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December 27, 2016

china based Ofo to launch bike hailing rental service in US and UK

chinese based Ofo bike sharing service to start its US business"
Mobike locates its vehicles via an integrated GPS. Ofo -- so-named because the word looks like a bicycle -- does so by tracking the smartphones of its riders and sending a code to unlock the bike.

If Chinese entrepreneur Dai Wei has his way, Silicon Valley engineers and London college students will soon be able to ride bicycles made by one of the oldest makers in China, with the swipe on their smartphones.The 25-Year-Old chinese who owns $500 Million Startup Ofo is all set to Fuel China Bike-Share Battle and is set to take this overseas.However instead of selling the bicycles, the 25-year-old Dai wants to persuade cyclists to share them through his startup’s “Uber for Bicycles” business model. Dai’s Beijing Bikelock Technology, also known as Ofo, is poised to ship 20,000 China-made bicycles to the United States and Britain after the Christmas holidays to begin the bike riding service.

The cycle-sharing startup, known as Ofo, won about $100 million backing in September from investors including the venture fund backed by Xiaomi Corp. founder Lei Jun and Didi Chuxing, the ride-hailing giant that just beat Uber Technologies Inc. out of China.However Ofo is setting its sights outside China to survive competition with 17 bicycle-sharing apps on the mainland. However the idea of bike sharing is not a new concept.Bicycle-sharing is hardly new. From London’s Boris Bikes to Taipei’s plan to encourage commuters to ditch their motor vehicles, there are about 640 bicycle-sharing systems operating around the world, with more than 640,000 of the two-wheelers in use. It’s a market that may expand by 20 per cent annually to generate as much as US$5.8 billion in sales by 2020, according to a forecast by Roland Berger, a consultancy. 

What makes startups like Ofo and Mobikes stand out is it allows users to hail a bicycle via their smartphones, and return them wherever they want, instead to set locations. The company goes around after peak hours to collect the bicycles, returning them to pickup points for which it used big data analysis as in-demand areas.The company collects 1 yuan per hour for using its bicycles, and is on the verge of breaking even, Dai said. Ofo plans to charge US$1 per hour for the US market.The  business today has spread to 100 campuses all around China, with 32,918 and counting Ofo bicycles in use, and funding to the tune of 9 million yuan. Starting as a campus project for university students, Ofo is now available in 22 Chinese cities with 5 million registered users.

Ofo was established in September 2015 by three Peking University Cycling Association members who just wanted people to ride bicycles anytime and anywhere. Each bike has its own unique license plate number and QR code, as well as a keypad lock. All you have to do is scan the QR code on the bike, then register on the Ofo bicycle WeChat public account (ID: ofobike). From there select the "use bike" option, Input your phone number, wait for the authentication code text message and then enter the bike license plate number. The keypad lock code is given after that, and then you're ready to ride.To better serve overseas users, Ofo said it will soon launch an English-language app. Shanghai Phoenix Bicycle Co., the oldest producer of two-wheelers since 1897 and an Ofo vendor, will also make larger bicycles more suited to Western physique.

September 5, 2016

10 biotech start ups making waves in silicon valley

Within the  two-square-mile patch of South San Francisco bustles with over 70 biotech firms, including Genentech, Amgen and Exelixis, an equally influential geography has grown along the Lemanic Arc of Switzerland and into the heart of Basel, where pharma giants like Novartis, Actelion and Roche (which acquired Genentech in 2009) have their headquarters. 
The biggest biotech start up with over $9 billion valuation is undoubtedly Theranos.  Its breakthrough advancements have made it possible to quickly process the full range of  240 tests lab tests from a few drops of blood. However some of the newer wave of biotech start ups are pushing the limts of science, take for example Twist Bioscience which is developing data storage for synthetic DNA . Another new kid on the block which has caught investors eye is Koniku . The start up is specializing in neuro-computing by building co-processors made of biological neurons that work alongside traditional silicon processors.

