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August 1, 2016

The advent of jesus phone and how it ended the domination of the people's phone

" the jesus phone and how it killed the blackberry"

The iphone had a cult following even before it was launched and even before a single piece of it was sold.In 2007 the year of Iraq invasion and Paris Hilton’s jail sentence , the jesus phone was launched. Soon after its announcement,The blog Gizmodo dubbed it the Jesus phone ,as Apple for the first time used spiritual overtones for its iPhone launch. Its print and TV ads screamed “ Touching is believing"  showing a finger reaching out in dark to touch the iphone. The visual impact of the sleek iPhone overshadowed its features. Journalists played along its tune, comparing Michael Angelo's Sistine chapel painting of God stretching to touch the finger of Adam. The iPhone’s retail debut was termed iday. The official day when iPhone opened for retail was June 29th 2007 , which was also the day of Roman holiday celebrating the feast of martyred apostles ,St Peter and St Paul.By the time the 'iPhone: finally made it to the market,it had already inspired 11000 in print articles and  generated 69 million of google search
Meanwhile to rivals such as RIM, Motorola, Nokia, the iPhone's  popularity was illogical. Its battery lasted less that 10 hours , it operated on an older slower and second generation network,the network carriers were stretched strained by music, movies and other downloads. This particularly hit RIM hard.After unprecedented success and blitzkrieg growth since 2003 , it faced an adversary it did not understand. According to David Yach .RIM’s chief technology officer ,going by conventional smartphone ecosystem at that time, iPhone should have been a disaster.However the iPhone's masterstroke flipped the raisan de etre of smartphone from something that was functional to a product that was beautiful.

 Meanwhile RIM faced trouble from the carriers front.The carriers would not allow RIM to include more than a simple browser as it would crash its networks. After the iPhone autopsy, Blackberry’s bosses of realised that the ground beneath their feet was shifting. If carriers continued to embrace iPhone inspite of its apps and mutimedia applications chocking their networks. Blackberry’s positioning of efficient and secure email and the long battery life was under threat. In reality Blackberry was actually competing with Mac and not a Nokia.However RIM core market of corporate customers was safe at that time as the iPhone could not match blackberry’s reliable keyboard and in house network delivery of secure emails.However the consumer mass market where Blackberry Pearl was competing, needed a full browser . Blackberry led the smartphone market at that time as it managed to put email in people’s pockets. Now the iPhone was putting the entire internet in its pocket.
Continuing and Compounding matters was the conflict between RIM and and the carriers . Up against AT & T and its exclusive multiyear deal to sell the iPhone, Verizon who was currently RIM’s network provider had little interest in Blackberry’s new plan to counter iPhone by launching a new keyboard with an innovative track pad to take on iPhones touch screen keyboard and by building a larger screen. However Verizon who was caught off guard with the ascendancy of iPhone had little patience with what Mike Lazaridis termed as “ Jesus phone killer’ and wanted blackberry to quickly respond to iphone with similar touch screen, something RIM was not willing to do

Meanwhile Verizon was still smarting from a a lost opportunity to tie up with iphone 2 years earlier as it rejected Steve Jobs offer to partner with Apple’s new phone. Verizon who was known for its stickler for bandwidth reliability clearly declined Apple’s offer as it did not want to relinquish control of its network to an un known and unseen smartphone which Apple wanted to design. Like Mike Lazaridis verizon’s core executives .According to “ Sean silcoff “author of the book “ “Loosing the signal” which chronicles the fall of blackberry had correctly predicted that the iPhone traffic would create a gridlock on AT and T’s network What it did not anticipate that consumers did not care. A multi billion dollar market in carrier revenue was about to open up and AT and T had the lock on the hottest device . RIM’s new blackberry Bold was simply no match for the jesus smartphone.

how RIM's ceo mike lazaridis underestimation of the iPhone led to its fall

: the rise and fall of blackberry : its biggest mistake


Among one of the many reasons of Blackberry’s fall was its inability to understand and underestimate the power and the brilliance of iPhone. Mike Lazaridis did not give enough thought to Apples new iPhone for some months. Blackberry did not feel that it would actually be a threat to RIM's core business.According to RIM,  iPhone’s basic problem where RIM had a huge advantage was the  iPhone's rapid battery drain and what the smartphone manufacturer  felt was iPhone's lousy digital keyboard . RIM believed that iPhone would gain traction among the non enterprise customers who cared more about youtube and other online social escapades as opposed to RIM’s core enterprise customers who cared more about security and efficiency .
 Another fact that made RIM complacent was its fast growing business in a world that was hungry for blackberry. In the year  when steve jobs launched iPhone in 2007,blackberry was adding more than a million blackberry’s per quarter . By that time RIM’s new consumer phone “ Blackberry Pearl was a spectacular hit, with 59% increase in sales to 6.4 million handsets in fiscal 2007

