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November 22, 2012

November 17, 2012

China accounts for 26% Global Smartphone shipments

This year, China will account for 26.5 percent of all smartphone shipments, compared to 17.8 percent in the United States.

China has surpassed the United States in smartphone sales in the past. However, only in the first quarter of this year did it become clear that the smartphone gap between China and the United States would become a “long-lasting gulf that won’t be bridged,” said Kevin Restivo, a senior research analyst with IDC.
What’s driving the spike in China? Cheaper Android smartphones priced below $200, like those made by Huawei, according to IDC.Over all, Android phones are outselling the iPhone by about eight times in China, More than 42 million smartphones  have been shipped in China in Q2 2012. According to  Canalys research .That represents 199 percent year-on-year growth in smartphone sales in China, and 32 percent up on the previous quarter.

Other major markets for smartphones include the U.K., India, and Brazil, with 5.3 percent, 2.2 percent, and 1.8 percent of the global market in 2011, respectively. Of those countries, India and Brazil will continue to increase their growth rate in 2012, but the U.K.’s growth rate will slow.

Pinterest For Business Launched

One of the hottest and fastest-growing social networks " Pinterest"  has started a business  Pinterest which allows business and brands to use Pinterest for online brand building and marketing.
A growing number of brands has started embracing Pinterest , and it's no surprise that a growing number of brands are making the image-centric service a part of their social media strategy.

But up until now, their activities on Pinterest have technically been in violation of the service's rules, which forbade commercial usage.
The official rules of engagement changed yesterday, however, as Pinterest officially launched Pinterest for Business. Pinterest product manager Cat Lee announced the move on the company blog, explaining:
If your organization is new to Pinterest, sign up on Pinterest for a business account. Existing accounts on Pinterest can be easily converted by following the steps on the business site.
Signing up on our business site allows you to specify your business name (instead of first name and last name) and go through an optimized new user flow...

November 14, 2012

The End of Traffic Jams : % IBM's path breaking Innovation

IBM Unveils Groundbreaking Technology to Reduce Traffic Jams on the Road: Drivers may soon spend less time stuck in a traffic jam thanks to groundbreaking technology developed by IBM.
Researchers at the tech giant teamed up with Lyon, France to build a system that helps traffic operators at the city’s transportation management center reduce congestion on the road, and restore traffic flow.

IBM 's  comprehensive survey of 8,042 drivers in 20 cities were included in the research. Drivers were asked a total of 27 questions, such as the duration of their longest commute, their best and worst roadways and how gas prices affect their choices

Using real-time traffic data, they can evaluate an incident with “predictive traffic management technology” to determine how to keep vehicles moving, according to a release. Called “Decision Support System Optimizer” or DSSO, it can detect incidents, predict the impact of these incidents, predict traffic and suggest the best course of action to take to solve a problem.

November 12, 2012

RIM BlackBerry 10 launch on 2013,January 30th

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Blackberry 10 Global Search Trends

RIM BlackBerry 10 Slated For Jan. 30 Reveal: Research In Motion plans to launch the BlackBerry 10 on January 30, 2013.  RIM's   launch will occur simultaneously in various cities around the world after  a delay of nearly a year. At this launch event, RIM will not only be showcasing the brand new operating system but will also be launching new smartphones powered by the OS.
 latest Rumors suggest that  new smartphone from Blackberry stable  will be powered by 1.5 GHz TI OMAP dual-core CPU and have 1GB of RAM, 16GB of internal storage, and a 8-megapixel camera on board.

This contradicts the reports so far that indicate BlackBerry 10 smartphones will be powered by Snapdragon S4 Pro quad-core processor. This day will mark the official launch of its new platform - BlackBerry 10, as well as the unveiling of the first two BlackBerry 10 smartphone  RIM has teased bits and pieces of the user interface and certain features, such as BlackBerry Flow and BlackBerry Hub, but it has stopped well short of revealed everything about the new platform.

November 10, 2012

British Airways to start support for Apple's Passbook

Passbook is just one of the 200 new features in Apple's just-updated mobile operating system, providing a place for users to keep movie tickets, retail coupons, and more in one place. Available on the iPhone and iPod touch, Passbook displays coupons' …

British Airways planning to add support for Apple's Passbook: Appleinsider reports that the Passbook feature in iOS 6 may gain another major partner in the form of British Airways, as the airline has signaled its interest in Apple's e-ticketing system.

According to  a response from a company representative. British Airways confirmed that its team is already looking in to Passbook support.

