere $460million spends on digital

April 5, 2015

Europe vs N.America vs Asia Pacific : Share of digital spends vs mobile spends

 global spending on mobile vs digital

mobil share spends by regions


This chart from emarketer shows how much are countries and regions spending  on mobile and digital spends  out of their overall marketing and ad budgets ?In 2015  around 37% of ad spends in North America  would be spent on the digital media as compared to 56% in Mobile.. In Europe  24% ad spends would be across digital advertising, whereas 22% share of spends would  be across mobile media  

September 17, 2014

Bulging marketing budgets by UK helps push mobile spends to 21%,print declines to 17%


Print vs Internet spends in UK

Companies in UK  are all set to splurge on  marketing and promotion activities this year. 
Data from Big brands shows that in 2014  Companies and brands are putting aside more cash for marketing budgets alongside improving financial forecasts. 

The latest Bellwether report, a quarterly survey of 300 senior marketers from the UK’s top companies found that marketers were increasingly optimistic about the prospects for their companies and industry sectors. The growing market optimism is mirrored in the swelling budgets, with 40% of those surveyed indicating that budgets were on the rise – compared to 25.8% last year. Almost a third spent more than planned in the first quarter compared to 9% spending less than budgeted, This is according to a study by Brand Republic

Meanwhile Mobile Spending  in UK  by 2014 is set to reach £2.26 billion according to emarketer, which is  set to exceed the advertising that UK Brands spends on Print Newspapers
  1. Mobile  is expected to account for 15.1% of total media spending this year, while newspaper ad spend is expected to fall  by 5% to 13.8%, or £2.06 billion.
  2. In 2015, the trend becomes more striking, with mobile set to surpass all of print's market share including newspapers and magazines - Mobile is set to  form 21.0% of  ad spends spend versus 17.3% ad spends in Print and Magazines 

June 9, 2014

In UK Internet Video Advertising to replace Print, as the no 1 paid medium by 2018 with 24% CAGR, growth

By 2018 internet advertising in UK, will be the largest advertising segment, with internet video advertising the fasting growing sub sector at 23.9% compound annual growth rate (CAGR), followed by mobile (17.1%).  This is based on a recent PWC   UK report

The UK is the largest internet advertising market in Europe, London is widely seen as the digital advertising capital of Europe given its use of the English Language and is the third largest territory in the world (after the US and China).

A cording to PWC Global Entertainment & Media Outlook predicts that Digital out of home advertising will overtake physical out of home advertising in 2014 and the UK will overtake the total French out of home market in 2015. Responding to consumers continued migration to mobile, mobile advertising will overtake display internet advertising this year to.ket in 2011

Internet and Mobile to be the biggest Media channels in UK for 2018

UK advertising Industry will grow 4% annually over the next 5 years to be worth £19.8bn by 2018.
According to PWC , Online Video and Mobile  would be the key drivers  as  as  digital and mobile goes mainstream and becomes the no 1 media distribution channel. The last 3 years has seen Internet penetration in UK reach its peak....almost The penetration of UK users  however will marginally increases from 77% to 78% , which means that " UK online market has matured and above this point, no growth is expected ..

January 21, 2013

Share of Media Spends on Marketing and Advertising : Global Data

Nielsen Global  media  Spends Report

Though representing a smaller share  of spend at 5.2 percent, Radio  continued to see increases in every  region across the globe, with a 4.3  percent increase in North America  and a slight 0.8 percent increase in  Western Europe. The emerging  markets of Latin America (+12.7%) 

and the Middle East & Africa  (+24.8%) saw more significant  increases for this medium. Online ad spend (specifically display  advertising) contributed to the growth  momentum around the globe, with a  +7.2 percent increase recorded  globally. Global growth was slightly  tempered, however, due to a  decrease in Internet ad spending in  China—an effect of overall advertising  budget cuts in that market.

Global Spend On Advertising led by Indonesia and Egypt

Source : Nielsen Global Ad Spends 

  • Global online consumer confidence decreases three index points in Q2 2012  as compared to earlier year
  • Discretionary spending and saving decreased globally across all sectors, with more than two-thirds of consumers changing spending habits to save on expenses
  • The Euro zone crisis continues to worsen, combined with a downward GDP revision from the economic powerhouse China
Main Facts
  • Advertisers continue to spend cautiously during the first half of 2012, though budgets are on the upswing by +2.7%
  • North America continues to trend positively, increasing ad budgets by 2.4%
  • Europe, on the other hand, makes deeper cuts in advertising budgets—ending the first half of 2012 with a -2.7% decrease in spending vs. 1H 2011

May 22, 2012

With 27% Internet Time in UK spent on Social Media, digital ad spends near 5billion

UK online advertising spend nears 5 bn pounds - Reuters -: " Digital  Marketing is well on its way to becoming  mainstream as brands in Britain spent almost 5 billion pounds advertising online in 2011, with video ads and marketing on social media platforms driving growth to its biggest increase in five years.

The study from the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB), conducted by PwC, said advertising on the internet increased by 14.4% to 4.8 billion pounds in 2011.

The IAB said 39.7 million people were on average accessing the internet each m onth in Britain, while 27% of all the time spent online was spent on social networks.
Among the fastest areas of online growth, spending on online video ads doubled in the year to 109 million pounds and has now grown eight-fold since 2008. Spending on social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn was up 75% to 240 million pounds.
And spending on mobile devices, which is included in online spend, was up 157% to 203 million pounds due to the increasing number of people who own smartphones

Britain has led the way in terms of moving advertising money from traditional areas of spending like newspapers and radio to the internet due to the high level of internet access and the proliferation of smartphones which allow users to access the internet on the go."