What RIM had underestimated was the sheer tenacity and technical prowess about the iPhone. In the book "Loosing the signal " which  chronicles the demise of blackberry, Jacquie McNish writes that RIM’s CEO Lazaridis  was stunned what he saw when he began to break and disassemble the iPhone on his table. What he founded astounded him .The iPhone was no ordinary smartphone .The iPhone  was actually an apple mobile OS which used 7000 megabytes of memory , which was more than 22 times the power of Blackberry .The iphone had a full browser that travelled everywhere on the web, With carriers AT & T backing , Apple was changing the direction of smartphone industry, as RIM was caught napping..

July 31, 2016

smartwatches compared by price tag,screen, size and speed

The Samsung Gear S 2 ( known has Samsung de Grisnogono) is among the best smartwatch money can buy and make up the impressive line of the  top 3 most expensive smartwatch from the Samsung Stable with a retail price of $15,000. Next in line is Apple watch 38mm edition packing a screen size of $1.32 inches which retails at a price of $10,000 .The Kairos Hybrid SSW158 forms the mid segment and retails at $2250 price tag with the CPU speed of 120 MHz .The Swiss watch giants first entry into the wearables started with its entry level Tag Heuer Connected, which retails at $1500, with a analog display packing 1024mb of ram with an impressive CPU speed of 1200 Mhz

In the sub $1000 wearables smartwatch market,Mondaine Helvetica No 1 and Movado BOLD Motion 3660001 retails at $865 and $695 .The Huawei watch jewel is one of the smartest buys in the sub $1000 market and packs 512mb of RAM along with a CPU that runs in full throttle at 1200 Mhz

June 16, 2016

saas based performance monitoring platform logicmonitor raises $130million

Software company LogicMonitor has raised $130 million, marking its largest funding round for setting up the California company for an Asia expansion. LogicMonitor, a software-as-a-service, or SaaS, company that helps businesses monitor their data centers and flag possible problems, raised $130 million from Providence Strategic Growth, an investment arm of Providence Equity Partners, the company said in an interview. Prior to this funding, LogicMonitor, founded in 2007, had raised $21 million, a relatively small sum compared to some other high-growth software companies.
" logicmonitor gets $130 milion funding"

With 160 employees and more than 1,000 paying customers, including JetBlue, Citrix, National Geographic and Trulia, The company revenues has doubledeach year for the past five years. declined to provide specific numbers.

June 15, 2016

5 industries that will transform disruption powered by iOT

" internet of things mind map"


The Internet of Things or IoT is not really an industry and is more of a theme with IoT companies attacking a wide variety of industry challenges. Th above image posted by CBinsights shows together a map of IoT startups that are attacking different industries. While companies like Lockitron and Canary aim to automate your home, Proteus Digital Health and AdhereTech are trying to revolutionize  medicine by improving patient monitoring. Below are some of the areas that IoT startups are attacking with a small sampling of companies for each IoT segment.

vc investment in drones : top 5 deals

Funding to drone startups increased 104% as venture firms including Lightspeed Venture Partners, GGV Capital and Kleiner Perkins among others jumped into the space with sizable bets.

who are the VC  that are funding drones"
Between 2010 and 2012, there were fewer than five VC deals to drone companies. But as hype and interest catalyzed for the space (Amazon famously revealed plans for drone delivery in December 2013), investment has grown. There are now at least 10 drone companies with Series A funding or later including Ehang, Skycatch and Kespry. A handful of companies have raised Series B financing including 3D Robotics and Airware.

May 29, 2016

top 5 best lessons from Apple for entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur, you’ll hear a lot of people tell you that you need to reach out and figure out what people want, which means listening to your critics, often times more patiently than you’d like. Apple decides to flip the script and instead focus on building what they want to build, no matter the perceived cost. When Steve Jobs debuted the iPad, the critics stood in line, throwing every insult they could muster. The critics said that the iPad would fail. The numbers say otherwise

Stick to you conviction

.Each and every time Apple decided to innovate, they were laughed at. They prevailed anyway. “Great ideas often receive violent opposition from mediocre minds.”

 2. Turn the Ordinary into Something Beautiful For quite some time, PC fans enjoyed the work of buying their own parts and building their own tower systems. At the same time, PC makers were building standard hardware for standard applications. Apple would have none of that. They’ve been pioneering not only the features of standard operating systems and computer systems, but simultaneously reinventing the design standards as well. As a result, we have the gorgeous iMac, the beautiful new Macbook Air, and who could forget, the amazing iPhone 4. Where others focus on one aspect of the equation, Apple focuses on the entire product, and it shows.

