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October 27, 2011

Social Web Referrals :How StumbleUpon is Decimating Facebook and Twitter

If you like to share links to articles and videos via the little social sharing buttons that appear on Web pages like this one, you're probably going to be interested in the service that gives you the most bang for your click. And it turns out that social sharing service is StumbleUpon.

Move aside Facebook and Twitter, Stumbleupon is totally anhilating  competition by a  long shot . Of course, that bit  Infographic  comes to us from StumbleUpon itsel, and so you have the right to " take it with a grain of salt. That said, the infographic below lays out the whys and wherefores of StumbleUpon's particular stickiness as a sharing service in a field of competitors such as Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, Digg, Youtube, and LinkedIn.

StumbleUpon breaks the metrics down in terms of "half-life" of a shared Web link, which it defines as the point at which the link has received half of the engagement it will ever get, presumably as measured by a social linking service after the link has been shared via that service.

So a link shared via StumbleUpon has a half-life of 400 hours, which simply dwarfs the 2.8 hours you're getting when you share a link via Twitter or the moderately more impressive 3.2 hours you get from Facebook.

Nevertheless, StumbleUpon's numbers are impressive, particularly in terms of page view length as compared with its rivals and the volume of social media traffic the sharing service claims to drive—which is slightly more than half of all of it in the U.S., again, by StumbleUpon own telling.

source : PcMag

September 19, 2011

Stumbleupon Doubles its UK Marketshare as ,Facebook loses 20%

Source :Statscounter   UK Social Media Marketshare
After leading in US Market and becoming the number one  Social Media in US, Stumbleupon is taking a shot  for the no 1 in UK. For the  last 6 months  Stumbleupon has seen its Marketshare double from 14% to 28%. While Facebook declines  from 72% in April,2011 to 54% in August,2011

August 22, 2011

50% Social Media Referral Traffic in US Comes From Stumbleupon

According to StatCounter's measurements, StumbleUpon has just surpassed Facebook and now delivers more than half of all social media referral traffic in the U.S. StumbleUpon founder and CEO Garrett Camp tweeted the news this afternoon.

Facebook achieved this goal in April of 2010, but StumbleUpon was already well on its way. At that time, StumbleUpon already gave twice as many referrals as Twitter. StumbleUpon's user experience is fanciful and fun, but its traffic power for publishers is quite serious. While the other social networks make the headlines, StumbleUpon has been a quiet success story.

StumbleUpon uses collaborative filtering (an automated process combining human opinions with machine learning of personal preference) to create virtual communities of like-minded Web surfers. Rating Web sites update a personal profile (a blog-style record of rated sites) and generate peer networks of Web surfers linked by common interest. These social networks coordinate the distribution of Web content, so that users "stumble upon" pages explicitly recommended by friends and peers.

Major Milestones of Stumbleupon
December 2002:StumbleUpon had 1 million users

May 2007:StumbleUpon was purchased by eBay

May 2008:StumbleUpon said that before the end of May 2008, it would have collected its five-billionth stumble. More than one billion of which would have taken place in 2008 alone.

September 2008 eBay hired Deutsche Bank to try to sell StumbleUpon again

April 13 2009: founders Garrett Camp and Geoff Smith and other investors including Ram Shriram bought the company.

May 2010: Reaches more than 10,000,000 members

August 2011 :StumbleUpon reached 25 billion stumble mark, at which point they were adding over one billion stumbles per month.

May 27, 2011

Social Media Consumption Demographics: Infographic

Advertising Age
  • Nearly 4 Million people in the United States are on LinkedIn, making it by far the most popular country for the professional networking site, though there are millions of users in India, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Italy and several other countries as well.
  • Nearly six in 10 of all Facebook users live in the ten countries where the site is most popular, including Germany, the Philippines, Turkey and Indonesia.
  • There are more female Twitter users than male Twitter users and the social service is used, predominantly, by those between the ages of 18 and 49.

    Still, nearly 14 percent of the service is made up of individuals who fall between the ages of 50 and 64.
  • Users who have listed cats as an interest on Facebook are 86.5 percent female, but users who listed baseball as an interest are almost evenly divided between females (45 percent) and males (55 percent).

