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October 28, 2015

Highest Paid CEO's compared with their 1 year shareholder return to investors

These are the top 10 highest paid Chief Executive Officers

" shareholding return by highest paid CEOs
CEO compensation vs shareholder return

Top 10 CEO compensation ranked by Shareholder Returns

While compensation levels of CEO's have skyrocketed.. so have the attrition rate . The average stay of Fortune 500 CEO's have today come down to an average of less than 3 years compared to 5 years a decade ago. This chart published by Wall Street Journal compares the compensation of top 10 executives versus the shareholder return in the last one year.

Only 4 companies  General Electric ,Liberty Global , Aetna and Estee Launder managed to deliver a whooping more than 100% return , with GE and Liberty global delivering 250% shareholder return

Oracle's Larry Ellison and  Iger Roberts of Walt Disney have their shareholders a negative return of -18% and -8%

October 27, 2015

asian start up companies with over $1billion valuation : top 15 list


" asian only billion dollar unicorns"

These are the top 15 start up companies in Asia which has been valued above a billion USD.

" asian biggest start ups over a billion dollar valuation"

European tech start ups with the highest valuations

These are the top 10 European start ups with highest valuation

" european start ups with highest valuations"

, Global Fashion group and Delivery hero are among the top 3 European start ups with the highest valuation.

Spotify is valued at $8.5billion with a total equity funding of $1.0billion,
The global fashion group is valued at $3.5billlion with a equity of $1.5billion.
Delivery Hero ranks number 3 most valued start up with 3.1billion USD  having been funded to the extent of 1.3billion USD

US top 3 billion dollar start up valuation exceed $95billion

These are the top 10 highest valued start ups
" US top 10 billion dollar start ups"

" start up valuation to funding ratio"
source : Wsj

The top 3 start ups  in US is now valued at a combined $95 billion. Uber leads the list with $51billion  followed by  Airbnb which is valued at  $25.5billion while Palantir is valued at $20billion
Snapchat and SpaceX is respectively valued $16billion and $12billion .

Meanwhile in terms of available funding these 5 top start up companies  has been funded combined upto the tune of $16billion. Effectively the  start up funding to valuation ratio for these top 5 companies is 5 times.

10 biggest technology start ups in terms of valuation

The biggest start ups by valuation

For a start up, being a unicorn ( over  $1 billion valuation )was considered a massive success for tech startups. But in recent years that one billion seems to be a history, as billion-dollar valuations are almost starting to feel routine rather a norm in tech industry.The start up darling continues to be the cab aggregator site UBER which in the last few months, once more raise its equity funding to $7.4 billion. UBER is now  worth over $50billion, and is valued currently with  $51 billion, according to statista

That is double the worth of Airbnb, which is third in the ranking of the world’s top 10 startups with a valuation of  $25 billion 

Xiaomi which has over the last one year notched up impressive marketshare is now valued at $46 billion 

Snapchat ranks 5th in the list with $16billion valuation meanwhile Indian eCommerce  marketplace Flipkart is valued at $15billion, out of  total funding  of $billion it received 

Walmart, Yum Brands and McDonald's are the top 3 biggest US employers

These are the top 30 biggest employers


 Company                                                                                                                      Employees      
" america's biggest employers"

The US Government is one of Apple's biggest Customers :Billing from Govt contracts

Apple does a huge chunk of work for the US  Government  and  it has been working with the US Defence, Security and Exchange Board, Federal divisions, and NASA

"apple's list of govt contracts"
Since 2000 Apple has signed on a record 1299 contracts with the US Government with 75 being signed only in 2014 , with a guaranteed amount of $30.3million(source)

