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February 7, 2011

The Top Brands Super Bowl Twitter Buzz"

Many of the super bowl  ads have already leaked onto YouTube, and some have pulled out in front of the pack, certain to be standouts in today's game.

This data is from the Meltwater Group, using its Meltwater Buzz social media monitoring tool to calculate volume of tweets generated by each one of these brands since last Friday, more than a week ago.

The Meltwater’s Buzz social media monitoring tool, have been measuring tweets for over a week now with the infographic showing the top 10 brands in the pre-buzz.Among the the top brand on Twitter at the moment is Volkswagen with 2,803 tweets, followed  by Audi on 1,350 tweets and then in third it’s Groupon on 1,106 tweets. The top ten is completed by Best Buy, Doritos, Kung Fu Panda, Homeaway Inc., Pirates of the Caribbean, Mercedes and Skechers in that order

However, this is the pre-buzz on Twitter. A study from marketing technology and research firm Alterian shows PepsiCo’s Doritos leading the pre-game buzz bowl, but it’s not all positive.

Take a look at the top 10, and then at the bottom check out the clever video that spurred the most pre-buzz for its brand in this contest, Volkswagen with its Star Wars-themed masterpiece.

February 8, 2008

Super Bowl Advertisers and Social Media Mismatch

Super Bowl Advertisers Fumble in Search and Social Media but Make Other Gains - Marketing Charts: "Some of the biggest brands in the world vie to capitalize on the buzz created by their Super Bowl commercials, but not all advertisers were able to maximize their multimillion-dollar investments by successfully linking TV ads to their online presence, according to Reprise Media.

Reprise Media released its fourth annual Search Marketing Scorecard (SMS), which ranks Super Bowl advertisers based on the level of integration between their television commercials and presence in search and social media - essentially measuring how prepared each brand is to capture online interest and buzz.

Among this year’s key findings:

  • Though Pepsi led the pack in this year’s SMS, the majority of non-alcoholic beverage advertisers consistently failed to include a URL or call to action in their TV spot.
  • Only 6% of the Super Bowl advertisers gave a call to action in their commercials.
  • Just 28% of brands purchased ads against Super Bowl-related keywords, a slight increase over last year’s level.
  • 93% of advertisers did not buy search placement for concepts related to their ads - terms related to spokesperson, mascot, celebrity or tagline.
  • None of the Super Bowl ads pointed to their social media presence on MySpace, YouTube or Facebook. Less than one-fifth showed Super Bowl-related content on social networks.
  • 70% of advertisers were buying placement in paid search against their brand name, close to a 20% increase over last year.
  • Advertisers are getting better at including the relevant URL in their ads (with 84% displaying a URL in their commercials) - and all of them leading to the right landing page.

“In an increasingly fragmented media world, the Super Bowl represents the last of the true mass-marketing opportunities available to advertisers,” said Peter Hershberg, Managing Partner of Reprise Media.

“As we’ve seen throughout the past four years of our study, the buzz created by an audience that large can cause huge spikes in online behavior. Marketers that overlook search and social media are potentially missing out on a huge opportunity to engage with interested consumers during the game.”

Through a partnership with Compete, Reprise Media will analyze data on user behavior and online traffic trends surrounding Super Bowl Sunday and release a whitepaper reviewing the results of this analysis, the company said.