  • Bebo - Over 40% are 17 and under followed by 35-44 and 55-64 at just under 15%
  • Delicious - Over 25% of users are 35-44
  • Digg – 35-44 constitute over 25% of the total user base followed by just under 20% at 25-34 (80% of users are over 25)
  • Twitter – More than 25% of users are 35-44, trailed by the 45-54 group at less than 20% (65% of all users are over the age of 35 with less than 20% representing the 24 and under age groups)
  • Facebook - ~25% of users are 45-54 with the 35-44 group at just 20% (61% are 35 or older)
  • – Almost 20% are under 17 with the 35-44 category also representing just under 20%
  • LinkedIn – Less than 30% are 35-44, 20% are 45-54 and more than 15% are 55-64
  • LiveJournal -25-34 and 35-44 are tied at 20+% percent each
  • MySpace - Over 30% of all users are under 17 and slightly less than 20% are 45-54
  • Ning – 25% of 35-44 and over 60% are 35 and older
  • Reddit - 30% are 35-44
  • Slashdot – More than 30% are 35-44
  • StumbleUpon – The 35-44 segment symbolize just under 30% of all users followed by 25-34 at just under 20%
  • Tagged - Almost 30% are 45-54 and slightly over 25% are under 17

    source : Briansolis

May 9, 2011

Social Media In North American leaders and Laggards

The North American  Continent Is led by the usual suspect in the number spot. However Stumbleupon   has brought on its marketing machine back with 26% Marketshare in Social Media Vertical. The third and the fourth spot is claimed by Twitter and you tube with a very small percentage difference between them

April 7, 2011

One Billion Stumbles and Counting

Social content discovery service StumbleUpon has surpassed a monumental milestone  in March when one billion  users of StumbleUpon had stumbled more than 1 billion times in March.
Earlier in January,  StumbleUpon had broken a new record with 27.5 million stumbles in one day

The news was announced on Twitter Wednesday by StumbleUpon founder and CEO Garrett Camp. Taking a look at a graph which displays the number of monthly stumbles shows remarkable growth — the service has more than doubled the number of stumbles per month since July 2010. At the time of this writing, StumbleUpon has 15,442,285 members.

StumbleUpon makes its money via advertised pages, which are presented via the same algorithm that dictates the rest of the content that you’ll stumble. A fixed amount of money is paid for every recommendation of an advertised page.

StumbleUpon was founded in November 2001 by Garret Camp, Geoff Smith, Justin LaFrance and Eric Boyd during Garrett's time in post-graduate school in Calgary, Canada.StumbleUpon was owned by eBay from May 2007, when it was acquired for $75 million until April 2009, when Garrett Camp, Geoff Smith and several investors bought it back. StumbleUpon is now an independent, investor-backed startup once again, with offices in San Francisco and New York City.

While Reddit and StumbleUpon are performing well, Digg — a service which was at the forefront of social content curation — has been in a tailspin since launching version 4.0. Digg’s downfall has been so spectacular that, despite attempting to win back users by adding more features to the service, even its founder Kevin Rose has moved on.

January 26, 2011

January 6, 2011

Traffic to StumbleUpon jumps 98% ,Beats Facebook as Largest Social Referrer

Social discovery service StumbleUpon made headlines yesterday when CEO Garrett Camp tweeted out that it had surpassed Facebook in terms of referral traffic on StatCounter.

According to Statcounter, StumbleUpon is now responsible for 43% of all major social media site (StumbleUpon, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, Myspace and Digg) traffic on the 15 billion pageviews that the analytics service tracks. Facebook is at 38%. This means that the site is the largest referrer of traffic to the social sites.

Stumbleupon has been growing at 20% month over month for the last couple of months, partially because it introduced StumbleUpon for the iPhone and Android in August and an iPad app in April. Mobile engagement, which represents 5% of all Stumbles, is growing at 40%. Web-only Stumbling, as opposed to the vast oeuvre of browser plugins and toolbars, is growing at a 25% rate. The site also gains around 500-600K new registered users monthly on average and boasts a 40% daily active user rate.

The site promotes brand discovery; content is categorized according to industries and topics, and the pages recommended can come from any number of sources. Content is suggested to users based on what they like and what fellow users deem interesting across the web