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November 8, 2016

black friday most common top 10 gifts which consumer spends on

Types Of Gifts Bought - Black Friday Wknd
the most common top 10 consumer goods purchased during black friday weekend
Charts from the NRF Foundation’s Retail Insight Center. To access this data and more research please visit the Retail Insight Center.

  Clothing& Apparels , Toys and Consumer Electronics were the most common top 3 consumer gift items which  adult consumers typically spend during the Black Friday/Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday weekends according to latest available data from national retail federation.Popular consumer electronics items were PC,Laptops, tablets, smartphones and a smart TV. Meanwhile  DVD's, gift cards and gift certificates followed by  home decor or home furnishings were the next most common gift items which were bought during the black Friday and Thanksgiving weekend.

November 28, 2015

Black friday best deals :hits and misses

heres a look into some of the epic black  2015 friday fights " where survival of the fittest ensures whatever you paid for comes back into your home 

Now that Black friday sales have been " done with" here is a look back on what sold the most and what hardly sold.. What were the hits and what product bombed

Adobe’s report also reveals the top five selling electronic items on Black Friday which were
  1. Samsung 4K TVs, 
  2. Apple’s iPad Air 2, 
  3.  Microsoft Xbox One, 
  4. Apple iPad Mini and S
  5. Sony’s PS4.

 Others findings for Black Friday sales include consumer electronics that  have alread gone out of stock or  will be out of bounds until you hurry. These are

  1. Amazon Fire 7” 8GB tab, 
  2. Beats Solo on-Ear Headphones (Red),
  3.  NBA 2K16 Game for Sony PS4, 
  4. Pie Face Game, and The Force Awakens 6” figure.

On Thanksgiving Day,   which saw consumers spend a whopping $1.73 billion, ( 25% increase based n 2014 figures

  1.  smartphone sales  reached all time high generating over $639 million in sales. 
  2. The top selling products for the day included Samsung 4K TVs Microsoft Xbox One, Lego Dimensions, Barbie Dream House and Lego Creative Box.
  3.  Even Sony which has sold 30.2million units of its latest gen console, announced price cuts for its PS4 console across the globe ahead of the US  holiday season