Last year was the biggest ever for venture capital funding into the biotech sector with over $7.4bn invested, according to a report from MoneyTree, The most popular food tech startup,  is Hampton Creek, which is trying to reinvent mayonnaise, has reportedly stretched the truth of their science by  creating food by eliminating animal products.One of the things they are trying to do is to replace eggs with by growing plants in a lab has already raised $120million

July 21, 2016

funding clean technology start ups : 5 VC's that funds upto $10million

These are Among the biggest early stage investors in United States across medical and healthcare Categorry

Rockfort Capital :based out of Boston and invests across advanced hydrocarbons, renewable energy,sustainability and smart grid technologies.It generally funds  start ups from 5$milion to $25million : contact  them

Hercules Capital :based out of  ElmHurst ,illinois provide seed, start up  as well as late stage funding. It has more than 20 start ups in its porfolio.Blurb, Tapjoy and Transmedics are among them.You can directly connect them here

CIT Gap Fund : based out of Virginia mainly invests across seed and early stage.It invests across Biotech, healthcare and life sciences  Among its portfolio. Funding size : $0.1million to $5million. Connect with them

Epic  Ventures :based out of Idaho, rexburg provides  seed and  early stage funding in the range of $1- $5milion.With a fund size of more than. $170million, its highest funding has been upto $5million. Connect with them

Redpoint Ventures based out of Menlo park, California: It provides early stage investments from $1million to $5million.With a huge $2.5billion fund size, it invests across consumer products, media, internet,technology. Connect with them

June 19, 2016

May 3, 2016

10 start ups set to distrupt iOT across Healthcare

" The internet of things across the healthcare space"5  Biggest Disruptions across The Internet of Things (iOT) across the healthcare domain 

Internet of Things across healthcare has been on the upswing for the last one year. iOT across healthcare startups are operating on different pain-points in healthcare and allowing for real-time patient monitoring and prevention care outside of hospital settings. Deals to digital health, an area that encompasses everything from digital therapeutics to health wearables and ingestible connected devices, jumped 20% in 2015.

The start up category across the healthcare  space are concentrated across these key 10 verticals which are
1)Clinical Efficieny
2)Patient monitoring 3)Biometric sensors 4) Home Healthcare 5) Home Health monitoring
6)Brain sensors  and Neurotechnology 7)Fitness and wearables 8)Remote data monitoring
9)Cloud-based Hospital Hygiene System and  To read more on this go here

"key paradigm shift  across Healthcare IOT"

April 1, 2016

VC exits from technology start ups

2015 TECH EXITS BY VC's There were over 3,400 exits in 2015, a 14% increase from 2014. But exits by quarter are trending downward with just 717 exits in Q4’15 – the lowest quarterly total since Q1’14.

VC exits from top 10 biggest Technology start ups

"VC exits from top 10 biggest Technology start ups"

vc activity including start ups exits numbered 3400 last year"

Global tech exits including M&A, IPO trends, and much mores 

February 24, 2016

us states ranked by vc investments across saas start ups

California,New York and Massachusetts are among top 3 US states with the highest investment in SaaS  companies

With over $16 billion investment across Saas Companies, Calfornia VC investment exceeded vc investment of all US states combined by $6billion

US states Ranked  by   "SaaS" start up Venture Fund Deals

Caifornia VC firms have invested $16billion across saas start ups from 2011 to 2014. The VC deals in California was equal to all other US started combined. saas based VC firms invested a total of $11.7 billion,as compared to VC investment of $16billion in california. To read more click below

February 20, 2016

the top 5 start ups that received venture funding this week

The following are the start ups  that got funding this week

  • Snapbizz: Retail technology firm
    Investors : Former CEO of the TATA group Ratan Tata
    Amount : Undisclosed
  • LodgIQ: Hotel revenue management systems
    Investors:Highgate Ventures and Trilantic Capital Partners.
    Amount :$5million
  • Jugnoo :aggregator of auto rides
    vestors:Led by personal HNI TV and film actress Saumya Tandon.
    Amount : Indosclosed
  • Diligent Corp: Maker of boardbook apps
    Investors: Insight Venture
    Amount :$624 million
  • Qualia Media : SasS start up
    Investors : 15 investors led by Verizon Ventures
    Amount : $5.5million