VC funding vs PE vs Hedge Funds : Investors behind PINTEREST

These are the top 5 biggest Pinterest Inventors s

The Investors behind PINTEREST

1)Venture Capital Investors: 

a)Bessemer Venture Partners
b)FirstMark Capital
c)Andreessen Horowitz

2)Private Equity Investors: 

a)Goldman Sach

3)Corporate Investors:
a)Fidelity Management & Research Company
b) Rakuten

 4)Hedge Fund Investors:
a)Valiant Capital Partners

October 26, 2015

American CEO's with most generous compensation packages

These are the top 10 highest paid jobs

The average American makes $50,000 to $70,000 per year. The lowest-compensated person on this list — a breakdown of America’s 25 highest-compensated executives — made $44.3 million in 2014. In America.. the CEO-to-employee pay ratios, numbers can be sometimes be as lopsided as 738-to-1. Globally this might be more
 To put that in context, the typical American would have to work 738 years straight to match the 2014 compensation for David C. Drummond, Google’s chief legal officer and senior vice president of corporate development.The following table breaks down each of the 25 highest-paid executives in America, complete with the year-over-year change in compensation, where available. The data comes from the SEC and is visualized by FindTheCompany.

Top 10 US cities with highest pay vs highest number of jobs

Which US Cities has the biggest pay and highest career options

The above chart shows the changes in salaries across the last 15 years in US and how it has changed over the last few years

The charts above compares US cities whihc pays highest that any other US city vs US cities which provide the highest employment

CEO compensation face off : Microsoft vs Oracle

Compensation levels compared between the 2 tech giants : Microsoft's satya Nadella vs  Oracle's Lawrence Elison


Executive Chairman of the Board and CTO at Oracle
Total Annual Compensation: $67,261,251
Reported Accumulated Compensation: $622,002,138


director and CEO of Micrososft
Age: 47 ETotal Annual Compensation: $84,308,755
 Reported Accumulated Compensation: $91,977,707

October 15, 2015

the real reason why iphones and ipads cannot be manufactured in US

r those of you using apple products . specially iphone and ipad would have noticed the following t? "Designed by Apple in California. Assembled in China.". So why exactly does ipad and iphone cannot be made in US, is it the cost of production, the costs of labor in US that makes it  difficult to made iphones in US.. Why cant  apple 's  iPhones, iPads, and all the rest of Apple's magic gadgets be built in the States?

"'apple's iphone and ipad components that are outsourced"

The real story of why this cant be done ... will be a revelation .. and its also a sad  comment how America  have been loosing its " manufacturing base"  and we are no longer producing the kind of people " with the required skills "

 The New York Times asked that question, and after an extremely well-researched report involving interviews with both former and current executives at Apple, the answer the Times found is both simple and chilling: iPhones aren't made in America because they just can't be, not because of  manufacturing costs and other hyperbole . The infrastructure and labor force that apple needs to manufacture iphones and ipads  doesn't  exist at any levels  in US , which is necessary to support Apple's operations -- in fact its not even close to China...

  • The Chinese factory where most iPhones reach final assembly employs 230,000 workers. Compare this with US: how many cities in the US have a population higher than that, ( according to SIRI the answer was a mere 83 cities )-- and that's total population, not workforce. With an average labor force of around 65 percent of the population, only 50 US cities are large enough to provide that kind of labor pool... and even in the biggest US city of them all, New York, 230,000 people still amounts to almost three percent of the city's entire population. 
  •  One of apple's biggest supplier Foxconn  has  over  60,000 people living and working at the factory. Many of the people at "Foxconn City" work six days a week, twelve hours a day.. In US you just cannot do that .Apple employs 43,000 people in the United States, less than a fifth the number of contractor employees assembling iPhones at one Chinese factory
  • Even though the 200,000 assembly-line workers putting part A into slot B could potentially be classified as unskilled labor, the 8700 industrial engineers overseeing the process  are highly skilled -- and according to the nytimes Times, finding that many qualified engineers in the States would take 9 months . Chinese manufacturers found them all in 15 days..In US the demand and supply gap between engineers who  graduates every year is appalling .
 So the reason of iphone being manufactured  is not " a merely"  manufaturing cost issue,, Instead, it's about who can build manufacture  the greatest number of iPhones within the shortest period of time, all while remaining flexible and instantaneously adaptable to Apple's needs.

October 14, 2015

tesla motors driver less cars with auto pilot and self parking soon in the anvil

These are the top 10 facts on Tesla motors

" the making of tesla motors"

The most fun thing about driving a Tesla Model S might be not driving at all. The electric car company has unveiled a new software update that will allow its TESLA  Model S cars to automatically steer, and maintain safe distance from cars both sideways and in front  including change lanes, and park on their own.