"I'm pleased to confirm that the team are already looking into our website being able to work with the new Apple app, available with the iOS6 upgrade," the company representative wrote in an e-mail. "Please be assured that we will get our Passbook-compatible functionality live on as soon as we can."

British Airways already offers digital boarding passes through its official iOS application. But the carrier does not yet offer integration with Apple's Passbook.

November 6, 2012

Who's Raking in the Highest Profit Margins from Tablets: Microsoft vs Google

Microsoft Surface has higher margin than Apple iPad: IHS - The Times of India: Microsoft and Apple are garnering the highest profit margins for their tablets, followed by Google and then Amazon, according to research firm IHS.

Crushing Competition the Apple Way :2012 Tablet Market by IDC shows  iPhone  leading the charts with Samsung,Asus,Lenevo

2012 Tablet Marketshare: Commanding 68% of the market,Apple rules the charts with Samsung managing 9% which is a difference of  58% point difference between the no 1 and the number second with a huge margin

The above graph by Asymco  shows how As the following graph shows Apple gross margins and its operating margins have both been on a consistent upward slope since early 2006.

How much does it costs the Tech firms  to manufacture a Tablet :Does the higher price of iPad makes more profit for Apple. Well seems that is not true as Microsoft's first self-made tablet, the Surface, costs about $267 in parts and labour when excluding its optional keyboard cover. It went on sale on October 26 priced at $499, for a profit margin of around 46 percent. Surface comes with a 10.6-inch (26.9-centimeter) screen measured diagonally, and can access the internet only through Wi-Fi. The price is for its base model with 32 gigabytes of memory.

With a similar configuration, the Microsoft Surface Tablet  makes more  more profit han Apple did when it released its third-generation iPad in March.

Apple's third-generation Wi-Fi-only iPad with 32GB of memory and a 9.7-inch (24.6-centimeter) screen cost an estimated $333 and retailed for $599, for a 44%  profit margin. The 16GB base model cost $316 and was priced at $499, for a profit margin of 37 percent.

Cambodia Mobile Penetration at 139%,Worlds 1st Nation where Mobile exceeds Landlines

Cambodia Generates a Quarter of All Web Traffic on Mobiles [INFOGRAPHIC]: Cambodia is unusual in Asia for having a largely rural population – only 20 percent live in an urban environment. Perhaps as a direct result of this, Cambodia’s 15 million inhabitants are pioneers of the mobile web. Recently, Cambodia was the first country in the world to claim more mobile phones than landlines, and this new infographic report from WeAreSocial reveals that almost one quarter of all the nation’s internet activity comes from mobile phones.

November 5, 2012

Chinese Mobile Web Overtakes PC, with 72% using mobile to go online

Mobile Web overtakes PC Web in China | mobiThinking: China has reached another monumental milestone as the number of Chinese people accessing the Internet on a mobile phone has now surpassed the number accessing the Web using a PC.

“Mobile phone has become No. 1 Internet access terminal in China.... In the first half of 2012, the number of Internet users using mobile phones to access the Internet reached 388 million while that of desktop users was 380 million. Mobile phone has become the Internet access terminal with the greatest number of Internet users in the country.” – China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) The 30th Survey Report

There are 538 million Internet users in China. That means 72 percent of those are accessing via a mobile phone. In six months, the number of mobile Internet users in China has risen 32.7 million. That’s 9 percent growth.

More than 100 million Chinese people watch mobile video with 28 percent of mobile Web using mobile video.

November 1, 2012

Who is the Smartphone users choice for 2012 US Elections

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U.S. presidential election  has been described as one of the " technically advanced with Mobile web and digital media being described as the " main battleground"  as the Democrats and Republicans  take on each other

2012 Elections are being fought by Mobile Advertisements  with mobile Apps taking centrestage ,This infographic shows which side  are the most tech savvy( smartphone savvy users)With whom does the loyalty of the smartphone user lie ?  How are they going to use their devices during Election Day? Who are they going to vote for?
According to a study by the mobile advertising network Mojiva, they are more likely to vote for President Obama. In fact, 47% of smarpthone users surveyed for the study identify themselves as Democrats, and only 28% as Republicans.
The respondents also show a high level of political engagement — four out of five say they will vote on November 6. That’s a considerably higher percentage than the turnout in the 2004 and 2008 presidential elections, which was 56.3 and 57.3%, respectively.

