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December 23, 2016

tesla releases video of its self driven enhanced autopilot car

Elon Musk is promising to give a fantastic holiday gift to those  who have the patience to wait. Tesla's CEO tweeted Thursday night that it "Looks like we might be ready to rollout most of Autopilot functionality for HW2 towards the end of next week." Musk is referring to new self driven car models built from October on that contain the hardware capable of full-on autonomous driving as part of its Enhanced Autopilot driver assist feature. None of the systems were to enabled, however, until a yet to be announced December date, which now looks to be during the week between Christmas and New Years'.The rollout is expected to be incremental, first enabling safety systems like adaptive cruise control and autonomous emergency braking. This brings Tesla's new Model X and Model S vehicles in line with the older Teslas currently on the road. 

If you want to see what it's all about, here's a video from Tesla  shown above which showcasses Tesla's Autopilot's ability to drive itself around town, responding to stop signs and other traffic, making turns and cruising around town.All new Tesla vehicles come with the hardware to support full-on, hands-off autonomous driving, even though it's not yet enabled. But a new video from Tesla now shows us exactly what it will it look like once it's enabled. The automaker released a video showcasing Autopilot's ability to drive itself around town, responding to stop signs and other traffic, making turns and cruising down the road. The original video was sped up,

November 7, 2015

Tesla Motors Road Map : Chart of the day

" Telsa motors road map"

Its sedan’s top acceleration mode isn’t the only thing “ludicrous” about Tesla Motors Inc.According to Wall Street Journal The company’s full-year delivery target  are between 50,000 and 55,000 vehicles.Based on preliminary figures the company released about the third quarter—it unveils complete results Tuesday—it has delivered 33,157 so far in 2015. Tacking on an additional 16,843 to 21,843 seems a tall order given likely teething problems around making its new Model X sport-utility vehicle.
However the chart shows the funding  details at Tesla motors and how it is planning to scale up. Tesla Motors plans to sell 70,000 model X by 2017 and 45,000 Model  S by 2017

October 14, 2015

Tesla Motors list of awards in the auto industry

" auto industry and list of awards for TESLA car mfl Inspite of almost zero spends on advertising, its product Tesla model X received spectacular coverage across the mainstream mesi , Motors does no advertising at all, it is heavily covered in the press. And, since launching in 2012, the Tesla Model S has accumulated an astounding number of awards and accolades. In fact, THE NUMBER OF awards it has mindbogling

The infographics show the number of  awards shown by  So we decided to highlight our favorites over the past three years in an easy-to-digest in Tesla


tesla motors driver less cars with auto pilot and self parking soon in the anvil

These are the top 10 facts on Tesla motors

" the making of tesla motors"

The most fun thing about driving a Tesla Model S might be not driving at all. The electric car company has unveiled a new software update that will allow its TESLA  Model S cars to automatically steer, and maintain safe distance from cars both sideways and in front  including change lanes, and park on their own.

 However  Elon Musk refuses to call it an  autonomous car—it’s not quite there yet, though Musk says his vision is o eventually produce fully driverless cars without steering wheels or pedals. Instead, Tesla is billing the new capabilities as “autopilot” features that will occasionally require hands on the steering wheel

About 60,000 Model S vehicles will get these autopilot features over the coming week. The update will be downloaded and installed automatically in all Model S cars, but only those sold since September 2014 come standard with the necessary equipment for autopilot mode, including an ultrasonic sensor, front-facing camera, forward radar, and GPS navigation with high-precision digital maps.