Justify Your Price :We’re in a time when pricing strategies are all over the place. People don’t know what to charge, and in many cases, prefer to race to the bottom instead of pricing strategically to a market that can bear the cost.
 Once more, Apple ignores the standard by not only pricing their technology more than 2x what their competitors charge, but doing so without blinking. How can they get away with it?
The truth of the answer is twofold: 1. They build beautiful products for an audience that loves them passionately. 2. They justify their price with features and benefits that can’t be matched.

Lets look at the 4 reasons why Apple can get away with its premium pricing

  1.  No other computer can match the display of a 27” iMac…it simply can’t be done. 
  2.  No other software can match what iTunes brings to the table. 
  3.  No laptop is as thin as the Macbook Air. 
  4.  No software is more intuitive, no product more valuable than the Apple product. 
  5. Any other smartphone looks like it was developed by rookies when compared to an iPhone
    You simply cannot compare the two. " 

  6. Build a tribe :It’s no secret that Apple has built one of the most hardcore fan bases of any product and of any time. There’s a reason they’re called “fanboys.”
    But who cares, right? Most of the chatter is out of jealousy more than anything, but Apple doesn’t really care. They know that they serve an elite audience, and rather than back away from that fact, they embrace i

May 27, 2016

the biggest wearable players who control 65% market share

"the biggest wearable players who control 65% market share"

The wearable market has seen a big spike las year as the market starts to mature. IDC recently announced the Big Three in wearables: Collectively the big 3 Fitbit, Apple, and Xiaomi,  controls 65% of wearable market : Fitbit with 22.2%, Apple with 18.6%, and Xiaomi with 17.4% leads the market


May 21, 2016

which are the most appropriate fonts size for mobile:

5  Tips to optimize your  mobile experiance with the right font   

The science of choosing an eligible font for your mobile:Mobile users have low attention span.. as its diffucult to strain their eyes tp read what they are looking at
Concentrate on the above of fold . A mobile user  will always concentrate on whats above the fold
Always set a font size that is higher than what you use for below the content .

Whether you go with Sans Serif and Serif font, which is the most used font across mobile,consider the height of characters in your font alphabet and the white spaces between the letters
Fonts with moderately high individual characters height and a little bit of space between letters can improve readibility

Make sure to provide enough contrast between the  font  and background so that users can see your content without straining their eyes and eventually moving on to another site

So which is the best Font  :  The safest if not the best is using  the most common font that mobile device manufacturers  and most user prefer according to a latest mobile font report is using  Arial, Helveticia ,Courier , Georgia in that order


May 3, 2016

10 start ups set to distrupt iOT across Healthcare

" The internet of things across the healthcare space"5  Biggest Disruptions across The Internet of Things (iOT) across the healthcare domain 

Internet of Things across healthcare has been on the upswing for the last one year. iOT across healthcare startups are operating on different pain-points in healthcare and allowing for real-time patient monitoring and prevention care outside of hospital settings. Deals to digital health, an area that encompasses everything from digital therapeutics to health wearables and ingestible connected devices, jumped 20% in 2015.

The start up category across the healthcare  space are concentrated across these key 10 verticals which are
1)Clinical Efficieny
2)Patient monitoring 3)Biometric sensors 4) Home Healthcare 5) Home Health monitoring
6)Brain sensors  and Neurotechnology 7)Fitness and wearables 8)Remote data monitoring
9)Cloud-based Hospital Hygiene System and  To read more on this go here

"key paradigm shift  across Healthcare IOT"

April 1, 2016

1 billion mobile subscribers,with 10 times mobile traffic being added every 6 month

"global mobile trafic growing by 1 billion  in 6 months "

By the end of 2015 half of the world’s population had at least one mobile subscription, totaling over 3.6 billion unique mobile subscribers. By 2020, around three-fifths of the global population will have a mobile subscription with 4.6 billion users with a growth of 4% CAGR with close to one billion new subscribers being added in 6 months

 At the end of 2015 half of the world’s population had at least one mobile subscription, totaling over 3.6 billion unique mobile subscribers. By 2020, around three-fifths of the global population will have a mobile subscription with 4.6 billion users with a growth of 4% CAGR  with close to one billion new subscribers being added in 6 months  

Developed markets are growing more slowly as penetration rates approach levels close to saturation. For example, in Europe and North America, unique subscriber growth was below 1% in 2015. At the other end of the spectrum, Sub-Saharan Africa was still the world’s most under-penetrated region with subscriber growth at nearly 12%. 

