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September 18, 2015

Follow the brand : 20 facts and statistics about Uber

" The rise of the number of start up in history :amazing facts on Uber


There are over 13,400 taxis in NYC, of which anywhere from 67 to 85 percent of those on the road are driven by Uber one time.

Over a 24-hour period on July 19th there was an average of 3,198 drivers in New York City on Uber’s platform

The month of June saw 3,492,389 Uber pickups in NYC. While this pales in comparison to the 14,000,000+ trips provided a month by NYC yellow cabs,

  1.  Uber annual revenue $1,750,000,000 
  2. Number of Uber users 8,100,000 
  3. Number of Uber drivers 160,000
  4. Uber is present in 91 US cities
  5.  Median U.S. Uber driver annual income including tips $17,793 
  6. Median UberX driver income in New York who drives 40 hours per week $90,000
  7. Median UberX driver income in Dallas who drives 40 hours per week $60,000 
  8. Number of countries Uber services 50 countries
  9. Total number of cities Uber services 250 cities
  10. Average number of daily Uber trips 1,000,000 
  11. Average number of new drivers added to Uber monthly 50,000
  12.  Percent of the US population that has access to Uber 55% 
  13. Uber’s most profitable day : December 31st $11,000,000 
  14. Number of cities Uber operates in India 11 cities 
  15. Uber has completed 91,200 rides which has ended at the People’s Square in Shanghai, 
  16. If you combine all Uber trips in the past 5 years, the total distance is  a round trip to saturn
  17. Largest Uber Cities by Monthly Revenue Monthly Revenue 

    1. New York City $26,000,000 
    2. Los Angeles $14,250,000 c) 
    3. San Francisco $17,900,000 d)
    4. Chicago $12,550,000 e)
    5. Washington D.C. $11,700,000