October 28, 2012

September 15, 2012

August 25, 2012

Global Mobile Market shrinks in 2012,Apple, Samsung posts huge gains

An estimated 419 million cell phones were sold to end users in the second quarter of 2012 , down from just over 1 billion in the second quarter of 2011. IDC, which estimates channel sales and not end-user sales, said earlier this month that the market grew by 1% year-over-year in the second quarter.However Global mobile phone market shrank by 2.3%, 
According to Gartner’s numbers, Apple and Samsung were the two biggest winners by a mile in the June quarter of 2012. Apple sold an estimated 28.94 million iPhones compared to 19.63 million in the same quarter last year, while Samsung’s end-user sales climbed to 90.43 million mobile phones from 69.83 million in the second quarter of 2011.
The only other vendors that saw growth in the quarter were Huawei and ZTE, which sold 17.94 million phones last quarter compared to 13.07 million during the same period last year. All other vendors saw year-over-year declines according to Gartner, including HTC (2498), which sold 9.30 million phones compared to 11.02 million in Q2 2011, and RIM, which saw sales drop 37% to 7.99 million units from 12.65 million during the same quarter last year.

August 22, 2012

2012 Global Retail Development Index

US based management consulting firm A.T. Kearney published the 2012 Global Retail Development Index (GRDI) and India has been ousted from 4th position by China. The index ranked 30 of the world’s top developing countries for investment in retail. Brazil was ranked first, followed by Chile, China, Uruguay and India.

The top spot was clinched by Brazil, a country which has been a lucrative host for retail investments from all over the world. The report credits Brazil’s top spot for 2nd year in a row due to the high levels of consumption from a large urban population.

China moved 3 places up to take 3rd rank in the index and the A.T. Kearney report expected a ‘double-digit’ increase in annual retail sales.

India’s drop from 4th to 5th seems to have been triggered by a lack of organized retail penetration and FDI restrictions. On the brighter side, the report expects strong and ‘accelerated’ retail growth in India. It notes a potential percentage increase of up to 20% in retail markets, boosted by a growing GDP, strong macroeconomic conditions, urbanization and an overall higher demand. 

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August 21, 2012

Two-Thirds of Japan’s Smartphone Population Uses an Android

 Japan'sSmartphone Audience Grows 43 Percent since the Beginning of 2012 while Nearly Two-Thirds of Japan’s Smartphone Population Uses an Android-Operated Device. This is according to comScore MobiLens  report  based on the  three month average period ending June 2012.

The study surveyed more than 4,000 Japanese mobile subscribers and found Sharp to be the top mobile handset manufacturer overall with 22.6 percent market share. Google’s Android platform accounted for the majority of smartphone market at 64.1 percent, followed by Apple with 32.3 percent of the market.
Sharp Leads as Top Device Manufacturer

For the three-month average period ending in June, 102.7 million people age 13 and older used mobile devices in Japan (feature phone and smartphone devices).

Device manufacturer Sharp ranked as the top OEM with 22.6 percent of Japanese mobile subscribers, followed by Panasonic with 13.6 percent share. Fujitsu captured the #3 ranking in June with 11.8 percent of mobile subscribers, followed by NEC at 8.9 percent and Sony at 7.9 percent to round out the top five.
Top Mobile OEMs
3 Month Avg. Ending Jun. 2012 vs. 3 Month Avg. Ending Mar. 2012
Total Japan Mobile Subscribers (Smartphone & Non-Smartphone) Ages 13+
Source: comScore MobiLens
 Share (%) of Mobile Subscribers
Mar-12Jun-12Point Change
Total Mobile Subscribers100.0%100.0%N/A
Android Accounts for Majority of Japan’s Smartphone Market
More than 24 million people in Japan owned smartphones during the three months ending in June, representing 23.5 percent of the entire mobile population. Smartphone adoption has increased rapidly in 2012, growing 43 percent versus the end of 2011.
 Android’s share of the smartphone market reached 64.1 percent (up 1.9 percentage points versus March), while Apple ranked second with 32.3 percent of the smartphone market, followed by Microsoft, which accounted for 3.2 percent share in June 2012.
Top Smartphone* Platforms
3 Month Avg. Ending Jun. 2012 vs. 3 Month Avg. Ending Mar. 2012
Total Japan Smartphone Subscribers Ages 13+
Source: comScore MobiLens
 Share (%) of Smartphone Subscribers
Mar-12Jun-12Point Change
Total Smartphone Subscribers100.0%100.0%N/A

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August 11, 2012

Social Web and Email Marketing CTR Rates

Adding Social Sharing buttons inside your emails when you are doing a marketing campaign (or newsletter) will boost the CTR (click-through rate) up to 115%. Unfortunately, only 18,3% of marketers use social reshare buttons in their emails. That’s the results of a study conducted by autoresponder Getresponse.