GLOBAL MOBILE  PENETRATION:: From 50% in 2015 ,,penetration will  exceed 59% by 2020
3G/4G MOBILE CONNECTIONS : 3G and 4g connections across the world  will exceed 69% in 2020  from 39% in 2015
NUMBER OF SMARTPHONES: Number from Smartphones across the world will reach 5.9billion by 2020 compared to 2.6 billion as of 2015
MOBILE TRAFFIC" set to grow 10 fold by 2019   

GLOBAL SIM CONNECTIONS :.Global SIM Connections  is set to reach 10 billion from 7.3 billion by 2020 Mobile operator revenues will growth from $1.15 trillion to $1.40 trillion, which is a growth of 3.1% CAGR 

February 26, 2016

end of good times for swiss watches, as apple smartwatch is on a roll

In what could be a watershed in the history of wrist watch.. Smartwatches sales have surpasses traditional swiss watches with a sales of 8.1 million in Q4, 2015.. In contrast 7.9 milliom swiss watches were sold during the same period.As compared to Q4,2014, smartwatches have seen unprecedented e growth of 316% , wheras Swiss watches managed to ship a mere 1.9million.

In terms of marketshare ,Apple smartwatch rules this segment with over 63% marketshare and is far ahead of samsung with 16% share .Combined, Apple and Samsung make up 8 out of 10 smartwatches sold . Apple sold 2.6millio smartwatches in q2,2015 while samsung managed to sell 600,000 which means apple sales is 6 times ahead of its nearest rival.Across wearable technology, which icludes smartwatches, fitness trackers , Apple’s 3.6m Watch sales contributes only 0.8m and ranks 2nd behind market leader Fitbit, which sold 4.4m devices in Q2.2015

" global smartwatches  marketshare"

" top 10 nations where swiss watches are exported"

Biggest market for swiss watches

In terms of geographic breakup, Apple watches smartwatches sold the highest in North America with 7.4million units , while Asia Pacific contributed 6.7 million units, followed by western europe with 5.4million units.

contribution of swiss watches by regions and countries

swiss watches contribution by regions

Meanwhile About 1.2 billion watches are produced annually, according to the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry’s estimates ..At company level, three Swiss watch and luxury groups – Swatch Group, Richemont, and Rolex – are the clear world market leaders. Together the three groups account for an estimated 45% ofglobal swiss  watch sales.
 Rolex leads the market with a share of 13.59% followed nby Omega and IWC, with a marketshare of  9.82 and  7.23%. Rado and Breitling  with 5.6 and 8.08%

February 23, 2016

the highest paid top 3 chief information officers

The comparison chart shows the most highly paid chief information Officers( includes salaries and stocks and shares)

With over $40 million annual compensation,Walgreen's  Timothy J. Theriault , the  Global Chief Information Officer and Executive VP   of Walgreen Boots Alliance happens to be  he highest paid CIO  

The  second and  the  highest paid CIO ,with a total salary of $36 milllion happens to be Mr. Robert B. Carter , The CIO and Divisional Executive VP at Fedex . A veteran at at Fedex he has been in the company for the last 16 years as EVP - FedEx Information Services and CIO

Trent Taylor , the CIO at Hhgregg is at number 3 with annual compensation  of over  $12 million,Mr. Taylor has over 25 years of experience in the information technology field, including systems architecture, data center infrastructure, networking, applications and e-commerce.

February 20, 2016

Salesforce ups its arsenal with with the acquisition of machine learning start up PredictionIO

" how machine learning is changing the world of big data"

Machine Learning and its application across Industries

Salesforce with its acquisition of Machine Learning start up, salesforce looks to stock ups its cloud based data science business by strengthening its arsenal further. Salesforce has recently acquired similar machine learning start ups RelateIQ and Tempo AI, among other companies.Machine learning is a predictive and powerful recommendation engine which uses algorithms to crunches tons and petabytes of unstructured data into meaningful insights..Its application in Big data is immense. Click below to see applications of machine learning in real life

The simplest examples of machine learning in action are aggregator sites like like reditt or quora, or google news where consumer generated questions are automatically grouped by algorithm and arranged by topics and are automatically classified into meaningful categories. News aggregators are examples of real time machine learning .
Amazon is one of the pioneers in use machine learning.. with the concept of " using social proof" to encite users to buy related products

February 9, 2016

most common metrics used to measure metrics in the SaaS markets

The   5 most common metrics   used to measure metrics in the SaaS  markets

With the exception of British Airways, the European brands in the table have seen minimal growth or a decline in their brand values. Iberia has been the worst affected, its brand value has fallen 23% to $951m. Southwest Airlines achieved a 52% growth in brand value Airlines 50 Sector Analysis – Airlines after a strong financial year and American Airlines’ brand value soared 39% to $3,649m, moving it up to 5th place

February 6, 2016