    Scroll down or click below to see  the other Vc deals this week

  • Hometeam, $5 million: seniors home care provider
    Investors:Kaiser Permanente Ventures
    Amount: $5 million

  • Operative: ophthalmic app that allows users to get an eye check via its app
    Investors:Led by Jump Capital along with Tribeca Venture Partners, Pritzker Group Venture Capital, Chicago Ventures,
    Amount : $6million

February 10, 2016

How to promote your start up online ? 3 ways to use google operators

promoting a start up us not easy, apart from press releases, and posting at across your online assets, including blogs and other start up forums .. Its hard to  find out ways to promote your site . However  there are ways to  get a lot of websites and submission directories where you can list your start ups.. To know the secret sauce, there are a few tricks and tips  which you can use to extract the most relevant websites click here

or use the combinations below

Method one : Use this combination on the google search page :

  1. allintitle:post your start up 
  2. allintitle:startup submissions
  3. allintext:list your startup

"How to promote  your start up online ? Google cheat sheet "

10  ways of using google operators to find the list of biggest sites for adding your start up

" tips and tricks on how to get 100 sites for start up Promotion
 The combinations of   search operator is an indication made to google " to crawl  the sites 
 having  the "Title as list your start ups." To get higher number of search results do not add the string" rather try making a broad search

February 1, 2016

which US city leads in having the highest number of founders and ceo's

"new york leads city with highest number of females"

In  terms of  sheer numbers, New York city leads in having  women run business across diverse industries. 

"women backed founders"

When it comes to . Founders who are women, as well as  women CEO"s . New York is number one by a large margin. Neither San Francisco nor Chicago even comes close to New York, in companies with at least one female co-founder. In fact, none of the other cities even break 100.

 According to Techcrunch which takes into account " Crunchbase data on women led start ups reveal the following numbers.
From 2009 to 2014, CrunchBase records 14,341 U.S.-based startups that received funding. Of those, 15.5%, or 2,226, have at least one female founder.start up

January 31, 2016

the biggest IPO's by industry and size

Chinese internet and online shopping giant Alibaba's IPO was the biggest IPO in the history if financial markets. The number 2 biggest IPO was Votorantim Cimentos followed by Citizen Financial group , which is ranked number 3 The IPO of .Syncrony Financial  was the 4th largest, thereby making the fintech industry  the highest number of record setting initial public offering ,IPO history.

early stage uk vc investors looking to fund start ups upwards of $50 million

The list below shows the to 6 united kingdom based venture capital investors who invests across early start ups ,funding within a range from $5 million to $500 million .

Venture Capital Firms | FindTheCompany :Top 10 VC investors in UK for early stage start ups

January 29, 2016

global upsurge in venture funding reached all time high: 10 charts that tell the story

January 21, 2016

January 19, 2016

These 10 Start up Unicorns are paying the best salary to retain the best

For unicorns.. getting the right people  are at times  bigger than clients. Unlike bigger and established  companies that have the continuity of legacy  infrastructure : to back them.. years of business continuity where systems and process are replicated to the T

In Start ups however its  the ability to scale up, adding value  and faster turnaround times needs more than talented people  who are willing to get out of their comfort zone at a cost.. Most of that times.. its " compensation" along with other perks that play a key role in getting the right people
"biggest unicorns that pay the highest salaries"

This chart shows which Unicorns pay the  best salary based on the market. The data  is based on " crunchbase lederboard and been matched with glassdoor reviews

p 20 highest paying startup unicorns. These 10 Start up Unicorns are paying the best salary to retain the best

1.CLOUDERA - provides  Apache Hadoop-based software and support to businesses,
Compnsation :One of the best paymasters across start ups with mployee median salary coming in at more than $142,000. .