 However  Elon Musk refuses to call it an  autonomous car—it’s not quite there yet, though Musk says his vision is o eventually produce fully driverless cars without steering wheels or pedals. Instead, Tesla is billing the new capabilities as “autopilot” features that will occasionally require hands on the steering wheel

About 60,000 Model S vehicles will get these autopilot features over the coming week. The update will be downloaded and installed automatically in all Model S cars, but only those sold since September 2014 come standard with the necessary equipment for autopilot mode, including an ultrasonic sensor, front-facing camera, forward radar, and GPS navigation with high-precision digital maps.

October 12, 2015

List of 10 iphone component suppliers which gets over 70% revenue from Apple

Apple's driving enormous profits for its suppliers. Apple outsources almost all its internal components and devices used for the manufacturing of its iphone from RAM,screens and power amplifiers.The below chart shows the list of top 10 Suppliers who gets its highest business from Apple.
s " list of apple suppliers for manufacturing the iphones"
These are the top device suppliers which helps apple makes its iphones The latest supplier to come on board include Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., the chip foundry that Apple is using to make processors that have long been provided by Samsung Electronics With the notable exception of the A5 processor, most of the components used to make the iPhone are also manufactured overseas, For component suppliers Apple is a huge catch as they vie together in a fiercely competitive market to get business from Apple.With $171 billion in sales in its last fiscal year -- on par with the gross domestic product of Vietnam -Apple plays kingmaker by picking who provides semiconductors, graphics processors and other parts, helping to determine the fate of companies from California to China.

Internet Explorer preferred by 52% desktop global users

Web Browser Marketshare for desktops

Internet explorer marketshare across dekstop browsers has crossed 50% . In september 2015,IE marketshare was 52% while google chrome ranked a distant 2nd with overall 30% of browser marketshare as of

Meanwhile Firefox with 11.5% and Opera with 5.6% were at the bottom.Chrome has seen a rise of 10% as compared to 2014 October where it had a desktop marketshare of 20%.

October 11, 2015

October 4, 2015

top 10 facts you did not know about Fedex"

  • FedEx Revenue 2015 $47.45 billion 
  •  Number of packages shipped annually by FedEx 1.25 billion
  • Total miles traveled each day by FedEx couriers (equivalent to 100 trips around earth) 2.5 million
  • Number of countries and territories FedEx delivers to 220 
  • Number of full time FedEx employees 300,000 
  • Percent of shipped packages lost by FedEx 0.55 % 
  • Historic high Fedex stock price at wall street was on  Feb 17, 2007 when it reached :$120.97 
  • Lowest Historic Stock Price May 6, 1980 when it reached  $2.50 
  • Number of delivery vans in the FedEx fleet 43,000 
  • Number of airplanes in the FedEx fleet: 654 
  • Number of  air fleet  Fedex lifts daily :30 million pound
  •  Total daily miles traveled by the FedEx air fleet 500,000 
  • Amount FedEx paid to aquire Kinko’s $2.4 billion in cash 
  • Highest FedEx employee salary – IT Manager $123,000
  •  Lowest FedEx employee – Customer Service Representative $10.42 / hour 

  • October 2, 2015

    US unemployed at 5.1%, as non farm increased by 142,000 in september

    "US unemployed increased by 142,000 in september"

    Total nonfarm payroll employment increased by 142,000 in September, and the unemployment rate was unchanged at 5.1 percent. Job gains occurred in health care and information, while mining employment fell.
    Here are the latest numbers from US bureau of labor stats

    1.  Unemployment Rate: 5.1% in Sep 2015 Historical Data Change in Unemployment Level: -114,000 in Sep 2015 
    2. Historical Data Change in Employment Level: -236,000 in Sep 2015
    3.  Historical Data Change in Civilian Labor Force Level: -350,000 in Sep 2015 
    4. Historical Data Civilian Labor Force Participation Rate: 62.4% in Sep 2015
    5.  Historical Data Employment-Population Ratio: 59.2% in Sep 2015