2.JAWBONE  –A wearable health and fitness company  which tracks  you while you work out
Average base median annual salary $130,000

3.MEDALLIA – provides cust services as SaaS platform  to hospitality, retail, and financial sectors  Average median annual base salary $121,920 –

4.PINTEREST– median annual base salary $118,420

5.DROPBOX – cloud storage start up.
Average median annual base salary $116,840

6.AIRBNB– biggest vacation and rental marketplace
Average  median annual base salary $116,840 –

7. KABAM – develops online Gaming
Average median annual base salary $116,840 –

8. APPDYNAMICS – Performance analysis app
Average median annual base salary $114,218

9. CREDITKARMA – provides free Credit Report to consumers
Average median annual base salary $111,760

10.OKTA – helps business manage  their security and online identity
Average  median annual base salary $110,000

January 18, 2016

money transfers and point of sales start up eccostem

"money transfers and point of sale start ups"

Featured above are the key start up players across  POS ( Point of sale and money transfer services )

Online payment services: Startups including Stripe and WePay that help businesses move their payments-processing online and make it more available, secure, and inexpensive.

Billing automation and streamlining: Zuora and Paymentus, among others which help automate financial processes and billing.

Point-of-sale payments: iZettle, Revel Systems and others offer point-of-sale products and services, including card readers, stands, and digital storefronts.

 Among the pubic companies Square has put more of an emphasis on small business lending and financial services

 Personal payment services: Start ups  like  like MobiKwik and Affirm focus on providing consumers with more convenient payment platforms. niches.

Bitcoin payments: Companies like Coinbase and BitPay that use digital currency to make payments faster and more secure

January 17, 2016

start ups funding by industry and countries

"start ups fundings by industry and countries"

"list of start up funded by VC across the world"
Internet web services , consumer products and Entertainment are among the most  funded start ups ,followed by healthcare, lifesttle and Software.
New York saw the highest number of start up funding with 17.7% start ups being invested and backed by VC's, followed by California and Florida.
In terms of top 3 nations which highest number of start ups being  funded, US, India and France had seen the highest among  of start ups being funded  by VC investors ,followed by Brazil, Israel and UK.

5 indian start ups who raised 2nd funding round within 6 months

"Indian start ups that got its 2nd funding round within 6 months"" the making of india as the world's 3rd biggest start up nation"

The above chart shows the list of Indian start ups that got its second round of funding with 6 months,Among  them are

  • Furniture rental service urban clap, the online grocery chain Grofers
  • Education and Training start up " Simplilearn" .
  • On demand  grocery delivery startup pepper tap
  • Online food ordering start" Swiggy"
  • Messaging app "Lookup"which connects local merchants  and customers
  • Online baby and kids store" FirstCry" 

December 6, 2015

top 10 quotes on getting start up funding

Whether you are trying to pitch your business to VC investors,or planning to scale up your company to the next level. Here  are some of  best quotes on start up funding .   Some of the best quotes by worlds leading CEO's of some of the greatest brands in the world

  1. “Your reputation is more important than your paycheck, and your integrity is worth more than your career.” - Ryan Freitas, co-founder  
  2.  “Be undeniably good. No marketing effort or social media buzzword can be a substitute for that.” - Anthony Volodkin, Hype Machine founder 
  3. Money is like gasoline during a road trip.You don’t want to run out of gas on your trip, but you’re not doing a tour of gas stations.” - Tim O’Reilly, O’Reilly Media founder and CEO 
  4. “If you can’t feed a team with two pizzas, it’s too large.” - Jeff Bezos, Amazon founder and CEO 
  5. “Don’t worry about people stealing your design work. Worry about the day they stop.” - Jeffrey Zeldman, A List Apart Publisher 
  6. Chase the vision, not the money, the money will end up following you.” - Tony Hsieh, Zappos CEO 
  7. The value of an idea lies in the using of it.” - Thomas Edison, General Electric Co-founder 
  8. Make every detail perfect and limit the number of details to perfect.” - Jack Dorsey, Twitter co-founder 
  9. Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.” - Steve Jobs, Apple